Jeff Aronin Changing the World One Patient at a Time

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. This is a company that invests in biopharmaceuticals and development of startups in the same field. Aronin is known to be an effective leader, entrepreneur, and a skilled scientist (Vimeo).


If there is one thing that inspires Jeff Aronin to keep doing what he does, it is seeing patients get better and get the most out of their life. He says that if there is a product that can help these patients beat whatever their illness is, then there is no better way for him to spend his resources than to develop and put health products on the market. This goal has seen him, together with his team, create 13 new innovative products. That is 13 new ways to fight the world’s diseases.


Having a desire and a goal to help patients get better is not the only thing that fuels Jeff Aronin’s passion for his work. Aronin looks at all patients as more than just patients. He sees them as a part of a family and the community at large. This makes him realize that his work does not just change the life of one person but of a family and a community. This has been a great source of inspiration to him; knowing that he is impacting the world by helping one person get better.


Jeff Aronin coaches start-up businesses that have a product or idea that could take the field of medicine further. His 20-year experience in developing biotech and healthcare innovation companies has proved to be an asset in this regard. He is quick to pick out promising startups and coaches them to the point of becoming successful businesses. This has also earned him the title of a mentor. Every entrepreneur who has passed through his hands comes out with more than just business experience. The come out with invaluable lessons that come from his experience in the field. He is a ready teacher to anyone who is eager to learn.


Due to Jeff Aronin’s passion for innovation in biotechnology and healthcare, he was awarded the Weizmann Leadership Award.