Goettl has acquired Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California

Heating and air conditioning giant Goettl has acquired another family owned business in Southern California. In the original article on BizJournals, Walton’s Heating and Air owner Todd Longbrake said the family business was stagnant and did all he could for it. Goettl approached Walton’s about two years ago but could not make a sale due to Todd’s reluctance. He changed his mind when he hear the positive reviews about Goettl and Kenneth Goodrick, the Chief Executive Officer. Longbrake will become field supervision and sales manager of the new branch of Goettl. Sales have gone up and the business has grown a lot since Goettl took over.

There was some kinks to work out like marketing complications and issues with Walton’s before they announced the switch over. Kenneth Goodrich gave his seal of approval to Todd Longbrake as a new member of the team and said he was an instant success and leader. Goodrich could also see the value in Walton’s and thought they has a similar values and family background. He knew it had potential so he decided to pursue the company.

According to PR News Wire, Goettl continues to expand as a company and has over 306 employees. With this new acquisition, 200 more jobs will become available. Goodrich wants to make Goettl a nationwide company. They are looking to expanding in Northern California, then Texas. Visit Azcentral to know more.

When a company sticks around for 80 years, you know they’re good. With a long track record of happy customers since 1939, Goettl is winning over the hearts of people all over the Southwestern part of the United States. They have lots of experience working in the harsher desert-like climate of that region. At one time in their history of a business they had over 100 patents on the market.

The heating and air conditioning experts at Goettl put their customers first with services ranging from HVAC repair to plumbing, they’ve got your covered. Adam and Ted, grandsons of the original owners run the family business, along with their philanthropist Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Goodrich. He even started his own foundation called the J Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Institute

Endowment Fund. They give scholarships to students and veterans who want to take HVAC classes. They also provide underprivileged schools with heating and air conditioning units who were vandalized or stolen from. He is even the president of the outhern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association. Ken is also a multi-state member of the PHCC.

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