The Gino Pozzo Family Football Legacy

Gino Pozzo is an enthusiastic football owner. He is responsible for Watford Football Club. He has a known reputation of taking unpopular football clubs which do not perform as well and leading them to the top. After marrying his wife and creating a family, it was time to move to London to be more involved in sports and his then club, Vicarage Road.

The family background of Pozzo clearly suggests how they were passionate about football. Gino’s father was an active participant in football activities. He had bought a club back in 1986 in Italy. The family made a living out of owning a football club. The Pozzo family also majored in the business of woodwork. Today they make electrical appliances. They sold their woodwork company to invest more in the football club. Gino Pozzo recreated the family’s legacy when he acquired a football club. It was game time again. He was combining his longtime interest with financial merging work.

They state that their purpose for venturing back into this business because they loved what they were doing. When they are on the field practicing and playing, they do not feel as if they are at work. However, they are committed to seeing the club push through. Gino Pozzo has grown to be one of the most straight forward club owners in Europe. His model for success has been recognized by other teams in the surrounding. He is very involved in the daily activities of the club. The fact that he owns the club does not excuse him from being personally concerned for the success of it.

He was ranked as number four among the top CEOs. He is always figuring ways to develop the football club. This he does by recruiting an efficient and competent management team to give training to the footballers. He has been able to move forward during many tournaments and seasons with one management team and coach. He is also renovating and improving the stadium to give it a modern and personal touch. Their loyal fan base is able to support their favorite football club in a serene environment.