Vijay Eswaran’s Success With The Renowned Direct Selling Company, QI Group

Vijay is a distinguished businessman. His name is synonymous with the success of QI Group. The executive chairman of the company has enhanced the growth of the corporation courtesy of his visionary leadership. As one of the founders of the company, Vijay has used the power of direct selling to enable QI Group of Companies to venture in different industries.

Some of the businesses that the company engages in are property development, education, conference management, collectibles and luxury, training, retail and direct sales, leisure and lifestyle, and telecommunications.

Before returning to Asia in the 90’s, Vijay had studied and worked extensively oversees. He pursued his higher education in renowned universities based in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, Eswaran worked for several companies, including the world-renowned corporation, IBM. Moreover, Vijay secured well-paying managerial positions in leading companies based in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Upon his return to his homeland, he made a firm decision of being an entrepreneur. It was not long before he met other like-minded partners. Together, they incorporated QI Group in 1998. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Today, the company is operating through its subsidiaries in over 30 countries. In addition, the entity has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. The multi-million conglomerate has received much success by utilizing the power of direct selling.

Notably, Eswaran is a highly revered international motivational speaker. Over the years, he has shared the platform with world leaders. Vijay has spoken at various leadership and business forums, institutions of higher learning and leading corporations. His subjects range from maters of spirituality to entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur has delivered his speech at the Commonwealth Business Forums and the renowned World Economic events.

For a long time, Eswaran has engaged in various philanthropic activities. Considering that they receive many financial-assistance requests from different community-based organizations and individuals, the conglomerate deemed it fit to establish RYTHM Foundation (RF).

This institution serves as the social responsibility unit of the company. In honor of his father, Vijay established Vijayaratnam Foundation, which is the Malaysian chapter of the RF.

The author has written many books, including “18 Stepping Stones” and “In The Thinking Zone.” Through personal insights, humor and stories in his book, “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” Vijay has been able to enable the people to develop a sense of urgency, overcome adversity, encourage individuals to live in the now, manage their relationships and evolve into the best version of themselves.

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Sawyer Howitt | A Shrewd Entrepreneur And Promising Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt has managed to raise eyebrows in the business community. Mainly this is because he is one of the latest and youngest entries into the corporate world. At his current age of 17 years, Sawyer has a unique ability to comprehend the financial and operational requirements of a business. For Sawyer, no task seems too complicated for him. As such, he can handle nuanced presentations, filing, note taking during important meetings and tackle complex spreadsheets.

Education and Career

Sawyer Howitt is a second-semester senior whose internships, efforts and studies are focused on both finance and business. To boost his entrepreneurship career, he is set to join the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. In fact, Sawyer plans to graduate from the institution’s Entrepreneurial Finance degree program.

This year (2017), Sawyer took up the role of project manager at Meriwether Group. This opportunity has allowed him to learn more about entrepreneurship from his father and other executives at the company. Furthermore, Sawyer has keenly been participating in projects that aim at changing how commerce will function in future. He also deals with projects that strive to understand how business development will require adapting to continuing technological advancements.

Racquetball Champion

Away from business matters, Sawyer Howitt is a renowned racquetball player who is based outside Portland, Oregon. However, he was highly active with racquetball tournaments back in 2015. Despite not being officially ranked on the USA Racquetball profile, Sawyer can play men’s doubles, men’s singles and mixed doubles. During Sawyer Howitt’s active racquetball playing days, he played with the Racquetball Club of Portland and the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships.


Sawyer Howitt is involved in philanthropic courses. He has continued to call for youth mentorship and fight for the rights of women. Sawyer is participates in the leadership of international ethnic study group.

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George Soros Returns to the World of Politics in Style

The political world underwent a true evolution in 2016 as we saw a Presidential Election that divided more people than ever before. The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican force coupled with his unlikely defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made people wonder now more than ever what their future might hold. For those concerned about the future of progressive politics and democratic ideals there may be some solace to be taken in the return of George Soros. Soros, a billionaire investor and renowned philanthropist, is ready to stand tall in the progressive fight for justice and equality in America and abroad.

We can go back to the 2004 Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush in order to see our first taste of what Soros could do in mainstream politics. The Hungarian-born investor backed Al Gore, spending enormous amounts of his own fortune in order to help the Democratic nominee keep up with the billionaire Koch Brothers funding machine. While Gore would fall short in a controversial decision, Soros had more than established himself as an important donor and political activist for progressive politics. Still, Soros decided to step back and let the political machine work its way — until 2016. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump stood for everything that Soros had spent his entire life fighting against so it made sense that Soros would leap back into the political fray in full force. Soros would come forward to support Hillary Clinton as well as a majority of the progressive nominees down the ticket. Soros would spend nearly $25 million during the election campaign in order to fight for his progressive values, social causes, and democratic beliefs. Due to his ability and willingness to stand before progressive causes we have seen Soros turn into some sort of boogeyman to conservative politicians everywhere. With Soros standing steadfastly against Donald Trump, they might actually finally be right about something.

The story of George Soros and his ascension up the economic and political ladder is as fascinating as it is powerful. Soros was born and raised in a Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros would see friends and family members killed by their oppressors before he was finally able to flee to London. Soros would work through the London School of Economics in order to gain his degree, all while laboring as a waiter and railway porter to pay the bills. Eventually Soros earned enough money to sail to America where he would start the Soros Hedge Fund. Know more on about George Soros.

As a self made billionaire and one of the leading philanthropists in the world it is easy why he would stand so fiercely against Donald Trump. President Trump stands for everything that Soros isn’t and that means we are ready to see George Soros rise once again.

What you need to know about Success Academy

Information about Success Academy

Success Academy was founded by its CEO Eva Moskowitz who launched the largest charter school in the New York with the objective of opening the high –performing schools to improve American education. The project took a long time and had to pass through the court and won the case of regulating the charter of the school programs.

The plan of the Success Academy was brought transformation mainly in the New York by creating the platform that links the America’s largest districts. The leaders of the Moskowitz and Success Academy blended their pragmatic skills in the field of education and set up a free portal that avails the curriculum and strategies that a teacher needs to establish the school flow along the line of expectation.

The need for creating the platform is to offers the kids who were trapped in school without being exposed to the educational world. The move was the best form of supporting them through this model by imparting them with the required skills. The ecstasy of the Success Academy leaders experimented the approaches of education that they believed was beneficial to the community through the charter school movement.

The digital online platform by the offered a good network for the literacy curriculum that benefited the kindergarten via the fourth grade. The excellent part that put the idea at its niche is the introduction of the across the country to the Success Academy steps. The spirit of hope of the team made them come with the initiative of opening a teacher-training facility in Manhattan that contains the lab for the kindergarten of the eighth grade.

Furthermore, Success Academy High School that falls in the circle of the Liberal Arts inaugurated another program called College Admissions Case Studies Program. Through this, it made it easier for the founding scholars who belong to the 10th and 11th grades for their admission. Additionally, the Success Academy scales their scheme by hiring many inspiring educators to the master the rapid pace of education.

As a matter of fact, Success Academy has brought a lot of transformation in the sphere of education in New York and entire America through their well-placed system of programs.

Foresite Capital CEO Jim Tananbaum Picks Another Bio-Tech Winner with Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health, a developer of hand-held device software solutions used in the diagnosis of neurological disorders announced in June, 2017 that they had secured $14 million in Series A financing to support their ongoing research, development and business operations.

The Palo Alto, CA-based firm develops a software solution that assesses cognitive functioning in individuals with suspected impairment across several dimensions including memory, processing performance and executive functioning. For more details visit Crunchbase.

By measuring a patient’s taps, scrolling and other interactions with their application that runs on a handheld device, the artificial intelligence algorithms are able to provide clinicians with an objective high-level of resolution into the behavioral and cognitive functioning of the subject that is being evaluated.

One of the challenges faced by medical professionals stems from the subjective means by which psychological maladies are currently evaluated. Mindstrong’s clinical software will change the way that mental health disorders are diagnosed with their software-based tool that can perform a clinical assessment objectively.

The paradigm shift brought to the medical industry by Mindstrong’s application brings the diagnostic techniques used by mental health professionals on par with those of physicians and specialists, such as hematologists and cardiologists who have been using objective tests to assess patients in areas of suspected impairments for decades.

Commenting about their technology, Mindstrong Health president and co-founder Dr. Tom Insel said “What excites me about [our organization’s technology] is the transformation of an individual’s patterns of typing or scrolling on a smart-phone into precise measures of cognitive function.”

Expressing his views about the Mindstrong software, Foresite Capital CEO Jim Tananbaum added “Mindstrong Health’s founding team brings unmatched understanding of the critical challenges surrounding the way in which the medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health disorders.”

Led by Foresite Capital, the round of funding was supported by a list of investors that included ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund.

About Jim Tananbaum

Founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management Jim Tananbaum has been instrumental in the more than 21 successes of bio-technology firms including Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, 10x Genomics, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Intarcia.

Jim Tananbaum earned his Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics from Yale University, his Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA and MD from Harvard University.

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The UAE has been forever changed by Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner who has changed his nation. Sajwani is a real estate developer that has literally made himself into a billionaire from the development of real estate properties within Dubai. While he is in his sixties, Sajwani is not even thinking about retirement. Instead, he is pushing on ahead to help transform Dubai into a prosperous and wonderful place to be.


The Hussain Sajwani family has taught him everything that he needed to know about business throughout his childhood. He was a brilliant student that was awarded a scholarship to a major university within the United States. Once he obtained his degree from the University of Washington he returned home to start a successful catering business.


Keep in mind that Sajwani sold properties while he attended school. He made enough money from this venture to start his catering business. His catering business was so successful that it helped him start DAMAC in 2002. Since that time, Sajwani has worked with international real estate developers from around the world. One of the biggest names that he partnered with is Donald Trump.


That’s right. Just before Trump became the president of the U.S.; a deal between him and Sajwani was worked out to create an international golf club that bears Trump’s name. Now that Trump is president, he is no longer involved in the deal. However, his former company has taken it over and the deal for the international golf club is still being carried out by the Trump Organization.


Sajwani uses his company to develop undeveloped land in and around the city of Dubai. Once they figure out what to do with undeveloped areas they get people to invest their money into the project. Once the money comes in, Sajwani develops the property and then gives them to their owners. Sajwani not only develops properties; he also sells established properties as well. DAMAC is heavily involved within this business. DAMAC does business with a wide variety of organizations inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates.


At one point he was giving out free Lamborghinis to people who would sign up to purchase some of his upper scale properties. This guy is truly a marketing genius. Sajwani is currently one of the leading business figures in the world and has helped Dubai to become one of the most prominent places on Earth.


Orange Coast College Rowing Team Goes For Victory

College rowing features one of the few sports left that is made up of amateurs. The Orange Coast College nine-man rowing team is one of the best in the sport. Each team has eight rowers as well as one coxswain serving as the brains of the outfit as they do their best to lead the team to victory.

Soon they will be competing for their 12th national title which is a remarkable record given they go up against the best 4-year universities in the nation.

The team stores their boats in the David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. They have several boats neatly stacked in this building, each worth up to $55,000. The center also holds all of the national flags Orange Coast College has won over the years which are displayed on the wall and serve as an inspiration to the current team members.

10 students in the past that have served on the Orange College rowing team have gone on to compete in both the Olympics and other world championships.

Surprisingly, most of the athletes had never even rowed before they started community college. Many of them go on to four-year universities after two years and have entered such prestigious programs as the University of Washington and Stanford where they continue to row for their new universities.

Orange Cost College is located in Orange County, California. It is a community college that offers a variety of two-year degrees as well as certificates. It was established in 1948 and has about 24,000 students enrolled. The motto of this community college is, “We’ll help you get there” which speaks to the school’s strengths in educating its students.

Speaking to the name of this college, it is located less than a mile from the beaches of Southern California. It has ranked #1 out of all of the community colleges which are located in Orange County. Read more: Orange Coast College | Facebook

It is also home to one of the largest and most prestigious public nautical programs in the United States. Upon graduation, most students attend either a public university or private university in order to attain their bachelor’s degree.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Property Developments

Hussain Sajwani is doing quite a lot of work in the Middle East to ensure that it is growing, and he is the DAMAC owner who has done work to build city centers across the region. Every large city in the area has a DAMAC property, and this article explains how the Hussain Sajwani family is making changes tot he region for the betterment of everyone. Someone who gets a job or a place to live because of these developments will see their life altered, and they will have a new lease on life that comes from Hussain.

#1: What Does He Build?

Hussain has a company that will build everything from a large office building to a condo complex. He is working on many projects in the Middle East, and he wants to ensure that all the projects he works on are something that make the lives of the people in the area better. People may move into homes that were built as part of larger complexes, and he has built office buildings that are easy to work from. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

#2: Who Does He Know?

Hussain keeps relationships around the world with some of the finest business people, and he knows everyone from his partners in the Middle East to the President of the United State. He has learned quite a lot from his partners, and he works with his partners on new projects that will help further his mission in the Middle East.

#3: Charities

There are many charities in the region that are helped by Hussain and his family, and they give to places every year that help the people of the Middle East. There are many humanitarian projects that may be completed using money given by Hussain and his family, and someone who is following his lead may feel compelled to give.

Hussain Sajwani has done quite a lot to build the Middle East into a better and more beautiful place to live. There are quite a few people who will benefit from the residences and offices he has built, and these tenants will see their lives change.

Arthur Becker: Real Estate Visionary

Gossip circles around the world are whispering the name of Arthur Becker following his implementing plan to renovate townhouses from different people for the purpose of rental or lease. Most recently expanding his business into New York and Florida, following his divorce from wife of 23 years in 2012. Becker’s interview with Inspirery has revealed useful information for those seeking to improve their business by following his example.

During the interview, he revealed that he began his real estate business in 2011 under the name of Madison Partners, LLC, which has become his focus. He was inspired by working with his now ex-wife Vera Wang with her Fashion Company, where he learned the foundational elements of design and fashion that would become part of his renovation efforts. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Often questioned about how he benefits from the renovations, he indicated that he takes the newly renovated townhouses and proceeds to lease or sell them, getting a fine return on his investment. When asked about whether he ever doubted his ability to make a profit from these ventures, he simply stated that “I never doubted myself as a businessman…” emphasizing the importance of “knowing all the verticals in business before diving in” being vital to success.

Generating new business is necessary to keep a business growing, and he indicated that his own success was based on previous experience and a well-known name. For those lacking such good fortune, he suggests working with an excellent marketing team to get your name out there. Referrals are great marketing options, but they aren’t the only way (and aren’t available for those first starting out). Whether you’re investing in billboards, business cards, or pens, your most powerful tactic is going to be persuading people to see your vision and gain confidence in your talent.

Arthur Becker serves as the managing member of his investment firm, whose primary interests are real estate and biotech ventures. His past experience includes working with Zinio, LLC as Chairman and CEO from 2012-2015, and before that as CEO of NaviSite, an internet technology company with offices in the US, UK, and India. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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The Role of Mike Heiligenstein Play in CTRMA

Mike Heilligenstein’s has spent most of his time in the public sector, according to Biz Journals, this was the primary reason to operate as a director of this transport authority. Mike’s experience in the industry dates back from 2003 to date.

Before that, he served as a Round Rock City Council member at the city council for 8years. Before that, he operated as a county commissioner of Williamson County where worked for an approximate of 15 years.


Mike’s knowledge and experience have led him to be the appropriate leader in the mobility industry. In the two counties, Williamson and Travis counties the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority is the most concerned with matters dealing with traffic issues. The Transport Authority was launched way back in 2003. That was the years the counties Williamson and Travis decided enough is enough and come up with a solution.




A board of seven members governs the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority. The Governor then appoints the chairman. Chairman leads the body.

The two counties that are Williamson and Travis appoints the other seven members. The Travis County brings three new members while the other four Williamson appoints them. Currently, the board has only one woman of the African-American descent and nine male members.




The firm, CTRMA has two ways of raising capital. First one, their largest percentage of their income is derived from their private sector. They trade their investment bonds in the stock market. For them to repay this money, they use income ploughed back.


The other ways they use to raise funds is through the public sector. The government contributes significantly like the Department of Transportation generates a better share of the company up to this end.




Many of the people have common knowledge that CTRMA is a firm that builds toll roads. Okay, this is very true, but again they do more than that. The Transport Authority has a response operator known as HERO (Hero Emergency Response Operator). The response operator aids in getting the traffic to get flowing.


Well CTRMA has come up with another way to deal with traffic issues in Texas through apps CARMA and Metropia. CARMA it aids in connecting road users with other road users so as to alleviate traffic. Metropia is an app that helps the road users to make road trips during the off-peak times.


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