Norka Luque’s Message of Hope and Love Through Her Music

Famous Latino singers such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Shakira have crossed the musical industry with their legendary music. There is always something magical behind the Latino music; it improves one’s spirit and creates a dance to dance. Latino music has made its way to American dance clubs and have quickly replaced American Songs. No one succeeds in the Latino music industry unless their music is unique. Only few musicians have managed to break through the world of pop music to make a name for themselves. One such musician is the Venezuelan singer Norka Luque. She has made a name for herself to become one of the fastest rising Latino musicians.

Norka released her first music album in 2011; the song was loved by many people in different parts of the Latino community. The Venezuelan, Miami and Puerto Rico community were not left out, for they played her song in major dance clubs in the region. Her second single song became a consecutive instant hit. The song was titled Milagro. It found its way in various dance clubs where it gained a huge following.

The song Milagro was a composition by Hermanos, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena. The entire production was handled by top producers in the market led by Emilio Estefan, while Norka Luque handled the singing part. Just after it was released, the song the popularity of the song spread like fire. The song is a composition and a perfect mixture of Caribbean rhythms, reggae, and Mediterranean sounds. The song motivates people who are struggling or going through stressful situations to continually remain strong and keep on working hard for a better life.

Besides her successful music career, Luque is admired for her courage even in adversity. In 2007, she had a setback when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The Latin Singer, however, did not let this deter her from realizing her dream and becoming a successful musician. The word impossible is nonexistent in her vocabulary. She went against all odds to go through the challenge of epilepsy and came out successful. She became an inspiration to people with disabilities and shortcoming. Her message was that nothing should get in the way to stop someone from realizing their goals or being the best at what they do. More information about Norka Luque’s life and story is found on her Facebook page.

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