Being A Success With EOS Lip Balm

Back in the day, Chapstick lip balm was king of the industry. Chapstick was a brand that everyone loved, mainly because that was one of the only lip balm on the market. In many cases, Chapstick was a very standard lip balm. It included standard packaging and the flavors that were included were standard as well. Over the years, many people wanted more variety with their lip balm. In recent years, the new standard in lip balm emerged. There is a new and exciting lip balm company on the scene that is taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. This lip balm brand is beloved my young women everywhere, mainly because it is a fund an exciting lip balm that also has a great variety. This lip balm is called EOS. EOS, also called Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm company that started a few years ago. The lip balm that EOS makes is extremely popular amongst the millennial crowd. Young women everywhere love EOS lip balm because of the packaging. The packaging of Evolution of Smooth lip balm consists of pastel balls that are stylish. This lip balm can be comfortably held in the hand and can be placed in a bag or purse.

The business model of Evolution of Smooth is spectacular. EOS has become the second largest lip balm company in the United States. EOS lip balm is second to Burt’s Bees. EOS has been in every fashion magazine and beauty advertisement. Celebrities have been seen carrying and using EOS lip balm. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera have been photographed on Facebook holding Evolution of Smooth lip balm. To date, EOS had made over $250 million in revenue.

EOS strives to be unique and get away from the pack. They are constantly growing and they want to be the lip balm company on top. People love this lip balm company because they are unique. Their ability to be a trendsetter makes them a successful company.