George Soros Returns to the World of Politics in Style

The political world underwent a true evolution in 2016 as we saw a Presidential Election that divided more people than ever before. The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican force coupled with his unlikely defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made people wonder now more than ever what their future might hold. For those concerned about the future of progressive politics and democratic ideals there may be some solace to be taken in the return of George Soros. Soros, a billionaire investor and renowned philanthropist, is ready to stand tall in the progressive fight for justice and equality in America and abroad.

We can go back to the 2004 Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush in order to see our first taste of what Soros could do in mainstream politics. The Hungarian-born investor backed Al Gore, spending enormous amounts of his own fortune in order to help the Democratic nominee keep up with the billionaire Koch Brothers funding machine. While Gore would fall short in a controversial decision, Soros had more than established himself as an important donor and political activist for progressive politics. Still, Soros decided to step back and let the political machine work its way — until 2016. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump stood for everything that Soros had spent his entire life fighting against so it made sense that Soros would leap back into the political fray in full force. Soros would come forward to support Hillary Clinton as well as a majority of the progressive nominees down the ticket. Soros would spend nearly $25 million during the election campaign in order to fight for his progressive values, social causes, and democratic beliefs. Due to his ability and willingness to stand before progressive causes we have seen Soros turn into some sort of boogeyman to conservative politicians everywhere. With Soros standing steadfastly against Donald Trump, they might actually finally be right about something.

The story of George Soros and his ascension up the economic and political ladder is as fascinating as it is powerful. Soros was born and raised in a Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros would see friends and family members killed by their oppressors before he was finally able to flee to London. Soros would work through the London School of Economics in order to gain his degree, all while laboring as a waiter and railway porter to pay the bills. Eventually Soros earned enough money to sail to America where he would start the Soros Hedge Fund. Know more on about George Soros.

As a self made billionaire and one of the leading philanthropists in the world it is easy why he would stand so fiercely against Donald Trump. President Trump stands for everything that Soros isn’t and that means we are ready to see George Soros rise once again.

Open Society Foundations is Fighting Back against Governmental Authoritarianism

Many people might not have heard of the Open Society Foundation (OFS) but it is an organization that is committed to keeping societies free and open. This organization has offices in just about every country on Earth and they are funded to the tune of $930 million dollars.

The Open Society Foundation’s mission is to ensure that people’s rights are being protected by their government and that governments are tolerant and accountable to their people. This organization writes grants to other organizations that push this agenda where they are located.

Starting sometime around 2016, The Open Society Foundations began to discover that many governments are a pushing a form of authoritarianism within their borders. The definition of authoritarianism is the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. In other words, many governments are now be defined by a strong central power and limited political freedoms for its citizens. Visit to know more about George.

OSF understands why many governments have to take this stand. It has to do with the current tide of terrorism that is a common part of the modern world. People’s freedoms will have to be compromised in order to ensure their security. This is an ongoing problem within the modern world because some governments might go too far with limiting personal freedom.

George Soros is the founder of OSF. He started this organization many years ago, to ensure that societies stay as open as possible. He knows that certain organizations must be created all over the world within many different nations to ensure that people are maintain their societies.

Soros fears that if any one nation limits the ability of its people; it will have dire consequences their lives. He experienced this first hand in Hungary during the regime of the Nazis. Yes, Soros is in his 80s and has lived a very long time. He does not want to see what happened during that era to repeat itself.

Soros likes to give to charities and over the years, his vast fortune has been used to help people all over the globe. He has funneled millions into youth programs, he has helped people to start profitable enterprises and he has done a lot of charitable work in the support of democratic candidates. Soros likes to give and he likes to help whenever he can.

The OSF’s work is ensuring that societies can promote and establish organizations that can realistically stop (or at least hinder) government officials from carrying out any agenda that is against the people. Read more:

The OSF’s work is especially important within the United States and in the EU. Both of these territories are experience massive division and major problems regarding immigrants and refugees. Ultimately, the Open Society Foundations will help to correct these issues.

Read more about George at The New York Times.

A Brave New Path With Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos was an excellent choice for the 11th Secretary of Education of the United States. There has never been a greater need for forthright, business minded, fiscal conservatives to turn American education priorities in a new direction. DeVos’s strong advocacy for school choice and private school vouchers shows her commitment to breaking through traditional barriers in order to bring free market reform to the American school system.

Betsy was born Elizabeth Dee Prince in Holland, Michigan in 1958. She graduated from Calvin College in Michigan where she began to be politically active. Later, she married Richard Devos Jr. the CEO, son and heir to Richard DeVos Sr the founder of Amway. As an adult, Betsy kept up her political interests and from early on she focused on education.

She served on the board of directors for the Foundation for Education Excellence, the Action Institute, the Alliance for School Choice and All Students Matter, all of which are education PAC’s. She has also served as Republican National Committeewoman and as chairwoman of the Republican National Party. One of her greatest attributes is that there is no mystery what her personal beliefs are. She has always been a strong, attending Christian and an ardent believer in school vouchers.

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Since Mrs. DeVos was nominated, she has endured demonstrations against her and strong political resistance to her views on educational reform. In the face of this, she has shown true statesmanship, perseverance and class going through a confirmation process that was stringent enough to make others decline nomination and even recuse themselves. This shows the political grit that is needed for today’s, often rancorous political climate.

Betsy DeVos has the experience and capabilities to enact needed reform the Dept of Education. As she spreads her influence, it will become clear that her plans can work with all people. She essentially believes that education needs to privatize and use market principles in order to remain vital. She also believes that these principles need to be available to all Americans not just the wealthy. She is often quoted as saying our most at risk children are the ones that have the most to gain.

Brave people in the right place at the right time will be the ones that affect our future in a positive way. That certainly describes Betsy DeVos.

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