Heather Parry background information

Heather Parry became Live Nation’s president as from 2015. Unlike other people, she saw no need of announcing it. Two months after her new position, she started working with Colin Hanks who is the director and as the same time is an actor. This was not the first time she worked with him. They were together at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production for a period of ten years while working on a certain documentary called Eagles of Death Metal. This documentary got a nomination in two Critics’ Choice Award.

Heather Parry

After working for ten years in Happy Madison and twelve years in MTV, she has finally landed on where she wanted where she can make a good progress pertaining her interest in music and cinemas. So far, the outcomes have been admirable. Apart from Eagle documentary, she has worked on Five Foot Two on Netflix film, Lady Gaga Film, Gaga among others.

On an interview, Heather Parry confessed that working with Live nation is very interesting as she is surrounded with people who are hardworking and they offer much support to her. Amongst them are managers for Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. One of the projects that has interested her is can’t stop, won’t stop, Bad Boy Documentary.

On Gaga doc, Heather Parry claims that her manager however was saying they have to look for a good director. Thereafter, she made some efforts and looked for Chris Moukarbel to go to Gaga’s house with the camera. They started their shooting and after a year they had Gaga’s Documentary.

Heather Parry is looking forward to do some other stuffs with some of the rock stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. One of the exciting thing is that there are lots of artist that rises daily and she is passionate of nurturing them.