The American Institute Of Architects Is Backing Up Architects By Stepping Out In Front

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that is completely focused on architects and the profession of architecture. The name really says it all when it comes to this organization. Advocacy for architects is the heart and soul of what they are doing. AIA wants to raise awareness among the public, of the importance of architects. They focus on issues like polices, contracts, and license requirements so that architects can focus on what they do best.

Architects are a special blend of the technical and creative minds and no one understands that better than the American Institute of Architects. Not everyone realizes the day to day importance of architects. AIA wants to change that. One of the main goals of their organization is community education and outreach. They want the public to understand that without architects; their homes, their schools, their stores, and even their workplaces, would not be both safe and functional. With the recent natural disasters sweeping across the nation, the importance of architects is critical. Without AIA advocating for them, architects wouldn’t be able to focus completely on creating structures that can withstand radical and unpredictable elements.

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The American Institute of Architects is the voice of architects when it comes to the government. It’s no secret that government laws and regulations are always changing. It would be very hard for the thousands of architects in the United States to keep up with all the changes. In order that they don’t have to, AIA acts as a go to resource for information on laws, policies, and licenses. Information distribution is only one side though. They have the architect’s best interests in mind. If a certain law or policy comes into play that wouldn’t benefit the architecture community, they rally and advocate for the many individuals in their organization.

As with any profession, it helps to have people in your corner. AIA are those people. Their members are important to them. Their main goals are focused on raising standards and the quality of work for the architecture community. They celebrate their members with awards and acknowledge the excellence of the architecture minds within the community. The American Institute of Architects is, unequivocally, an advocate for architecture across the board.

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