Matthew Fleeger, leveraging finance skills to manage an oil conglomerate

Matthew Fleeger is an oil mogul in the petroleum industry. Like most successful business people, he started small working for various organizations. He went to Southern Methodist University where he specialized in finance and marketing. Upon graduation, his father passed the family oil company to him. This opportunity gave him a chance to exercise his passion for business and explore other frontiers further.

About Matthew Fleeger’s life

Before taking over his father’s position, he had worked for various organizations where he acquired sufficient leadership skills. He rose above ranks in different organizations to the position of executive becoming one of the most sought after professionals.

His role at Gulf Coast Western opened him up to the prospects of starting his venture. In 1993, he left Gulf Coast Western and set up MedSolutions, a firm involved in the management, disposal, and treatment of medical waste products.

While serving as the chief executive officer of MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger governed the company with finesse making it successful. For more than a decade, he led the company’s operations up until he sold the business to Stericycle for $59 million.

Having sold his company, he went back to Gulf Coast Western and took up his position as president of the company. Since he took over, Matthew Fleeger has acquired other oil companies growing Gulf Coast Western’s client pool. Additionally, he has succeeded in expanding the company’s funding capabilities significantly.

Matthew Fleeger is amazed at the innovation has taken place in the United States oil industry. He has observed firsthand how these technologies have fostered the creation of opportunities in the oil industry. This professional has embraced his role in this line of work and often starts his day by setting up targets he wishes to achieve during the day.

Despite his busy schedules, he makes time for his family. For instance, Matthew Fleeger drives his children to school daily. According to entrepreneur, mornings are the ideal times to bond with his children. He also reads inspirational books from time to time. One of his favorites is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey.