What Adam Milstein Thinks About Today’s Radical Muslims

Radical Islam is probably most thought of as a militant terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda or ISIS responsible for bombings and deaths of millions of Arabs, Jews and Americans. But Adam Milstein, a Jewish-American author, real estate investor and philanthropist says it’s become ingrained in social media and has started joining forces with progressive liberal groups on college campuses. He mentioned in an article on JNS.org that activist Linda Sarsour has been among those bringing demagoguery and antisemitic ideology where given the pulpit. Milstein says Jewish-Americans need to be read to counter this ideology and to understand that at times these radical Muslims and progressive leftists even have joined forces with the alternative right such as when a Turkish leader once aided Hitler’s forces in their campaigns against Jews.


Adam Milstein has worked hard through the non-profit groups he supports to help bring Israeli-Americans close to home and feel a stronger connection to the actual nation of Israel. He was born there in 1952 and spent his younger years traveling with his family when his father had building framing work at various construction sites. Adam Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces when he reached 18, the age required of all Israeli men to complete three years of military service. He fought in the unit that defeated Egypt’s armies all the way back into Egyptian soil during the Yom Kippur War, and after completing combat he returned home and married a young woman he had met in the military named Gila. Milstein then worked on his higher education completing his bachelor’s first at the Technion and then moving to the US to complete grad school at USC.


Adam Milstein has made millions in the real estate industry as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties where he has led the acquisition and resale of million-dollar commercial and large-family residential properties across the US. But he and his wife Gila consider their philanthropy dedicated to Jewish-Americans to be their most important work, and they don’t just give money to causes they support but are actually out in the field along with other activists. The main organization they do it through is the Milstein Family Foundation, but their other key partners are the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, StandWithUS, Hillel International and Hasbara Fellowships. Milstein’s articles have touched thousands of readers and have earned him recognition several times as one of the world’s most influential Jews.

A Bright Future for National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz

Very few individuals would be so bold as to buy a supplier to a dying industry. Gregory James Aziz, however, is one of those bold people. A successful businessman and investor, Gregory J. Aziz has been known to take companies that are either failing or that are local and expanding them into international superpowers in their industries. In 1994, Aziz had just purchased National Steel Car, and he was about to turn this local manufacturer of rolling stock on the brink of bankruptcy into one of the last remaining successful rolling stock titans in the industry.


National Steel Car had a reputation in Ontario for producing low-cost railcars that would withstand the test of time. Founded in 1912, it seemed like no matter how many depressions and acquisitions this company was put through, it would always prevail. However, in the last 1970s when the logistics game started to lean towards trucking instead of railroads, NSC saw its sales start to fall. New owners were brought in, but they only seemed to be interested in the assets at National Steel Car and did little to take care of the customer relationships and the equipment. NSC soon fell by the wayside, and newer, better-engineered railcars became the new standard.


When he purchased the company in 1994, Greg Aziz knew that he would have his work cut out for him. Not only were railroads a semi-failing industry, but National Steel Car had no strategic plan and the management team had no direction. Aziz made it clear when he took over the company that the new plan would be to focus on engineering and design to make sure NSC’s cars were the best out there. He wanted the customers to know that they would not have to purchase new cars every year because of new safety regulations or because the cars would be worn out.


Aziz also made sure that more capital was invested in the company. He purchased new machines and equipment, increasing the production capacity of the plant from just 3,000 cars per year to over 12,000. He also hired thousands of additional workers to take on the extra demand the company was seeing from its marketing campaigns. See This Page for additional information.


Now National Steel Car is one of the only providers of rolling stock to the major railroads left in business. It is bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars each year in sales, and its capacity has never been higher. For more than a decade NSC has been recognized by the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee for supplier excellence. Thanks to his business acumen and innovative strategies to get companies back on their feet, James Aziz has ensured the future for National Steel Car.


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