Herbalife Nutrition fosters company culture to make a difference


They say cash is the life blood of a business. However, life is about more than just making money and that is even true in business. It is just as important, if not more important, to make a difference for others in need. One company, Herbalife Nutrition, understands this and has ingrained “making a difference” into the company’s business culture.

Missing Types Campaign

For decades Herbalife has been a strong advocate of supporting the American Red Cross efforts of providing lifesaving blood banks to those in need. Herbalife Nutrition, which is known for its nutritional and sports supplements, supported the Missing Types Campaign. This program, initiated by the American Red Cross is aimed at drawing attention to the the most needed blood types. The nutrition company, in June and July 2018, removed the As, Bs and Os from its logo in order to highlight the major blood types of which blood banks commonly experience shortages.


Taking the initiative

On the other hand, this is by no means the only way that Herbalife Nutrition has assisted the American Red Cross with its blood bank efforts. The nutrition company has even hosted and organized its own blood banks at its own company offices, including in its Los Angeles corporate headquarters. It has also held blood banks at its distribution center in California and at two manufacturing and innovation facilities located in North Carolina and California. Herbalife even operates a mobile van which acts as a mobile blood bank throughout Southern California.

Herbalife utilizes network to make a difference

The nutrition company encourages its customers, employees and independent distributors to also donate blood at one of the company’s blood bank centers. However, if they are not close to one of these centers, the company encourages a trip to an American Red Cross blood bank location nearby. This effort can make a significant difference, considering that Herbalife employs over 8,000 workers. The company also has millions of customers and works with millions of independent distributors.