Dr. David Samadi on Dealing with Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is of the opinion that the first step to dealing with cancer is staging it. Once this is completed, what follows is finding out whether the cancer has spread beyond the prostate. Considering this has been established, he recommends that the patient considers surgery over radiation. In his experience, most patients that have undergone surgery as a result of prostate cancer recover successfully, unlike most radiation treatment cases. Surgery and radiation are the main methods of treatment for prostate cancer. However, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of the two before choosing which route to take.

This disease is one of many that have affected political figures. Mitt Romney was running for the presidency a Republican nominee but the news of his health problems cut short his dreams. He was operated on in 2017 and recovered successfully. Colin Powell is also another national figure that had to undergo prostate cancer surgery. John Kerry was also diagnosed with the same disease in 2002, a time when he was vying for the presidency. All these politicians chose surgery over radiation and have not experienced recurrence ever since.

In 2018, Mitt Romney is looking to get into the Senate. With Utah’s representative retiring, Mitt aged 71 is likely to succeed Orrin Hatch. Mitt was transparent about his health status before the elections and mentioned how the slow-growing tumor held him back. However, most people have taken this news as a way of reintroducing himself as relevant in the political scene. His surgery was done at UC Irvine Hospital based in California. The doctor in charge, Thomas Ahlering, said that the surgery was successful.

The American Cancer Society has reported that 2017 saw 161,360 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most of these men were over 60 years old. The society has projected the possibility of at least 164,000 cases in 2018. The society also mentioned that the average age for men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer was 66. Out of every 10 men that were diagnosed with this disease, at least six of them were 60 years old and above.

Dr. Samadi was born in Iran but later on immigrated to Belgium due to the Iranian Revolution. Since his childhood, he desired to become a doctor and so moving to the U.S. in 1984 was a chance to prove himself. He is currently the chairperson and lead surgeon of the Department of Urology and Robotic Surgery one of the best hospitals in the country, Lenox Hill Hospital.

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