The Impressive and Fantastic Force Behind American Institute of Architects

     There are so many people out there that are truly masterful in their work, art or line of business. In the area of architecture, one of the few people that can offer us the real deal and designs that no one else has really dared to push is Mr. Robert A. Ivy, who is right now the Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. He is also known as the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record in 1996, which is a publication for everything that has to do with the progress and changes in the Architecture industry.

It should also be stated here that the brilliant expertise and skillset of Mr. Robert Ivy have already been tested over time. The fact that he’s right now the man who’s presiding over RECORD, an architectural journal known among the best architects in the industry, it is safe to say that Ivy has been able to prove that his expertise really makes the cut in terms of global standards.

The Crane Award and Other Achievements

It must not also be forgotten that one of the resplendent achievements of Robert Ivy is the fact that in 2009 he was awarded the Crane Award, which is one of the biggest awards that can be given to an individual working in media communication. Right now, this award is currently the biggest award that can be given by the American Business Media to an individual who has done a lot of incredible work in the media.

One other achievement that Robert Ivy is the one from Alpha Rho Chi. Robert has also been named as the Master Architect in 2010 for the latest work that he did for a series of architectural designs. Alpha Rho Chi is a renowned architectural fraternity today that has been able to put a series of stamps of approval to different incredible architects today. Because of such achievement, Robert Ivy can now be considered as one of the few recipients of such award-giving body, which includes I.M. Pei and Buckminster Fuller. Another thing that you probably still don’t know about Robert is the fact that he went to Sewanee: The University of the South, which could have contributed to the kind of attitudes, thinking and ideas that he has for his profession.

About American Institute of Architects (AIA)

AIA is one of the biggest global networks today, but this is specifically focused on architects and architecture and the entire profession. This professional organization for all architects in the United States has its headquarters in Washington D.C. Right now, the main focus of the non-profit group is to provide assistance, support and intellectual foundations to both the new members and the architects who need the right connections to get more work and access better opportunities.

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End Citizens United Announces Support Of Campaign Finance Reformist Conor Lamb

     There is a special election being held in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. The Republican contender for this seat is Rick Saccone who has been extensively supported by outside spending groups. The Democrat contender is Conor Lamb. End Citizens United recently announced their endorsement of Conor Lamb as he has committed to doing his part to pass sensible campaign spending legislation. End Citizens United is opposed to the big money that is flowing into politics and backs candidates who feel the same way.

The special election vote will occur on March 13. The seat is open because the prior occupant, Republican Tim Murphy, resigned from Congress after it was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife with another woman. He also had asked her to have an abortion after fighting for years against abortion rights.

The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Miller, said that the people of Pennsylvania have gotten sick of the rigged system in Washington D.C. She said that special interests were trying to buy Rick Saccone a seat and the supporters of her political action committee were dedicated to fighting back against this.

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that removed the amount of political spending that corporations and wealthy people could spend on politics. This is the court case that End Citizens United is named after because they ultimately want a constitutional amendment to put back in place sensible campaign financing restrictions. End Citizens United only accepts money from small-dollar contributors from across the United States.

When it was announced that End Citizens United was endorsing him, Conor Lamb committed to not accepting any PAC money that came from corporate executives. Because unions are funded by the individuals that make it up he will continue to accept that sort of donations. He went on to say that the system of government is broken and one of the main reasons why is because of how messed up our campaign finance system now is.

Rick Saccone, on the other hand, is accepting a lot of money and support from corporate executives outside of the state of Pennsylvania. One example is 45Committee which is made up of Donald Trump supporters. They bought $500,000 worth of ad time and are using it to run negative spots against Conor Lamb. Another $1,000,000 is being spent by another similar PAC called Ending Spending.

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Anthony Petrello, The Epitome of Dedication, Philanthropy, and Commitment

     Anthony Petrello is a well-known philanthropist. He has a daughter who has cerebral palsy as a result of being born prematurely. He found that Texas Children’s Hospital has a great team of doctors that is on hand to treat his daughter at any time of the day. His daughter serves as an inspiration to others. She makes people feel as if every day is a gift. She inspires kindness and compassion in others. Anthony Petrello donated millions of dollars to the research institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. He hopes that others will also donate money to help out children with conditions that prevent them from developing properly. Hopefully, they will be a new vision for treatment of children who have developmental conditions.

Anthony Petrello also donated money to Yale University in the memory of Serge Lang. Serge Lang was a professor that taught mathematics at Yale University when Anthony Petrello attended. He became close friends with Serge Lang. At his memorial service, Anthony promised to donate at least $150,000 in Lang’s memory. He will also donate another $150,000 to match other donations that people make.

Anthony and his wife take great pride in their daughter. They are proud of her achievements, even though they are small achievements compared to what other children can do. Anthony believes that his daughter has a great purpose in life. She inspired him to donate money for brain research that will help improve the lives of other children.

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. It is the largest drilling contractor in the world. Anthony always strives to do the best and make everything the biggest. He donates a lot of money to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Donations also flow in from various philanthropist all over the country. They treat millions of patients every year and perform hundreds of thousands of surgeries.

Anthony Petrello has always worked hard to get things done. He and his wife make sure that they put into action what they have in mind. When they plan something, they make it happen. However, when their daughter was born with a developmental condition, it was a source of frustration. This was because there was a lack of research to help out such children. Anthony decided to turn this into an opportunity to fund research to help more children.

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The American Institute of Architects: Battening the Architecture Profession

     The AIA, American Institute of Architects, is a professional institution that houses architects distributed all over the United States. The establishment bossed by Robert Ivy, who is the company CEO, has her headquarters based in Washington D.C. This year, the facility marked a hundred and sixty years into the architectural market since she was started in 1857.

History takes us back to the year, 1857 when an ambitious group of architects came up with the decision to come up with a foundation that helped create architects that were perfect in matters scientific. They also felt the need to turn their career into one that had a higher standing in society.

Today the AIA boasts of 90,000 plus members. The NGO also has, in its long list of achievements, a magazine by the name The ARCHITECTS. The magazine offers a publication on matters to do with architecture. The magazine through its Annual Design Review conducts an annual ‘barometer’ focusing on the architectural business.

The facility started with the aim of revamping the architectural profession. The company, therefore, dedicates herself to this purpose. AIA Invests so much into educating those interested in pursuing the career, advocating the occupation to the government, redeveloping the community and engaging in extensive PR in a bid to improve the public’s perception of the profession. In conjunction with the design and construction industries, the establishment also tries to help synchronize the building sector.

The institution has also, in a bid to support and boost the career, established an honoring and awards program that seeks to honor those who have made tremendous contributions towards architecture. The awards include the AIA Gold Medal, the Architecture Firm Award and the AIA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.

The company also honors firms that have debuted new architectural projects all over the world. The honors include: Institute Honor Awards for Architecture, Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture and the Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Designs.

Members of the establishment are also offered career advancement opportunities, the resources to advance their profession and a myriad of things that benefit them personally. The group’s leadership, with Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas V. Vonier as president, have been astounding in the management of the activities of the institution.

The duo ensures that the needs company’s clients are well addressed. The two also make sure that their members, while in the line of duty, behave accordingly, as per the code of ethics.

Pennsylvania Law: Karl Heideck, Experienced Attorney

     Karl Heideck is a practicing attorney based in Philadelphia. For over two decades of professional experience, Karl Heideck has represented clients on massive criminal cases in the court of law. For all cases Karl Heideck has handles, none of them has backfired. This showcases his experience by working for a better business in a manner that is not paralleled experience. Perhaps this is the reason why his adoption in the industry is on a massive scale. For those seeking fast income solutions, they can achieve this by working for better business reviews. Karl Heideck has also been recognized as the most experienced legal attorney who works to represent his clients in the employment law.

The Philadelphia legal world is different from those in other cities. This is because they have different laws that are not in other cities. Individuals facing any form of legal challenges must seek better legal representations at any time to avoid making legal mistakes that can incriminate them at any time. Karl Heideck has a unique role to play when representing clients from all walks of life. However, his main focus is in the field of capacities. Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney who understands what it takes to be incriminated in the state. Therefore, he will work towards developing better representation capabilities to make sure you are proved not guilty in the court of law.

Karl Heideck’s experience in the industry has made him achieve the most sophisticated business solution in the industry. While he knows the laws in the state, he always keeps himself updated with the changing laws in the state as they can affect you at any time. This is the reason why he authors a legal blog that informs his clients of the new laws that affect most of his clients in the industry. When it comes to the law, people can often overlap themselves with the interpretation. However, a good interpretation of the law is what sets him apart in the industry. For those who seek better business reviews, they must achieve the best towards seeking proper legal representation in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the industry.


Alfonso de Angoita Noriega’s Success in the Media Industry

     Alfonso de Angoita Noriega is a renowned business leader who currently serves as Grupo Televisa S.A’s director. The firm is recognized for being the largest broadcaster in the Spanish world. Noriega has been sitting on Televisa’s board as from April 1997 and is currently its vice president. In his career, Alfonso has been an employee of different corporations. Grupo Modelo SAB de CV appointed him to serve on its board, and he was also the chairperson of its finance committee. He has sat on the boards of institutions such as Empresas Cablevision, Sky, Bolsa Mexican de Valores, Pepsi Bottling Group (Mexico) and many others. Noriega was also offered an opportunity to act as an alternative member of the Univision’s board of directors.

Noriega has been offered different positions at Grupo Televisa S.A since he joined it. In 1999, the firm appointed as the chief financial officer, and he held the position until 2003. He made tremendous contributions to the company, and this made him be promoted to his current position. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was once an employee of the White Case LLP, which is a New York-based company. He also worked at Mijares, Angoitia, and Cortés y Fuentes, S.C as its founding partner.

Emilio Azcárraga, who is Grupo Televisa’s current CEO, appointed Noriega to act as his attorney after his father’s death. The two worked had to create excellent financial and legal strategies that enabled the firm to be successful. Alfonso has significantly assisted in growing the company’s finances. During his time as the executive VP of the enterprise, he has helped it in making a $1.2 billion partnership with Univision. The transaction is significant since it has assisted the company in accessing the U.S Hispanic market. Alfonso de Angoita Noriega is a philanthropist and is currently a board member of nonprofit organizations such as Mexicana para la Salud A.C and Kardias A.C.