Jana Messerschmidt: Journey to Investor Extraordinaire.

Jana Messerschmidt announced on December 2018, that she had joined Lightspeed Venture Partners. Jana’s Lightspeed investment role involved joining the consumer team. Describing this period of her life as a rewirement, she is keen to effectively evaluate the next steps she takes in her career. This was an opportunity to be be both effective and impactful as an investor. Miss Messerschmidt’s role involves working with company founders in actualising their visions for their businesses. This she achieves by firstly providing capital. Jana Lightspeed investment goals involves providing mentorship to entrepreneurs to help them navigate their businesses successfully. Miss Messerschmidt also helps founders find the right product market fit. Through Jana Lightspeed investment connections, she also introduces entrepreneurs to potential first customers and critical hires

Miss Messerschmidt invests in early-stage companies as well as advises. Her diverse skill-set is an intersection between business and technology. She has a B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois. Her angel investing portfolio includes Bird, Color, Euro and Winnie among about fifty investments across a wide range of industries.

Jana, is a co-founder of Angels, an investment collective founded in 2015. The company’s mission is to get more women on the cap tables of successful start-ups. This is important in lowering the gender gap in the field of investment and contributes to women empowerment. The organisation also hosts Angels Access events and conversations. This helps in building community, diversifying networks and includes and promotes women in frontier fields shaping the industry.

Miss Messerschmidt spent six years at Twitter, whereby she serves as Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. Her responsibilities included strategic partnerships, enterprise sales developer relations, partner engineering and platform marketing. Before Twitter, she was Director of Business Development at Netflix. Here, she focused on building Netflix’s early mobile and consumer streaming partnerships. Earlier in her career, she worked at DivX as Senior Manager and AT&T.