Roberto Santiago Produced A Mall Where Entertainment And Leisure Activities Can Both Be Found

Roberto Santiago is a native of Brazil. Mr. Santiago was raised in Joao Pessoa. Roberto launched his entrepreneurial path by opening a cartonage agency, during a time when he was still a young man, where he created an assortment of custom cardboard boxes produced for a range of firms in Brazil. After that venture, Mr. Santiago placed his focus onto realty projects. In the year 1989 Mr. Santiago acquired a very large plot of realty in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago built-up the area into Brazil’s most commercial draws, Manaira Shopping. Roberto came into his academic experience from the revered Pio X Marist by earning a very advantageous degree in the subject of Business Administration. Roberto obtained this degree from his hard work with his classes while at the University Center of his native home in Joao Pessoa.

Manaira is an enormous shopping center in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. Paraiba is the state where the city Joao Pessoa is located. The enormous shopping center became active in 1989. the actual building of the mall required two years, from the groundbreaking of its construction back in 1987. There’s virtually nonstop buying at the mall’s stores. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a very famous theater, a broad food court containing countless options for food, a colossal sized concert hall, a substantial gaming area, a workout gym for patrons’ health, a great many banks, and a institutional learning area for patrons who want to lean a something educational. Manaira is a daily meeting place for visitors to the city of Joao Pessoa. Read more about the mall on

Constructed on Manaira’s rooftop of the shopping center is Domus Hall. This concert hall is entirely air conditioned and expansively spacious. The hall opened when construction was finalized in 2009. The hall is astoundingly grand in its size. A massive 10,000 patrons can stand inside, within its two-stories. There’s cabins with music playing within acoustically sound protected rooms, for a personalized experience. Several famous entertainers have their presentations at the hall, plus many theatrical productions utilize Domus Hall’s high-tech equipment.

The cinema area is just as unfathomably large. The theater displays only the most current of popular movies that are obtainable and the cinema has a fantastically spacious section that is solely committed to game machines for both the young as well as the youthful at heart. There’s a colossally large bowling alley as well as a massive 200 game-filled amusement park that spans 1800 square meters.

The food court is large as well and has been restructured to make room for restaurants of a severely extensive amount of tastes & budgets. Fine dining, steak houses with food crafted by Chefs are available as well. Learn more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Why Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center is An Entertainment and Shopping Mecca in Brazil

When you are in Brazil and in need of a fun and exciting spot for a weekend, look no further than the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Complex. Located in downtown Paraiba, Brazil, the avenue boasts a multipurpose center fitted with an impressive shopping mall, fitness center, lounge and bars, movie theaters and much more.

However, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping serves as the main attraction for most visitors willing to spend lots of finances on various items. The complex is widely considered as a one-stop shopping center fully fitted with both men and women’s fashion wear, designer shoes, perfumes and elegant jewelry. Apart from showcasing expensive attires, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping also stocks high-quality furniture, sports supplies, electronics from reputable brands and hardware. What’s more impressive is the presence of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping directory which contains detailed information about the stock available. Hence, you can plan in advance before showing up on their front doors.

Movie Theater

If you are in the mood for a cinematic experience, well, hope into the Cinepolis movie theater and watch various films in 3D High Definition. Whether it’s a comedy, drama or sci-fi movie, you are guaranteed a memorable experience on worth your time. Afterwards, engage your taste buds from an array of sumptuous meals stocked at fast food joints or well established restaurants. Feel free to choose either Chinese food, steaks, burgers or pasta prepared by renowned chefs worldwide.

The Domus Hall

Having wined and dined at the in-house restaurants, you might want to take a stroll into the Domus Hall and witness an assortment of entertainment available. Concerts, festivals and cultural events are some of the showbiz events that will surely capture your attention. A visit to Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping serves as not only a shopping experience but also an opportunity to unwind and appreciate different forms of culture.

Roberto Santiago’s Background

Born in Madrid in 1968, Santiago is an excellent example of a “hard work pays story.” As a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad de Madrid, he shifted his focus into writing several literary works that helped build his reputation. His most notable work, The Thief of Lies, earned him a nomination for the steamboat prize on

Apart from writing, Santiago has also honed his producing skills by directing several films such as The Longest Penalty Shot, The Suicide Club and Harvest among many others. Such creative works earned him immense recognition and admiration at the Cannes Film Festival. His editing skills have also been put to task when he served as editor for various advertising agencies based in Madrid.