Marc Sparks on Entrepreneurship and Charity

Mark Sparks is has been the founder of many businesses, earning the nicknames “entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur” and “serial entrepreneur”. Like many startups some have been successful and some outright disasters, but he hasn’t let the failures deter him. He is determined to learn from the mistakes and make better decisions in the new startups he founds. He has also been involved in charitable work throughout his career.

Since the 1970’s Mark has been involved in more than 60 ventures. He also owns his own private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital. One of his grounding missions in all of his businesses has been excellent customer service. Customer service is at the core of everything he does, and forms the core of his businesses.

This was one of his most important precepts in the few restaurants he has owned, as well as the car repair business he operated. Bringing in customers, and then keeping them for life, is the lifeblood of any business.

He has also written a book. The book is entitled “They Can’t Eat You“. In this book he goes over his many successes and failures, and gives the reader his “50 Sparks” which provides a guide on how to become an entrepreneur as well.

One of the main charities he is involved with is “The Samaritan Inn” which is a homeless shelter in Collin County, Texas. He serves on their Finance Advisory Board and this charity has helped many homeless citizens get both a home as well as a job.

Mark has been integral in both getting financial aid as well as obtaining long-term volunteers. He also supports numerous other charities such as America Can! (a magnet school providing education to “at risk” kids), Sparky’s Kids (providing computers to low-income children), and many other charities as well.

Mr. Sparks has said, “”The process of starting a business begins with building a business model and acquiring the resources to ensure success.”. Through his own endeavors, and writing a book to help others achieve success, he fully believes in the idea of creating businesses for yourself rather than relying on an employer.

Marc seeks success not only financially, though, but in helping others in the community through both encouraging entrepreneurship and helping those who need help.

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