The American Institute of Architects Is An Ethical Organization With Strong Leadership

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded by 13 architects in 1857 and now has more than 90,000 members. The headquarters of the institute is in Washington, DC, and there are 260 chapters that are located in all parts of the world. The AIA speaks for and represents architecture all over the world and promotes its value as well as the impact it has on society. With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion it seeks to strengthen its profession as well as the people who call themselves architects.

The CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA is Robert Ivy, and he works to promote the Institute by advocating its values, reaching out to the public, and promoting initiatives and the kind of education that will not only improve its members but what they have to offer to society, at large. Robert Ivy has been in a leading role since 2011, and he looks to switch-up the role that the organization has played since its founding. Instead of playing a passive role, Mr. Ivy hopes that the AIA will take a more active role by making the public aware of the true value of what architects have to offer in this day and age.

Robert Ivy has led a charmed career and has been recognized many times for his accomplishments and for what he brings to the table. The public awareness campaign that he has been responsible for has been recognized as award-winning, and his push to create an infrastructure that is technology-based and digital in nature has been recognized by many as a great move. Before he joined up with the AIA, he was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction as well as the Chief Editor for the Architectural Record magazine. During his time there, the Architectural Record received a spread of awards in the publishing industry.

The AIA has a code of ethics that states that its members should focus on practicing the highest standards of professionalism. Canon I of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct published by the AIA says that its members should always look to maintain and pass along what they know of their art. It also states that their members should always think about the impact to the environment and the social value of what they have to offer. The industry of architecture and all of those who belong to the AIA should be proud of the value and ethics they are contributing to the human race.

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Digital Reputation Firm at Forefront of Austin Business Journal’s ‘Fast 50’

The Austin Business Journal does a great service to the companies that are grinding in the local Austin, Texas business scene. Austin is becoming a hot spot for educated people to come push their businesses and it has resulted in a mini-tech boom that has rewarded the area accordingly. The Austin Business Journal, or ABJ, keeps a list of quick rising companies called the ‘Fast 50’. Most recently the Fast 50 received an addition to their line up in the form of local favorite, Status Labs.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that has gained acclaim for their hard work in an a rapidly expanding field. We host more information than ever on the internet and now it has become exceedingly important to manage it appropriately. The digital reputation management field is growing at an explosive rate and sitting at the forefront of it all is Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher. Fisher has been a steadfast part of Status Labs for years and it has been his work that has helped lead the company to a growth of almost 1,100% over the last three years.

What makes Status Labs so special is that the company knows exactly what they need in order to stay ahead of the curve. Status Labs is servicing clients across the globe and these clients range from athletes and entertainers to politicians and business owners. Fisher employs a well rounded group of workers that have skillsets varied and deep. Mastering the art of SEO work and crisis management has become a core tenant in what Status Labs has to offer but it is far from the only aspect that they offer.

Commenting on the Fast 50, CEO Darius Fisher was quick to say that he was proud to be included on the list. Fisher admits that their inclusion on the Fast 50 is merely a re-affirmation that the tech industry is prospering in Austin and that the rise of digital reputation management is very much real and very much here to stay. Status Labs will continue to grow at an explosive rate thanks to their well managed company.

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