The Philanthropy Of Tony Petrello

The best indication of a company that has community interests at heart is how they respond in the face of local disaster. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, this litmus test of philanthropy was brought to the doorstep of Nabors Industry LTD.

After Hurricane Harvey, Houston and the surrounding areas were in a state of emergency, devastated and in pieces. The employees of Nabors Industry were mobilized to assist in the relief effort. The company encouraged it’s workers to participate wherever they could, and even gave the employees paid time off in order to be available to help. Many of the Nabor Industry employees assisted efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Incentive for the employees to give money was made in the promise from Tony Petrello. He would match the monetary gifts, which amounted to over $173,000. Nabors Industry not only offered personnel to help in Houston, and monetary support, but also used their large company kitchen to prepare hot meals three times a day for those in need.

Tony Petrello is no stranger to hard work. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey, his father laboring in the working-class neighborhood. The neighborhood was not comprised of residents who just existed to go to work and raise their families. Tony Petrello grew up in an environment where working hard lead to success being the CEO of Nabors Industries, and helping others in the community was as important as any work or academic related success.

It is no wonder with Tony Petrello’s influences growing up that he would be fully involved in the relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey. Helping with the aftermath of the disaster is not the only philanthropic endeavor of Tony Petrello. He has another cause very close to his heart.

Petrello’s daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, and to that end he helps fund the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. After his daughter was diagnosed, Tony Petrello realized after searching for information regarding childhood neurological disorders that there was very little information available. Tony Petrello knew that lack of studies meant that there was a subsequent lack of options for treatment. To that end, Tony Petrello has donated to many organizations that research childhood neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Tony Petrello may be one of the best paid CEO’s in America, but his accomplishments go deeper. More importantly, he is a compassionate and generous man.

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