Open Society Foundations is Fighting Back against Governmental Authoritarianism

Many people might not have heard of the Open Society Foundation (OFS) but it is an organization that is committed to keeping societies free and open. This organization has offices in just about every country on Earth and they are funded to the tune of $930 million dollars.

The Open Society Foundation’s mission is to ensure that people’s rights are being protected by their government and that governments are tolerant and accountable to their people. This organization writes grants to other organizations that push this agenda where they are located.

Starting sometime around 2016, The Open Society Foundations began to discover that many governments are a pushing a form of authoritarianism within their borders. The definition of authoritarianism is the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. In other words, many governments are now be defined by a strong central power and limited political freedoms for its citizens. Visit to know more about George.

OSF understands why many governments have to take this stand. It has to do with the current tide of terrorism that is a common part of the modern world. People’s freedoms will have to be compromised in order to ensure their security. This is an ongoing problem within the modern world because some governments might go too far with limiting personal freedom.

George Soros is the founder of OSF. He started this organization many years ago, to ensure that societies stay as open as possible. He knows that certain organizations must be created all over the world within many different nations to ensure that people are maintain their societies.

Soros fears that if any one nation limits the ability of its people; it will have dire consequences their lives. He experienced this first hand in Hungary during the regime of the Nazis. Yes, Soros is in his 80s and has lived a very long time. He does not want to see what happened during that era to repeat itself.

Soros likes to give to charities and over the years, his vast fortune has been used to help people all over the globe. He has funneled millions into youth programs, he has helped people to start profitable enterprises and he has done a lot of charitable work in the support of democratic candidates. Soros likes to give and he likes to help whenever he can.

The OSF’s work is ensuring that societies can promote and establish organizations that can realistically stop (or at least hinder) government officials from carrying out any agenda that is against the people. Read more:

The OSF’s work is especially important within the United States and in the EU. Both of these territories are experience massive division and major problems regarding immigrants and refugees. Ultimately, the Open Society Foundations will help to correct these issues.

Read more about George at The New York Times.

Digital Reputation Firm at Forefront of Austin Business Journal’s ‘Fast 50’

The Austin Business Journal does a great service to the companies that are grinding in the local Austin, Texas business scene. Austin is becoming a hot spot for educated people to come push their businesses and it has resulted in a mini-tech boom that has rewarded the area accordingly. The Austin Business Journal, or ABJ, keeps a list of quick rising companies called the ‘Fast 50’. Most recently the Fast 50 received an addition to their line up in the form of local favorite, Status Labs.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that has gained acclaim for their hard work in an a rapidly expanding field. We host more information than ever on the internet and now it has become exceedingly important to manage it appropriately. The digital reputation management field is growing at an explosive rate and sitting at the forefront of it all is Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher. Fisher has been a steadfast part of Status Labs for years and it has been his work that has helped lead the company to a growth of almost 1,100% over the last three years.

What makes Status Labs so special is that the company knows exactly what they need in order to stay ahead of the curve. Status Labs is servicing clients across the globe and these clients range from athletes and entertainers to politicians and business owners. Fisher employs a well rounded group of workers that have skillsets varied and deep. Mastering the art of SEO work and crisis management has become a core tenant in what Status Labs has to offer but it is far from the only aspect that they offer.

Commenting on the Fast 50, CEO Darius Fisher was quick to say that he was proud to be included on the list. Fisher admits that their inclusion on the Fast 50 is merely a re-affirmation that the tech industry is prospering in Austin and that the rise of digital reputation management is very much real and very much here to stay. Status Labs will continue to grow at an explosive rate thanks to their well managed company.

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