Top Three Romance Anime Choices


Romance anime is a movie or series that is about love. It typically covers the emotional process of meeting, falling in love or maintaining a love interest. It can often even be comedy anime in nature, but always involves a struggle to maintain the attention of the love interest. Here are three of the best rated choices today.




This show is dramatic and filled with characters that have all the traditional romance anime expectations. In this case, Takasu looks like someone that nobody would trust. Aisaka, the main character gets caught up in a three way struggle for love. It’s fun and can be found in both Japanese and English.


Lovely Complex


This harem anime does not look like most anime movies. It has Caucasian main characters, but is very much a Japanese production. Set in a high school setting, it is comedic in nature and offers all the drama that romance enthusiasts crave. The student counsellor is the setting for the story to unfold into a typical fun romp of teenage angst. The combination of the mixture of sarcasm and romance rolled into one great story.


Kaichou Wa MaidSama


This romance anime movie is a lovely mixture of just enough drama to make it intriguing. The rest of the story is pure romance. Setting its main characters in a dance of comedy and intricacies around the personalities of the two. Side characters enhance this and create a memorable romance anime that is voted in the top ten by fans of the genre.