Betsy DeVos Gives Back To The Afflicted Through Charity Funding

Betsy DeVos is an education reformer. A better description of her input in education would be her passion for delivering better education systems to Americans. Betsy went to the Calvin College. As a young girl, she undertook her college studies with seriousness. Focusing in campus politics, she remained politically active for years. For over thirty years, Betsy was a lead campaigner in most institutions and committees. She chaired many campaigns in different ways. She was part of a six years chairmanship in the Michigan Republic Party. Betsy has been a huge part of political campaigns with the main intention being to chair reforms. Her dedication changing the world is impressive. In 2006, Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos, played a pivotal role as the nominee for governorship in Michigan.




Politics can be described as Betsy’s key areas of business and major concentration. Her pursuit for innovative solutions in politics is impressive as she focuses on developing key, helpful strategies. Betsy is a huge participant Windquest Group, an organization she manages with the assistance of her husband. Windquest is a private company that operates on technological basis. It manufacturers clean energy. Having been active since 1989, Windquest is dedicated to providing clean energy to the people.




Perhaps the most important part of Betsy’s career is her philanthropy and dedication to bringing about education reforms. Betsy works for her family foundation. It is projected that she has used the foundation to give millions to charity. Her charitable interests are based on bringing about education reforms for the less fortunate. It all began when she took her child to school. With her husband, there was a realization that most children needed a better education system and environment. Betsy’s input began at that point. She established strong education platforms that would implement policies to guide reformers. Betsy is an active member of multiple boards. These boards have a clear focus on education and the future of education.




In an interview with Philanthropy, Betsy explains that she has been hopeful that the education system would take a new dimension. Presently, there are approximately 250,000 students that benefit from public schools that have been funded by the government. This is a great stride towards allowing all scholars to get an education. It is through such reforms and philanthropy that Betsy has been able to change the lives of American students. She is sure that the future holds a lot of better reforms and systems to educate Americans in the most comfortable environments. Betsy DeVos went on to explain that approximately 17 states have private schools programs in Washington D.C. With her election as the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos is sure that there shall be powerful systems to guard education reforms. She is committed to changing the lives of Americans through her position.


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George Soros Returns to the World of Politics in Style

The political world underwent a true evolution in 2016 as we saw a Presidential Election that divided more people than ever before. The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican force coupled with his unlikely defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made people wonder now more than ever what their future might hold. For those concerned about the future of progressive politics and democratic ideals there may be some solace to be taken in the return of George Soros. Soros, a billionaire investor and renowned philanthropist, is ready to stand tall in the progressive fight for justice and equality in America and abroad.

We can go back to the 2004 Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush in order to see our first taste of what Soros could do in mainstream politics. The Hungarian-born investor backed Al Gore, spending enormous amounts of his own fortune in order to help the Democratic nominee keep up with the billionaire Koch Brothers funding machine. While Gore would fall short in a controversial decision, Soros had more than established himself as an important donor and political activist for progressive politics. Still, Soros decided to step back and let the political machine work its way — until 2016. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump stood for everything that Soros had spent his entire life fighting against so it made sense that Soros would leap back into the political fray in full force. Soros would come forward to support Hillary Clinton as well as a majority of the progressive nominees down the ticket. Soros would spend nearly $25 million during the election campaign in order to fight for his progressive values, social causes, and democratic beliefs. Due to his ability and willingness to stand before progressive causes we have seen Soros turn into some sort of boogeyman to conservative politicians everywhere. With Soros standing steadfastly against Donald Trump, they might actually finally be right about something.

The story of George Soros and his ascension up the economic and political ladder is as fascinating as it is powerful. Soros was born and raised in a Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros would see friends and family members killed by their oppressors before he was finally able to flee to London. Soros would work through the London School of Economics in order to gain his degree, all while laboring as a waiter and railway porter to pay the bills. Eventually Soros earned enough money to sail to America where he would start the Soros Hedge Fund. Know more on about George Soros.

As a self made billionaire and one of the leading philanthropists in the world it is easy why he would stand so fiercely against Donald Trump. President Trump stands for everything that Soros isn’t and that means we are ready to see George Soros rise once again.

End Citizens United and #weobject March Onward

In a world full of hashtags and political tweets, End Citizens United is picking up momentum. The grassroots organization is attempting to fight legislation passed by the Supreme Court to allow “dark money” into politics. The group has also been represented under “The People’s Defense,” which is a hub of groups objecting to Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch. The group posts on twitter under the group #weobject as well as #darkmoney.


The specific legislation that ECU is objecting to is Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission of 2010. According to ECU, the case established that “corporations are people” and that this allowed unaccountable donations to leak into elections. Their assertion is that billionaires are now buying elections with excessive funding, giving them more exposure than their counterparts. The game plan to counteract is as follows:



  • Electing pro-reform candidates
  • Raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority
  • Using grassroots membership to demonstrate political power on the issue of money in politics


Another measure ECU is taking to encourage transparency in politics is by making its financial contributions publicly available through FEC filings. The website also makes press releases, news and even social media available for viewing. The group self-identifies with the Democratic party and other “leftist” organizations. Attempting to “restore the power to every day Americans,” the group views its activists as its best force.


ECU is headed by a board of directors from varying backgrounds, however, the commonality they all share is some level of political experience. The staff is led by Tiffany Muller, who serves as the President and Executive Director. She is experienced in politics and has accomplishments such as doubling LGBT representation in Congress and helping to elect the first LGBT (identifying) Senator.


ECU offers information on their website explaining how people can get involved in the movement. Being a grassroots organization, they rely on the support of donors to accomplish their goals. They also conduct polls and keep email lists to keep their supporters engaged. ECU is making great strides and continues to be a strong newcomer in the activism arena.