Fagali Airport

Travelers looking for beauty and adventure will find pleasure in the magnificent allure of Fagali. Located just 5 kilometers southeast of Apia, Fagali boasts natural wonders enhanced with luxury. Visitors can take in the natural beauty of Fagali while learning about the rich cultural history of the island and experiencing the bountiful flavors of Samoan cuisine. Visit lonelyplanet.com for more details.

Travelers to Fagali fly into Fagali Airport. Founded in 1959, Fagali Airport began it’s operation under the ownership of Polynesian Airlines. It currently operates only a single airstrip, which initially was grass covered. In July of 2002, the airstrip was paved, allowing for safer landings and take offs. The single airstrip allows enough room for only twin engine airplanes.

The Fagali Airport is one of the few airports in the world that is small enough to allow for travelers to walk on to the tarmac to access their flights. This access provides a unique feeling to passengers so used to accessing their flights through the hustle and bustle of the average airport.

In January 2005, the Fagali Airport was decommissioned amid concerns from the Samoan government and surrounding communities regarding safety and noise. However, in response to high demand, Polynesian Airlines upgraded and then reopened the airport in July of 2009. One of these upgrades included service to Pago Pago. Other upgrades to the airport include

Visitors to the island may find it difficult to purchase a ticket into Fagali online. While Samoa Airways has flight service from the United State, Asia and Europe, Talofa Airways only provides flights to the surrounding Pacific Islands. Those travelers who cannot purchase a direct flight into Fagali Airport will need to purchase a transfer ticket to Fagali upon arriving at one of the surrounding islands. Visitors needing currency exchange must also be mindful of the hours of operation of the currency exchange office at the Fagali Airport. It is advised to call ahead to determine when the hours of operation are if currency exchange is needed.

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