The Role of Mike Heiligenstein Play in CTRMA

Mike Heilligenstein’s has spent most of his time in the public sector, according to Biz Journals, this was the primary reason to operate as a director of this transport authority. Mike’s experience in the industry dates back from 2003 to date.

Before that, he served as a Round Rock City Council member at the city council for 8years. Before that, he operated as a county commissioner of Williamson County where worked for an approximate of 15 years.


Mike’s knowledge and experience have led him to be the appropriate leader in the mobility industry. In the two counties, Williamson and Travis counties the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority is the most concerned with matters dealing with traffic issues. The Transport Authority was launched way back in 2003. That was the years the counties Williamson and Travis decided enough is enough and come up with a solution.




A board of seven members governs the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority. The Governor then appoints the chairman. Chairman leads the body.

The two counties that are Williamson and Travis appoints the other seven members. The Travis County brings three new members while the other four Williamson appoints them. Currently, the board has only one woman of the African-American descent and nine male members.




The firm, CTRMA has two ways of raising capital. First one, their largest percentage of their income is derived from their private sector. They trade their investment bonds in the stock market. For them to repay this money, they use income ploughed back.


The other ways they use to raise funds is through the public sector. The government contributes significantly like the Department of Transportation generates a better share of the company up to this end.




Many of the people have common knowledge that CTRMA is a firm that builds toll roads. Okay, this is very true, but again they do more than that. The Transport Authority has a response operator known as HERO (Hero Emergency Response Operator). The response operator aids in getting the traffic to get flowing.


Well CTRMA has come up with another way to deal with traffic issues in Texas through apps CARMA and Metropia. CARMA it aids in connecting road users with other road users so as to alleviate traffic. Metropia is an app that helps the road users to make road trips during the off-peak times.


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