Going No-Poo For One Week With WEN By Chaz

After reading about the no-poo trend sweeping across almost every beauty blog and newsfeed for what seemed like an eternity I finally decided to give the no-poo life a try for myself. If you haven’t heard of it before, the no-poo craze refers to people choosing to throw out their old shampoos in favor of shampoo free conditioning cleansers.

Though it may seem a bit odd to completely forgo on shampooing every time you shower the science and stories back up the new beauty regimen. Unknown to many people, shampoos often contain harmful sulfates that strip hair of moisture and essential oils while removing dirt. By removing essential oils needed for a healthy scalp and hair, shampoos contribute to a wide variety of problems that can easily be avoided.

Going No-poo with WEN by Chaz
Different from regular shampoos, the cleansing conditioners used by all those who have realized the benefits of a shampoo free life help put back moisture into your hair while gently cleansing.

So once I decided to go no-poo for a week I needed to decide which cleansing conditioner would be the right one for me. This part was much easier than actually deciding to ditch my shampoo as I have read one name consistently next to every description of healthy hair post a shampoo free life, WEN by Chaz. The cleansing conditioner created by celebrated star stylist, Chaz Dean, has almost become synonymous with the no-poo movement so it seemed appropriate to try a week with shampoo using the best available cleansing conditioner on the market.

One Week with WEN by Chaz and Beyond
After one week of using WEN by Chaz, I can’t remember why I ever used shampoo in the first place. If you would like to try out WEN by Chaz for yourself, visit their web store on guthy-renker.com.

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