Dr. Saad Saad Talks About His Experiences Performing Surgeries In Saudi Arabia

In the 1980s Dr. Saad Saad was approached with a job offer he couldn’t pass up. The Saudi royal family wanted him to work as their personal pediatric surgeon. At the time he was working in New Jersey and he decided to take them up on this offer. He ended up working in Saudi Arabia for the next four and a half years. He says he looks back on this episode in his life fondly and having been a very worthwhile experience.

Dr. Saad Saad had been born in Palestine. During the formation of Israel his family moved to Kuwait which he where he was raised. He says he has seven siblings and that each of them have gone on to have very successful professional careers. He graduated from Cairo University in 1970 which is where he earned his medical degree. He went to the United Kingdom to do his internship and then moved to America in 1972. He chose to live and work in New Jersey which is also where he completed his residency in pediatric surgery. He became board-certified in pediatric surgery making him one of the very few in this profession in the United States who could speak both Arabic and English at the time

While he was in Saudi Arabia he worked at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. He would perform pediatric surgeries involving both pretty simple cases and ones that were very complex in nature. While he was working there he performed life-saving surgery on a baby who had an aneurysm. This was the youngest child in the world to have been admitted to a hospital with this condition. This surgery ended up being written about in a world-class scientific journal due to its uniqueness.

Beyond the Saudi royal family the hospital Dr. Saad Saad worked at in Saudi Arabia also treated very poor children as well. He says that he came from a poor family himself and so if he wanted to escape that he needed to do very well in school. He says that he makes it a point to treat each patient the same no matter how much money their families have. He also thinks it is important to treat everyone the same regardless of religion, sex, color, or any physical or mental abilities they may have. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

His main office is in Eatontown, New Jersey. He performs surgeries in a number of hospitals in the region such as Monmouth Medical Center, Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Centrastate Medical Center, St Barnabas Medical Center, and the Medical Center of Ocean County among others. He accepts 23 insurance plans such as ones from QualCare, United Healthcare, CIGNA, AmeriHealth, and others.

Whitney Wolfe Shows Strength In The Midst Of A Storm

Whitney Wolfe has done such a great job with creating so many business partnerships that she has become recognized by Time magazine as the person of the year. She is part of a very important list of people down through the years that have made changes in the environment in her accomplishments are abundant even though she is still young.

Typically, the person of the year for Time Magazine is going to be a younger person that seems to have some type of charisma or spirit of achieving things that allows them to stand out. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe brings to the table as a young entrepreneur in a male-dominated app development environment. She has spoken out against sexual harassment and she has stepped up to the bat to help bring forth better gun control.

Whitney Wolfe has spoken on Squawk Box about how Bumble Bizz is is an extension of the platform that was originally created to serve those singles that were interested in dating. Some people have called her the Sadie Hawkins of dating apps, and now it appears that she is extending her reign in the networking environment by using her notoriety with dating apps to bring people into the networking portion of her app environment.

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In the first year of Bumble it was a big struggle to keep the company afloat because it initially did not make money because there was no system in place for premium accounts. Whitney Wolfe simply wanted to build her user base, and this is why she spent the first year simply getting people familiar with Bumble according to usatoday.com. As time progressed the company got to a place where it would start selling merchandise and other things that would allow her to build Revenue.

What Time Magazine has done is recognize all of the different achievements and growth that Whitney Wolfe has done in the mist of a sexual harassment lawsuit that really started the fire behind Bumble. When she was harassed in a company that she was working for she took this as an opportunity to depart from this company and become a voice for women that we’re going through the same thing.

Time Magazine has recognized Whitney Wolfe along with others that have been part of the #me-too movement as silence breakers that have stood up and made their voices heard. Whitney Wolfe has provided a different look at dating and networking with Bumble.