Doe Deere And Lime Crime Know Dreams Come True

If there is one thing that Lime Crime’s founder and CEO understands it is that dreams can come true. Doe Deere created the whole company on a limited budget and a huge dream. Doe grew up in Russia and moved to NYC and later, L.A. She has done many things over her lifetime and had many success stories, but, Lime Crime is a great one because it is built around all of the things dreams are made from.

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Doe thought that she would become a musician. She started a band and did that for awhile before moving on to the creation of Lime Crime. It was in that band that she met her husband and today, years later, they still work together. It was during those years with the band that Doe and her husband learned how to work together and that they worked together well. Together their dreams grew and Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is centered around Doe. She gives advice to younger women who want to create something and grow up to be someone. Her advice is for them to listen to their inner voice and follow their heart. That was and is her secret success story with her make-up company too. Doe knew that there was a huge demand for a make up that was colorful, playful and fun. The big name brands were too busy making granny style nudes to be worried about colors. As a result, they left a huge hole and Doe was able to grab her make up crayons and fill the void. Make up buyers loved it.

It all started with Doe’s dream and the fact that she trusted her heart. She loved the bright colors and started to make them. After that is when she learned that others wanted the same style of make up. The bottom line was, Doe wanted the very make up that she ended up creating. When she couldn’t find them, she started to make them and as a result, others started to want them too. Now, that is how dreams come true. Lime Crime is more than just a few pretty colors. The whole idea behind the brand is that you are able to break all the rules and use the make up to express who you are at any second of the day. No fear, no judgement, just playful make up that you can enjoy and have fun with.

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