George Soros’ Democratic Endorsement and the Advent of Open Society Foundation

George Soros is considered to be one of the most influential figures as far as left-wing politics is concerned. He is known to have invested to the tune of millions of dollars in endorsement and support to leftist politicians. In the 2016 campaigns, he dished out around $25 million to Hillary Clinton and several other Democrats. He is also the boss of Open Society Foundations that has been committed to pushing for democracy around the world.The billionaire had taken a sabbatical on political giving after his efforts to see George Bush is not re-elected failed. He, however, re-emerged to support Democratic politics as its major fund contributor. Sources said that this time, he was more committed probably due to his fear of Trump who is his GOP rival. His faith in Clinton also contributed to this greatly. This appeared to be a good sign for Clinton given Soros was seen as a catalyst to other donors.

With a vested interest in immigration matters, George Soros put in $5 million to a PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win – according to Politico. This organization sought to mobilize Hispanic voters of the low propensity in important swing states. Soros also put in a similar amount into the Voting Rights Trust. This group was working towards preventing voting restricting conservation efforts. The billionaire also donated to several other democracy advocacy groups across the country during this period.In a 1997 article, Soros speaks about how he came up with Open Society Foundation. In 1979, he formed the Open Society Fund. His persecution under communist and Nazi regime in the past was the motivator behind this. He defined the foundation’s goals as opening closed societies and making them more viable and enhancing critical thinking. The first operations were in South Africa, though it proved to be a challenging initiative.

George Soros shifted his attention to Europe where the operations proved to be successful. In Czechoslovakia, he supported a movement called Charter 77 and Solidarity in Poland later on. He then set up separate foundations in Hungary, the Soviet Union, China, and Poland. Since then, Soros has established a web of foundations across numerous countries except for China where it was shut down. The foundation played a key role in the waning of the Communist regime in his home country, Hungary.The foundation’s mission has since changed since communism collapsed. This collapsed laid a groundwork for an open society of universal nature. However, the Western democracies failed to take advantage of this. This prompted Soros to rethink his belief in the concept of open society. He deduced that this concept was bound to face a lot of difficulties but added that we should always strive towards it.