Michael Zomber–It is Anyone’s Guess what the Famed Author and Producer will Involve Himself with Next

Shogun Iemitsu was the topic of discussion on the iUniverse Podcast by its author Michael Zomber. The show was broadcast on June 12th. The author discusses what inspired him to write the book. He readily admitted to a passion for the culture of Japan. He also enjoys discovering facts with regard to the country’s history. The podcast is well worth it, especially for individuals interested in hearing a side to the famed author, that is tied to the culture which inspires him.

Zomber is fascinated by antiquated arms. During the show, he shares this passion on a global basis. The author has been making it a point to collect antique arms and armor for basically 40 years. He enjoys this aspect of his life and wishes to share the passion of collecting, in this regard, with an audience, once again, on an international basis. It is truthful to observe, he has a acquired a great deal of knowledge about the subject, and he wishes to make as much of the retained knowledge accessible to the world at large.  However, the preceding revealed, the author makes it a point, as well, to tell his listening audience that guns are not the only passion which he involves himself.

So what is it that motivates Zomber in addition to weaponry such as guns?

The author enjoys the concept of the Samurai Sword. The subject, of the Samurai Sword, has basically motivated the author to share information, with the world at large, by way of writing stories and screenplays. His storytelling and plays have held the attention of theater-goers as well as book lovers, the world over. Within the historical novels of the author, light has been shed on the reason why such weapons of antiquity are special. The novels, naturally, will have a great deal of influence for readers within the future as well as history buffs. It is correct to state that Zomber’s expertise has made him well known on a global basis. He is well-regarded, around the world, as an expert in the field of history. His documentary about Bushido, Soul of the Samurai is what put the author on the map, as a world-renowned historian.

Zomber and his wife own their own film production company. Renascent Films LLC is the name of the Zombers’ film company. The author and producer, due to the nature of the matter of his subjects, thought it important, as well, to become part of charitable organizations committed to peace.

Michael Zomber and his family reside in the Philadelphia area, and fit well, with many of the experts of antiquity that reside and work in the metropolitan area.

The author has made it a point to become an expert with regard to the culture of the Samurai. The saying that is applicable is: “There is a way and then there is a warrior way.” The warrior way is known as Bushido. The warrior way is about how a person conducts him or herself throughout life. The way in which a person conducts him or herself is considered that person’s lifeblood.

The warrior way, as it pertains to Michael Zomber, is about how he applies the principle to many different areas within his life. Such areas include his interest in his avocations and his work in general–the two areas, many times, becoming one and the same; or conjoining.

So what does the famed producer and writer do on a regular day?

On any number of days, Zomber can be found, working as a film producer, on one of his independent films. He may be in the process of writing, yet, another book. Zomber has authored five books including Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me, Park Avenue, and A Son of Kentucky. The famed author and producer may be on the set of the History Channel. At the latter venue, he serves as expert and historian for shows such as Tales of the Gun.

Regardless of role, Zomber provides his work with an intellect that is strong and a passion that is comparative to Bushido. The author has made a life studying morality, discipline and honor. He conducts the preceding studies in order to keep himself centered and in harmony with the world around him.

Persons wishing to summarize what it is exactly Zomber is best known and does with his time would be right in stating storytelling. The preceding is not far-fetched, since the famed author has acquired an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Literature from UCLA. When Zomber is playing his role as author, his telling a tale is quite apparent. The storytelling tends to spill over in his role as a filmmaker too. The filmmaking is something that Zomber and his spouse, Andrea, oversee, through their own independent production film company, again, known as Renascent Films. The main purposes of the film house include production and distribution of films of an independent nature.

The author’s partnership with the History Channel is a perfected intertwining of his avocation and his creative work. During a period of forty years, as indicated in the above text, the author has been adding to his broad collection of armory and guns. He shares his stories about his passion for guns, on shows such as Tales of the Gun. The show is created by way of Zomber’s acquired knowledge and appreciation of the craftsmanship as well as the culture tied to the weaponry.

The philanthropy area that the author embraces is motivational. The Zombers, Andrea and Michael, are very obvious and vocal supporters of various charitable organizations, on an international level as well as a local level. The charitable organizations which the Zombers participate assist in improving the lives of other people. Such achievements are made by the de-escalation of conflicts and war; and in the provision of increased access to resources which provide much in the way of healthier lives and positive educational outcomes.

Zomber has made it a point to explain that his philanthropic efforts are based on values such as peace, compassionate behaviors and charity. They are also advocates of resolving issues in a precise and peaceful manner. The beliefs of the Zombers have been passed on to a new generation of Zombers, meaning their children, Christopher, and Gabriella.

The author/producer, it is right to say, possesses a great deal of passion for the work he performs. The author, it has been stated, has a deep understanding and sharp intellectual capacity. Zomber’s expertise is wide in scope, which makes the author sought after in way of guest appearances on television shows and radio shows, wherein various topics of interest are discussed.

It is only one’s guess what the famed author will be involving himself with next. The preceding statement is made due to the various projects and passions which the author remains active.

Additional Notes about Michael Zomber:

As stated above, the famed author and producer, Michael Zomber, has been in the practice of collecting armory and arms of antiquity for a forty year period. In summary, he has made it a point to share his expertise with the nation as a guest history buff on the History Channel’s: Tales of the Gun Series. The series includes: Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Million Dollar Guns.

As indicated, Zomber is also a global expert on the Samurai Sword of Japan.

His writing credits include more than a dozen screenplays and a good number of novels pertinent to history. Some of his works include: Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. All of Michael Zomber’s books are currently in circulation. The producer’s, critically-acclaimed documentary film: Soul of the Samurai was a production, created in partnership with the author’s wife Andrea, and produced at the couple’s film company, known as Renascent Films LLC.