Sameer Jejurikar Role in Assisting the Community

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has all the skills any plastic surgeon in the world would want to have so that they can accomplish their career goals. Currently based in Dallas, the doctor has partnered with one of the best healthcare centers in the city to make the delivery of his services better and easier for the patients. Although he has so much knowledge in this industry, Sameer loves to specialize in surgeries in the body, breasts, and face. People say that he is one of the doctors who have great skills in making his patients have their dream bodies. Born and also brought up in the United States, the plastic surgeon was fortunate to get the best education from prestigious universities such as the University of Michigan. His goals in life was to become an accomplish plastic surgeon who could perform complicated surgeries that would give patients confidence.

Before Sameer Jejurikar could be allowed to start serving his patients, he had to serve in various health centers under the management of other medics. His passion for the industry kept him going, and in no time, he was being appreciated because of his good and rare skills. Although he is enjoying the kind of career every young man would wish to have, the plastic surgeon has mastered the art of giving back to the needy people living in the community. Sameer Jejurikar has traveled to different parts of the world with the primary aim of offering corrective surgeries to patients with cleft lip and other facial deformities. Last year was one of the years he accomplished a lot in his career life. The doctor took a trip, for the fourth time, to one of the poorest destinations in the world so that he could help correct facial problems in children in that part of the world.