Professional Edits for Effective Wikipedia Pages

The online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, covers topics on a very broad spectrum; from the simplest to the most complex. Personal profiles are some of the articles available on Wikipedia, and one Kenyan news anchor had a fun time reading his. Larry Madowo who anchors for NTV Kenya and hosts The Trend Show got a screen shot of his defaced Wikipedia page. The biography cited Madowo as a politician born in Uganda in 1889. It also says that from 1934 to 1945, he was the leader of a party called Kazi Kenya and goes on to state that he was a Chancellor of Kenya. Apparently, he was part of the Girl Scout and tried to overtake the Girl Guide Movement in Kisumu in 1923. Seemingly, he also played a significant part in the Holocaust and started World War II.

Importance of Wikipedia Pages

When you create a Wikipedia page it come with its plus points as it is one of the ways that you can gain online exposure. In today’s world, having an online presence, regardless of the profession you are in, is non-negotiable. For one, people use the internet when searching for all kinds of information, and Wikipedia happens to be the first choice for a majority of searchers. Wikipedia offers a useful platform for educating people about brands, which can help increase sales because these pages contribute to marketing. When you make a Wikipedia page for an individual, company, or organization is a good strategy for shaping a reputation.

Professional Wiki Edits

So, you understand why you need a page for your business or personal profile but don’t have the time or the means to update a Wikipedia page. By using service such as Get Your Wiki for editing, you can ensure that your page meets the wiki writing guidelines. Wikipedia is open-source, meaning that anyone can edit, and some of them don’t aim to improve the pages as is the case of Larry Madowo. By hiring Wikipedia editors, you can ensure that the repository of your company’s or personal biography offers accurate information, and is one place to get writers. The Wikimedia Foundation that is responsible for the Wikipedia site is a non-profit that has contributors from all over the world and gets funds by asking for donations from the site’s users.

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  1. Putting a personal or company biography on the site makes it easier for people to know more about you and it also contributes to exposure on search engine results. It can also lead up to what the top australian writers has been known to do for a long time.

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