Interview with Matthew Fleeger – president of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a businessman and the president of an oil and gas company called Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger attended and graduated from Southern Methodist University as he acquired a lot of knowledge in business. He would follow in his father’s footsteps as he also owned an oil and gas company. The businessman would bounce around as he worked for some businesses in executive roles but he settled to work for his family’s business in Gulf Coast Western. As an entrepreneur, he also founded his own business called MedSolutions that treats in the removal of medical waste. As the leader of the company, he led them to success through numerous positions but later sold the brand off for a high amount of $59 million. The article credits the individual as an inspiration to other upcoming businessmen and entrepreneurs. The interview with Ideamensch starts off with Fleeger stating that the idea for the business came from his father but he helped expand the company and gain more clients under his leadership. The businessman spends his days working at the office, dropping his kids off at school, and he reflects that it is his most favorite thing to do every single day. One of the things he finds most interesting today is the advancement in technology and specifically in how it can better the gas and oil industry. Matthew Fleeger lists his best strength in making task lists to focus and help to remember what he has to do. If he could travel back to his younger years, he would tell himself to find a nice balance between work and family. Something people believe to be unpopular that he has a belief in is that some people are naturally lazy, and that he likes to work off of visualization. Lastly, the interview ends with Matthew Fleeger recommending the book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by author Stephen Covey and that he grew his business off valuing the customers.


Interview with president of Gulf Coast Western University