Article Title: Ara Chackerian, Investor for HealthCare Devices

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Ara Chackerian is known as an investor in healthcare companies. Chackerian currently fulfills the role of manager. He fulfills this role for a company known as ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Holdings is an organization that invests funds in other healthcare companies. This particular organization invests funds and resources into companies that have recently began their efforts. The investments are given to the smaller companies when they are in need of adequate resources to jumpstart their business. When the company becomes more successful, this type of venture debt is paid back to the original investor or original investing company.

Ara Chackerian has been known as one of the co-founders for a company called TMS Health Solutions. TMS is an organization that focuses on selling and marketing medical devices to consumers and insurance companies. One of their most advertised devices is the magnetic stimulation for depression. The companies Ara Chackerian he has worked with during his career include Embion Links, PipelineRx and EMC Diagnostics Industry.

Ara Chackerian has fulfilled the role of board member. He has fulfilled this role for companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area. During a recent interview, Ara Chackerian was questioned regarding his motive for initiating his healthcare company. He stated the idea came from his business parter. At the time, Ara Chackerian and his business partner wanted to build and operate out-patient centers for radiology treatment.

Both individuals believed this decision would be profitable for the industry of healthcare and investments. Instead, the pair ended up entering the physiatrics industry in order to market a new device. Ara Chackerian and his business partner became involved in the field of healthcare investments for business. There are a number of industry executives that have ties to the medical industry in order to generate result and resources in finance.

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