The Woman Behind the Wine: Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson grew up in the winery ambiance; this cultivated a passion for wine early on. She is the middle child of the Jackson family. Julia learned early on from her father what hard work really was. She spent her summer vacations not in hotels or on beaches but picking and sorting grapes alongside her family at the vineyard.


She did not have her family business just handed to her. She climbed her way to her spot in a male dominated industry. Julia attended undergraduate at Scripps College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. She went on to receive her General Management Certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia now is a proprietor at the Jackson Family Wines while working amidst the international marketing team.

Her family and her passion for wine is reflected in the quality of the product. They use small lots for their vineyards to insure focus on the individual wines, as well as sustainable wine making strategies. Cambria Wines, one of the many varieties of brands they offer will be showcased at the South Beach Seafood Week. Even though Cabernet is known as a staple in Napa, Julia has argued that Cabernet can best be enjoyed in Sonoma. The family’s wine Verite has won numerous awards.

Julia is more than just an influential and successful business woman. She is concerned about uplifting women. She helped establish the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This organization offers grants to non-profits to help honor other women who conquered hardship and commend women as fierce leaders. The organization was inspired by Julia’s mother, Barbara Banke, who is and has been a role model to Julia. Her mom runs a company in an industry that is dominated by males and hasn’t let this change her authenticity.

Julia Jackson is many things: a daughter, artist, industry leader, visionary, inspiration, and a profound business woman. She is the woman behind the wine!