Sheriff Arpaio is at War with the Newspapers

Some of the frontline heroes in America today are the proud and courageous journalists who go out of their way to uncover stories of evil and vindictiveness. Two journalists that come to my mind are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

They have used their Village Voice Media Corporation and its 17 publications to reveal the many evils that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has committed. It is their hope that by revealing these crimes that he will one day face justice.

One story that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin released in the newspaper was how Sheriff Joe Arpaio would humiliate the inmates in his prisons. One way that he humiliated them was by making the younger men wear pink ladies undies. This in itself is humiliating, but when you remember that many older prison mates will want to rape that new inmate because of the underwear, it becomes even more atrocious. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Another way that Sheriff Joe Arpaio humiliated his inmates was by giving them food that failed health inspections. It was not uncommon for him to serve food that was passed the expiration date, curdled, rotten, and just plain rancid.

Even more disturbing is the amount of police brutality that has occurred in his prison system. Perhaps the worst prison underneath Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the infamous Tent City. Sheriff Joe Arpaio fondly calls this place his concentration camp.

Reports show how Sheriff Joe Arpaio would deny inmates the water they needed to stay hydrated. He would then make them run outside in 135° weather in the middle of an Arizona summer. Many inmates passed out and had a heatstroke since they did not have enough water in their system.

After the inmates got done running, he would have them go inside where they would be beaten by batons and nightsticks which the security guards wielded with an unmerciful glee. The reports would often state that these inmates were trying to escape or were being uncooperative. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching story is of a woman who was eight months pregnant and needed to see a physician. She had been having pains in her abdominal region and was no longer feeling the baby move. She requested to see a doctor but instead was chained to her bed where she had a miscarriage, and both she and the baby died as a result.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would also show records proving that Hispanics were hanging themselves at an unnatural rate. It was believed by the coroner’s office that those who had been hanged received some sort of outside help. It is even more heart-wrenching when you realize that the only people who had access to these Hispanics were the security guards themselves.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made all of this public so that Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be brought to justice. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump showed just how crooked his heart was by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio who now is continuing his reign of evil in the state of Arizona.

Academy Of Art University If Preparing Us For The Future Of Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Every year, fashion lovers, models, and aspiring designers all come together to share their love of fashion and learn about the latest trends. New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of fashion. On September 9th, 2017, The Academy of Art University held its 21st annual runway show in honor of fashion week. Ten recent graduates from the schools BFA and MFA programs each had the chance to place some of their best work in front of some of the worlds most successful designers.

Formerly Academy of Advertising Art, the Academy of Art University was founded by painter and magazine writer, Richard J. Stephens in 1929. In 1951, Stephens son took over, later passing the torch to his daughter, Elisa Stephens. Under her leadership, the school’s student body increased tremendously by 2012. Currently, there are more than 12,500 students enrolled at the university, who is one of the largest landowners in the San Fransisco area. The school offers more than twenty different degree programs at the associates, bachelors, and masters degree level.

Academy of Art University is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and also holds their very own automobile museum. Featuring some of the worlds most valuable vintage rides, the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has a collection valued at over $70 million. The museum serves as both a bridge to the past for automobile loves and a hands-on learning tool for students enrolled in the school’s industrial design program.

At the Academy of Art University, experienced artist act as mentors to help thriving artist reach their full potential. Whether you’re just starting out, or already on your way, they are completely committed to each students success. Their no barrier admissions policy makes it possible for anyone with a desire to succeed and willingness to learn a great candidate any one of their creative programs.

Close to Three Decades After it was Founded by Roberto Santiago:, The Manaira Shopping Mall is Still the Most Popular Shopping Complex in Joao Pessoa

Making it in the business world is all about establishing a competitive advantage over the other players. One of the surest ways to do so is to be the first to market with the product. This is a concept Roberto Santiago understood quite well when he decided to open up the Manaira shopping mall in 1989. The fact that it was the first shopping complex of its type in Joao Pessoa, Brazil gave it an advantage that has yet to be surpassed till this day. In fact, nearly three decades after being opened, the mall is today considered the heart and soul of the small city.

The one thing you immediately notice while looking at the Manaira shopping mall is its majestic size. The mall has a leasable floor area of close to 100,000 square meters and is thus able to fit dozens of stores. The mall’s parking area is also quite huge as it can fit well over 3000 cars. A testament to its huge size, an estimated 1.6 million people walk through its doors every year.

To complement these shopping stores, the Manaira shopping mall also has numerous entertainment option. It features a bowling alley that is quite popular with adults and a gaming area reserved for children. It also has a number of cinema halls, some of which offer 3-D viewing.

Roberto Santiago has an undeniable love for his home city of Joao Pessoa. In addition to the Manaira shopping mall, he in 2013 opened up another mall in the city, the Mangaberia shopping mall. These two malls not only do the city a great service by bringing people together but they also significantly support the local economy. Some investors have seen Santiago’s success and have decided to rush to the city, and real estate prices are already going up in the areas adjacent to the two malls.

Away from his entrepreneurial exploits, Roberto Santiago likes to relax by engaging in sporting activities. He is particularly a big fan of motorsport and has tried his hand at rally driving and karting on a number of occasions.


Sweetgreen, a Modern Restaurant for Healthy Food

Sweetgreen is a chain of restaurants backed by investors; Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen prepares all types of meals. The delicious meals have attracted a lot of people in the various Sweetgreen’s 40 locations.

Nathaniel Ru is a co-CEO for Sweetgreens and claims that Sweetgreens is determined to cook better for more people. Technology is vastly applied in Sweetgreens, something that has made the restaurant remain relevant to the market. As Nathaniel Ru claims, 30% of Sweetgreen transactions operate through their mobile app and website. The owners of Sweetgreen are still strategizing on better management skills.

Sweetgreen shuts down the corporate offices, and the staff in the offices goes to work in the restaurants. This action makes the workers stay close to their clients. Sweetgreens offices are in Los Angeles.

Sweetgreen restaurants have very strategic locations. The management uses demographic analysis and timing of store openings to spot the sites. Sweetgreen has always located away from other diners.

Ru calls the design of Sweetgreen has a service design. Service design means that the serene atmosphere, excellent customer service, technology and design itself is what attracts the customers. When one walks into the restaurant, the first thing one sees is the kitchen. The cleanliness and cooking ingredients on display to the customers build confidence in the customers since they are always sure of fresh food.

The ordering of food takes a maximum of three minutes. For accuracy in what one wants to order, a team member walks you through the ingredients. Once you done with the one goes to a designated pick up area. Sweetgreen gets its food from the farmers in the areas they open their stores. Sweetgreen takes what farmers are growing which cuts down on food waste.

Nathaniel has fellow co-CEOs Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. The three first met in an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Ru and his fellow co-CEOs are all first-generation immigrants, and most exciting of all is that their parents started their businesses.

The three co-CEOs saw an opportunity of starting a restaurant in Georgetown after they noted that Georgetown lacked healthy eating options. The first restaurant that Nathaniel and his fellows opened was in 2007 after graduating from Georgetown University.

When the students went home on vacation, and the business was still running the trio knew that they would survive in their venture. Ru, advises the young to read books since they add knowledge. Nathaniel and his fellows have also built a team that helps them in management. Ru admires Kevin Plank for his work in Under Armour.

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The great achievements of Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is one of the major Irish activists and his contributions to the welfare of many workers in the world has been highly amended by many people. Though Jim received a little education due to his poor background, his determination saw him turn into one of the most amendable activists through the various issues that he advocated for in his movements.

Before achieving his successes, Jim played different roles while at Ireland including carrying out manual jobs, becoming a foreman at the docks among other careers. Jim always had a passion for working towards providing safe and fair treatment to every individual regardless of their social class.

Jim joined the national union of dock laborers in 1905 and had a determination towards advocating for the rights of every worker. Jim was a great socialist and was committed to offering every employee with conducive working conditions.

The people of the NUDL party did not like Jim`s advocation for equal rights of employees and as a result, in 1907, they moved him to Dublin. Jim had a great passion and had a determination towards accomplishing his set goals, and as a result, he did not give up.

Later in the year, he founded the Irish transport and general workers party and had an aim of bringing all skilled and unskilled workers together in one party that would advocate for their rights.

Having successfully established his party, Jim Larkin was always afraid of being rejected by his rivals and hoped that most of the workers in the Irish society would join his party through which they would raise their voices against the harsh treatment of labor workers in Ireland.

Jim was highly jealous of his rivals and always hoped to speak against them in the case where they publically attacked him and his followers. He tirelessly fought for the ad vocation of the rights of every worker in Ireland through his party and in 1912, Jim established the labor party.

The establishment of the party marked a major revolution of Jim`s campaigns and saw the number of his supporters increase from around five thousand to fifteen thousand.

With a great determination to accomplish all his targets, Jim conducted his campaigns through crusades, in which he urged workers not to give up in fighting for their rights but rather be persistent and hopeful in achieving their plans. Jim pushed for steady employers like Dublin back in Ireland and opted to end his deals and reliance on casual workers in the nation.

His move marked a significant revolution in his career, and though a small number of individuals in the workers union withdrew from his party, he had successfully achieved his dream of providing the best working conditions for his fellow labor workers.

His move gained him a lot of fame, and this saw some individuals in the country support him, unlike his rivals. He later deported to the United States where he collaborated with the German representatives to act against the Americans. After spending a few years in the States, Jim Larkin was deported back to Ireland where he continued with his career.

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Financial Expert Glen Wakeman Coaching Executives and Businesses

Mr. Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, as well as a writer and a mentor. He has the goal to inspire rising entrepreneurs as well as experienced ones through his blogging about the world of finance.

Glen Wakeman is also a professional mentor. He provides guidance to both businesses and individuals. Mr. Glen Wakeman has been mentoring primarily C-level executives and large companies with tens o thousands of employees and billions of dollars in assets. His skills and knowledge has enabled him to make a difference in the operation of start-ups and already established businesses.

In terms of education, Mr. Glen Wakeman has majored in Finance. He studied at the University of Scranton to achieve his bachelor’s degree in Finance and economics, and after that, he also attended the University of Chicago to receive his M. B. A. in the same discipline. Over the course of his career, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been among the tops of a number of companies such as GE Capital, Doral Financial Corporation, and Doral Bank, as well as a few more. Mr. Glen Wakeman has been appointed to positions such as chief executive officer and president, as well as chairman.

After working at companies, Mr. Glen Wakeman decided to venture into entrepreneurship and establish a couple of o companies. He created Nova Four and was the President of the company. It was then that Mr. Glen Wakeman received recognition and he was named Growth Leadership role model. The latest venture of Glen Wakeman started up a couple of years ago in 2015. He co-founded a company called LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which operates as a SAAS company.

Business is not the only occupation of Mr. Glen Wakeman ( He has been doing a lot of writing and blogging as well. Mr. Glen Wakeman has a lot of knowledge and skills to share on the topic of finance and fiscal matters as a whole. In his articles, Mr. Glen Wakeman provides valuable insight and advice to those who want to learn and become more educated on the matter and also get free coaching from an expert.

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The Woman Behind the Wine: Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson grew up in the winery ambiance; this cultivated a passion for wine early on. She is the middle child of the Jackson family. Julia learned early on from her father what hard work really was. She spent her summer vacations not in hotels or on beaches but picking and sorting grapes alongside her family at the vineyard.


She did not have her family business just handed to her. She climbed her way to her spot in a male dominated industry. Julia attended undergraduate at Scripps College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. She went on to receive her General Management Certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia now is a proprietor at the Jackson Family Wines while working amidst the international marketing team.

Her family and her passion for wine is reflected in the quality of the product. They use small lots for their vineyards to insure focus on the individual wines, as well as sustainable wine making strategies. Cambria Wines, one of the many varieties of brands they offer will be showcased at the South Beach Seafood Week. Even though Cabernet is known as a staple in Napa, Julia has argued that Cabernet can best be enjoyed in Sonoma. The family’s wine Verite has won numerous awards.

Julia is more than just an influential and successful business woman. She is concerned about uplifting women. She helped establish the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This organization offers grants to non-profits to help honor other women who conquered hardship and commend women as fierce leaders. The organization was inspired by Julia’s mother, Barbara Banke, who is and has been a role model to Julia. Her mom runs a company in an industry that is dominated by males and hasn’t let this change her authenticity.

Julia Jackson is many things: a daughter, artist, industry leader, visionary, inspiration, and a profound business woman. She is the woman behind the wine!

The UAE has been forever changed by Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner who has changed his nation. Sajwani is a real estate developer that has literally made himself into a billionaire from the development of real estate properties within Dubai. While he is in his sixties, Sajwani is not even thinking about retirement. Instead, he is pushing on ahead to help transform Dubai into a prosperous and wonderful place to be.


The Hussain Sajwani family has taught him everything that he needed to know about business throughout his childhood. He was a brilliant student that was awarded a scholarship to a major university within the United States. Once he obtained his degree from the University of Washington he returned home to start a successful catering business.


Keep in mind that Sajwani sold properties while he attended school. He made enough money from this venture to start his catering business. His catering business was so successful that it helped him start DAMAC in 2002. Since that time, Sajwani has worked with international real estate developers from around the world. One of the biggest names that he partnered with is Donald Trump.


That’s right. Just before Trump became the president of the U.S.; a deal between him and Sajwani was worked out to create an international golf club that bears Trump’s name. Now that Trump is president, he is no longer involved in the deal. However, his former company has taken it over and the deal for the international golf club is still being carried out by the Trump Organization.


Sajwani uses his company to develop undeveloped land in and around the city of Dubai. Once they figure out what to do with undeveloped areas they get people to invest their money into the project. Once the money comes in, Sajwani develops the property and then gives them to their owners. Sajwani not only develops properties; he also sells established properties as well. DAMAC is heavily involved within this business. DAMAC does business with a wide variety of organizations inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates.


At one point he was giving out free Lamborghinis to people who would sign up to purchase some of his upper scale properties. This guy is truly a marketing genius. Sajwani is currently one of the leading business figures in the world and has helped Dubai to become one of the most prominent places on Earth.


The Ever-Soaring Career of Richard A. Smith

Mr. Richard A. Smith is the current CEO and President of Securus Technologies, a position he holds since June 23, 2008. Securus Technologies is based in Texas and specializes in providing technologies used to protect society. It offers services to police departments and correctional facilities across the US and Canada. The company introduced biometric technology for prison management, a move that was perceived to be a wise move because law enforcement and security agencies have increased their interest in biometric technology. Presently, the company offers civil and criminal justice technology aimed at solving and preventing crimes. Richard has been vital in the expansion of Securus Technologies with his leadership skills, rich experience and focus on business excellence.



Before joining Technologies, Mr. Smith worked at Echelon Telecom Inc. from 1998 to 2007, where he served in several positions. He started as Chief Operating Officer from March 1999 to July 2003 then moved to President from April 2000 to August 2003 and finally to Chief Executive Officer from August 2003 to August 2007.While there, Smith grew the revenue tremendously from approximately $30 million to about $350 million. In the summer of 2005, he successfully led Eschelon to an IPO. Prior to joining Echelon Telecom Inc., he also worked in other technology firms such Frontier Corp., now Global Crossing, Frontier Information Technologies, and Midwest Telephone Operations. Richard holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School, a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Brockport and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Board Memberships

Rick Smith is currently a Board member at Integra Telecom Co Ltd. He has been the Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc. since January 2009 and has been the Director since June 2008. He was also a Director at Eschelon Telecom Inc. since July 2000.

Mr. Richard A. Smith is undoubtedly a brilliant leader and manager. He has been instrumental in moving Securus Technologies to be a world leader in the providing technology solutions to the correctional facilities institutions. Through his innovation initiatives, prisoners now use Securus technology services to contact their family and friends. Richard is focused on achieving the company’s goals, and his hard work has clearly borne fruits.


Roberto Santiago Produced A Mall Where Entertainment And Leisure Activities Can Both Be Found

Roberto Santiago is a native of Brazil. Mr. Santiago was raised in Joao Pessoa. Roberto launched his entrepreneurial path by opening a cartonage agency, during a time when he was still a young man, where he created an assortment of custom cardboard boxes produced for a range of firms in Brazil. After that venture, Mr. Santiago placed his focus onto realty projects. In the year 1989 Mr. Santiago acquired a very large plot of realty in Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago built-up the area into Brazil’s most commercial draws, Manaira Shopping. Roberto came into his academic experience from the revered Pio X Marist by earning a very advantageous degree in the subject of Business Administration. Roberto obtained this degree from his hard work with his classes while at the University Center of his native home in Joao Pessoa.

Manaira is an enormous shopping center in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. Paraiba is the state where the city Joao Pessoa is located. The enormous shopping center became active in 1989. the actual building of the mall required two years, from the groundbreaking of its construction back in 1987. There’s virtually nonstop buying at the mall’s stores. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a very famous theater, a broad food court containing countless options for food, a colossal sized concert hall, a substantial gaming area, a workout gym for patrons’ health, a great many banks, and a institutional learning area for patrons who want to lean a something educational. Manaira is a daily meeting place for visitors to the city of Joao Pessoa. Read more about the mall on

Constructed on Manaira’s rooftop of the shopping center is Domus Hall. This concert hall is entirely air conditioned and expansively spacious. The hall opened when construction was finalized in 2009. The hall is astoundingly grand in its size. A massive 10,000 patrons can stand inside, within its two-stories. There’s cabins with music playing within acoustically sound protected rooms, for a personalized experience. Several famous entertainers have their presentations at the hall, plus many theatrical productions utilize Domus Hall’s high-tech equipment.

The cinema area is just as unfathomably large. The theater displays only the most current of popular movies that are obtainable and the cinema has a fantastically spacious section that is solely committed to game machines for both the young as well as the youthful at heart. There’s a colossally large bowling alley as well as a massive 200 game-filled amusement park that spans 1800 square meters.

The food court is large as well and has been restructured to make room for restaurants of a severely extensive amount of tastes & budgets. Fine dining, steak houses with food crafted by Chefs are available as well. Learn more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba