The Successful Path of Dr. Mark McKenna Career

Dr. Mark McKenna is a famous medical doctor who is approved of practicing medicine in the United States in different states as Georgia and Florida. Due to the passion that has for medicine is what motivated him to pursue medicine as a career hence he became prosperous in whatever he did in the medical industry. Furthermore, he also is part of the charity services that happen in the society which includes offering free medication to individuals who are not able to afford. Tulane University Medical School is where he got his degree in medicine. He was able to learn from his father due them working together on various projects when he completed his undergraduate studies. Moreover, they both founded McKenna Venture Investment which is a top project that specializes in real estate developments. Due to the expertise that he has, he was able to start Universal Mortgage Lensing and Uptown Title, Inc and they are now well developed. Most of the people who were unemployed were able to get jobs due to him starting different companies. Also, the solution that he provided was able to help real estate and the financial services sector. To know more about him click here.

Mckenna’s properties in the city of New Orleans was destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina although that did not push him backward hence he was motivated to become successful. He was also able to develop the city because he was in charge of the rebuilding the city through building affordable houses hence the affected people were supported in getting houses for cheap prices.

Dr.Mc Kenna is a caring man with two daughters Milana and Pomeranian and married to Gianine McKenna. He now serves as the Entrepreneurs Organization. His hard work enabled him to accomplish his objective in life and help other people in achieving theirs too.