A Look At Notable Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a historian that has been featured in media for many years. He has written several historical fiction books as well as having writing credit on several screenplays. Additionally, he collects weapons and armor with historical significance which he buys and sells them as part of his career.

Zomber earned college degrees in both English Literature as well as Psychology. He earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA. During his career he has accomplished many things including, along with his wife, starting their own film production company in 1998 called Renascent Films.

The first film they released, in 1999, was La Cucaracha which is the story of an unemployed novelist who is offered $100,000 to murder a man who is alleged to have killed a child. The movie was well received, earning a best picture nod at the Austin Film Festival as well as praise from critics.

Michael Zomber has a large collection of weaponry and armor that he has collected over the years. He collects these items in order to preserve history. The people and institutions that he sells these items to must demonstrate that they understand the responsibility they hold in preserving these historical artifacts in pristine condition.

Among his favorite weaponry from the past are Japanese Samurai swords including some from the 7th century. According to GoodReads, Michael Zomber’s deep knowledge of historical guns has been featured on the History Channel’s long-running series The Tales of the Gun. He has been on several episodes including Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, and Guns of the Orient.

Among the books that Michael Zomber has written includes a trilogy set in rural Kentucky during the American Civil War. Another book he has written is Jesus and the Samurai which shows a large relationship between the teachings of early Christianity and how they are similar to those of Samurai traditional virtues.

Drawing on his personal experiences in buying and selling weapons and armor, he also wrote Park Avenue which reveals the real story of high-level art auctions that happen at places like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Learn more about Michael Zomber: https://about.me/mzomber