Osteo Relief Institute: An Institute that Relieves your Joint Pains

Recap: Understanding and Managing Osteoarthritis

The world is awakening to a new reality where arthritis is becoming increasingly common. Most people are not aware that arthritis does not stand for a single disease but is used to refer to joint pains. With the rampant increase of arthritis, it is essential to understand it in order to manage it. Studies prove that Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. There are 100 types of arthritis, with over 50 million adults in the country suffering from at least one of these types. Some of the causes of Osteoarthritis include:

  • Injury to the joints.
  • Weight. Overweight people are at a higher risk of suffering from arthritis.
  • Genes.
  • Overuse of joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Preexisting conditions such as hemochromatosis may contribute to a higher chance of getting Osteoarthritis.


Arthritis can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle. Institutes that help in the treatment of Osteoarthritis have also been established. One of such institutes is the Osteo Relief Institute.


Osteo Relief Institute Overview

Although its headquarters are in San Diego, California, Osteo Relief Institute has offices in different regions such as New Jersey. Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore which was founded in 2011 focuses on patients who have knee issues. This institute has adopted the use of technology to treat severe cases of osteoarthritis.


The institute also takes pride in its group of committed doctors who work very closely with their patients (Knee Osteoarthritis Surgery). They use lubricating knee injections to relieve pain. The institute accepts insurance plans such as PPO and HMO. However, Medicare covers most of their treatments.


Closure of the Institute

Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore found itself at a loss when it had to close down. Due to an increase in the number of reported knee infections, the institute voluntarily stopped giving any injections on March 8th, 2017.

The institute has however resumed work under close inspection by the local inspectors. These inspectors seek to ensure that proper practices are followed for infection control. At the moment, Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore continues to treat its patients.