Orange Coast College Rowing Team Goes For Victory

College rowing features one of the few sports left that is made up of amateurs. The Orange Coast College nine-man rowing team is one of the best in the sport. Each team has eight rowers as well as one coxswain serving as the brains of the outfit as they do their best to lead the team to victory.

Soon they will be competing for their 12th national title which is a remarkable record given they go up against the best 4-year universities in the nation.

The team stores their boats in the David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. They have several boats neatly stacked in this building, each worth up to $55,000. The center also holds all of the national flags Orange Coast College has won over the years which are displayed on the wall and serve as an inspiration to the current team members.

10 students in the past that have served on the Orange College rowing team have gone on to compete in both the Olympics and other world championships.

Surprisingly, most of the athletes had never even rowed before they started community college. Many of them go on to four-year universities after two years and have entered such prestigious programs as the University of Washington and Stanford where they continue to row for their new universities.

Orange Cost College is located in Orange County, California. It is a community college that offers a variety of two-year degrees as well as certificates. It was established in 1948 and has about 24,000 students enrolled. The motto of this community college is, “We’ll help you get there” which speaks to the school’s strengths in educating its students.

Speaking to the name of this college, it is located less than a mile from the beaches of Southern California. It has ranked #1 out of all of the community colleges which are located in Orange County. Read more: Orange Coast College | Facebook

It is also home to one of the largest and most prestigious public nautical programs in the United States. Upon graduation, most students attend either a public university or private university in order to attain their bachelor’s degree.

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