CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Bradesco To New Heights

     Marcio Cypriano led one of the most extensive expansion cycle in the history of Bradesco between 2001 and 2004. From JP Morgan’s Brazilian arm to the operations of Deutsche Bank in Brazil, Cypriano took over banks and financial institutions from across the globe. This chaos of cultures, bank language and operations is what Luiz Carlos Trabuco inherited from his predecessor. He had to harmonize all these into a streamlined and unified frontline in the rise to global leader.

A non-viable pension scheme and a culture that had young executives flocking out the door had crippled the once giant banking institution. The success of Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco Seguros made him the obvious choice as President of Banco Bradesco. His first goal was to create an environment where employee turnover was at an acceptable level and then introduce reforms in the pension scheme. His success at the latter led to his involvement in the pension reforms introduced in Brazil. The main objective of these reforms is the reduction in government spending, with pundits pushing for the privatization of the same.

Recently named Chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has spent more than 40 years at Bradesco, which he joined in 1969 as a teenager. A strong work ethos and with an experience he gained from working multiple jobs contributed to a remarkable career, and he has served in almost every capacity since being appointed as Director of Marketing in 1984. Here he learned how to interact with customers and changed the relationship between the bank and the media; he also popularized the tradition of segmenting and targeting its customer base, which not only maximizes profit, the bank was also able to offer tailor-made services to its clients.

Even after turning down an offer to become Finance Minister, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a highly sought-after leader in the banking industry not just in Brazil but also across the globe. Ranked among the top of Forbes Magazine “List of Best CEOs in Brazil,” Luiz Trabuco has received various awards and accolades from being named Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 to winning the 2009 Don Quixote Trophy.