Jim Hunt Bets Big on Mom

Betting is never a small thing for VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt. A recent PR Newswire article features Hunt claiming anyone can make big financial gains in the stock market. So sure of his method, Jim has claimed he could even make his mother a millionaire through his ten step program.

Taking the mathematics in compounding, Jim Hunt has developed a ten step program for the investor who does not have the financial backing of big banks. It Jim Hunt’s goal and the goal of VTA Publications to give the power to small traders by showing them simple to use math and how to find the most lucrative stocks that tend to be hard to find.

Founded in 2012 VTA Publications is a distributor of easy to read, and simple to use formats. They specialize in financials and economics long distance courses. VTA prides themselves into publishing the most insightful pieces, they search worldwide for the best specialists in the sectors.

The company also hosts special events that cater to a financial seminars. The success of VTA has allowed hundreds of insightful books into the hands of thousands of readers.
Making mom a millionaire is no easy task by the standards of many.

How Securus Technologies Plans to Help the Staff of Correctional Facilities in Saving Time

Securus Technologies is a highly reliable company that offers digital solutions to correctional facilities. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and most of its services are dedicated to making the world safe. They include surveillance, inmate self-service, incident control, biometric examination, investigations, analysis of goods and services, and monitoring. The company is currently contracted by about 3450 correctional facilities that are based in North America, and its solutions are beneficial to about 1.2 million convicts. The objective of the firm is to offer the best quality of connection to what matters.

The company lately informed the public on its ConnectUs Inmates Forms and Grievance software, which simplifies the work of its clients, and therefore, helping them to save money and time. Mr. Russell Roberts, who currently serves the company as its Vice President of Marketing and Strategy believes that Securus Technologies has committed itself to be reliable in the provision of the newest technology to the customers. Many prison facilities in the United States use papers in applying for some services such as medical and presentation of grievances.

Securus’ software has features that enable it to create forms that are personalized according to different requests.  The ConnectUs Inmates Forms and Grievance program transforms the print process to a digital platform. The application has an automated system, and therefore, it handles about 13.8 forms monthly for each inmate, and it has been essential in helping the staff to save time. It is also convenient to the prisoners since they can know the status of their applications. Securus Technology offers the software in different languages.

Sam Tabar Bring Expertise To FullCycle Energy

Businessman and entrepreneur Sam Tabar was recently installed as CEO of Full Cycle Energy, according to the company’s website. The energy company focuses on the betterment of the environment and commitment to supply clean energy around the world.

Tabar will be responsible for leading the management strategy team. He says he is looking forward to the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals who are making the environment their number one priority. “Moving away from substances that pollute the environment and investing in green energy is the company’s main goal,” said Tabar on his Twitter profile.

The former venture capitalist capital spent a great deal of time in finance having worked for Merrill Lynch for nearly 10 years. Tabar spent most of his tenure working as head of capital strategy. He consulted several companies both at home and abroad. Before this, he managed global marketing at the Sparx Group, one one of the largest hedge funding entities in the Asia Pacific.

A graduate of Columbia Law School and Oxford University, Tabar has worked with a number of corporations. After passing the bar, he went to work for Skadden, Meagher, Arps, Slate and Folm. He assisted clients with employment issues and regulatory agreements.

SheThinx and Tribute are two of the earliest companies that Tabar made investments. The latter company is one of the most innovators in feminine hygiene in the world.

Tabar says he plans to help FullCycle Energy achieve the same phenomenal success as other companies he’s headed. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but we’ll get there,” said Tabar. The goal is to empower communities all over the globe, according to Tabar.  He’s talked about investment strategy before, and given his history, he’s definitely someone to listen to.

Brad Reifler Breaks Down The New Film, Money Monster

Money Monster, a new film was recently explained by Brad Reifler. The film is about Lee Gates that is a Wall Street veteran. He selects hot stocks for Money Monster, a television show, which he hosts. Suddenly, Kyle Budwell, a disgruntled investor storms the proceedings during a live broadcast. Budwell tells Lee that his tips are the reasons he lost everything. Subsequently, Gates tries to plead with him while also using an earpiece to talk with his producer on the other end. Clooney as well as the cast make an effort to keep themselves from getting blown up while trying to unveil the truth.

Even though Money Monster is a fictional movie, it shades light about Wall Street as well as the shortcomings small investors face. Unluckily, Wall Street often focuses on wealthy investors. It offers them the ability to make investments in a number of opportunities that are not available to non accredited investors.

Brad Reifler has made it his mission to offer the non- accredited investors that constitute 99% the same opportunities as the credited investors. The focus of the Forefront CEO has been on assisting the credited investors get wealthier. However, that has now changed. That includes large management fees charged by many Wall Street firms and access to investments. Stock market risk brought about by the limited investment opportunities is the other problem.

About Brad Reifler
He created the firm in 2009. Brad Reifler is the former chief executive officer, founding partner, as well as the chairman of Pali Capital. He was a star trader at Refco where he worked before forming Pali Capital. Refco purchased his initial venture, Reifler Trading Company in 2000. Reifler serves as a director in a number of firms that include Symmetry Property Development, LLC, ITG Market Research Inc., ROOT Exchange, and Sino Mercury Company. Additionally, he has served as the director of European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. He graduated from Bowdoin College and holds several regulatory licenses that include series 3,7,24, along with 63.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more on his career, and more financial assessment.