The Vibrant Executive Career of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello has been working for Nabors Industries Limited since 1991. Tony Petrello has held influential executive posts at the company. Nabors Industries is an energy and exploration company established in 1968.

Petrello’s education and career

Petrello is a Harvard educated lawyer. He is also an alma mater of Yale University and has a master’s degree in mathematics. He began his career in 1979 at Baker and McKenzie law firm. At this law firm, he pioneered in taxation, general corporate law, and international arbitration on In 1986, he moved to the New York’s office to serve as the managing partner. Petrello managed the firm’s activities until 1991 when he got an offer to work at Nabors Industries Limited.

About Nabors Industries Limited

Nabors Industries commands the leading land-based drilling rig fleet in the United States. The company is also the top provider of drilling rigs within the U.S. Nabors Industries has and serves a vast international clientele. Among the services offered by Nabors Industries on, include innovative technologies, performance tools, and drilling services.

The company’s safety awards and recognitions

Safety while working on the oil rigs is paramount. Therefore, Nabors has highly skilled employees who have been trained on all safety protocols. Nabors Industries has garnered several awards over the years due to its capability to maintain safety standards at a top-notch level. In 2011, the company bagged the Hero’s Award for ensuring the safety of their workers on Rig C0045. The award was issued to the employees by Shell Corporation. Fostering safety in the rigs makes Nabors Industries stands out among other companies.

In 2010, the company was awarded the 2010 Annual Land Based Drilling Safety Awards. The award was issued to the company’s drilling contractors who excelled in the Total Recordable Incident Frequency throughout the year. In 2009, the company won the Canadian Association of Oil Drilling Contractor’s Safety Award. As part of the award, the company’s employees received certificates of safety. Nabors Industries had a remarkable year in 2007 since it won the EnCana Safety Recognition Awards for enhancing safety throughout its partnership with EnCana.

Petrello’s and Nabors Industries Limited

He first served on the Executive Committee of the Board, and he was later promoted to chief operating officer and president of the company. In 1992, under his management, the company experienced tremendous growth increasing its revenue to $44 million. Additionally, the company stocks also improved and were added to S&P MidCap 400 Index. Tony Petrello stabilized the company after an economic recession experienced in 1993 and 1994.

In 1995, he had restored the company’s glory, helping it realize record revenue of $49 million. By 1999, he had led the firm into becoming one of the top publicly traded companies in the U.S. The company stocks appreciated, and they were moved to NYSE. Over the years, he rose through ranks while providing direction and strategic plans to foster the company’s commerce. Petrello also serves the director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart and Stevenson LLC.

Philanthropic acts

Petrello serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children Hospital. He also supports and campaigns for clinical research programs with the aim of assisting children suffering from neurological conditions.

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