Bob Reina: He Sees The Real You

So many people go through life and they feel like others are not seeing them the right way. People might have a certain image of them or a certain idea, but they don’t see who the person really is, at the end of the day. They have dreams, ambitions, and big ideas. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye. That is why what Bob Reina is doing with Talk Fusion is truly exceptional, rare, and life changing. It is allowing people to be seen for who they really are, and that is one of the greatest gifts that one can get out of life.


It starts by joining Talk Fusion and having someone start up their own business. When they start up their own business, it allows the individual to be creative and have some fun along the way. When they have an outlet to show off a different side of their personality, people are going to respond to it, relate to it, and want to be part of it. They are going to love it, as a matter of fact. People are very good at being able to tell what is really going on with someone and how he or she is truly feeling inside.


Everyone has dreams and everyone has goals. However, it all depends on if someone follows through with them and actually does them or not. A lot of people go to their graves and they never have shown the world the best version of who they are, which is the side that is not afraid to let loose, have fun, and be real. A lot of people are afraid to be real because they worry about the backlash they might receive from others. They might be open to judgment or criticism. Learn more:


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion embrace everything that is different about someone. They love the fact that no two people are alike. They think that is what makes each and every person special and worthwhile in life. Once the person starts to see it and believe it, great things can come from it.


Why the Architects of the Future are Changing at AIA

     Since 2011, Robert Ivy has been leading American Institute of Architects (AIA) as its Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. He has been recognized as a Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, for his effectiveness in communicating design. In addition, he is the author of Fay Jones: Architect, a definitive biography in its third edition.

Under his successful leadership, the AIA has become a proactive, responsive and influential organization. In this era of global challenge and change, the architecture profession is evolving and merging with other industries successfully. Mr. Ivy encourages architects and design professionals to think beyond the current profession.

Prior to his position with AIA, Robert Ivy applied his knowledge and experience as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. During this time, Architectural Record became the world’s most widely read journal in the architectural industry. The publication garnered numerous publishing industry honors, providing the architecture industry with the highest standards to increase revenue and make informed choices with design and production.

In a recent interview with ZDNet, Mr. Ivy discussed the new focus on public health. He quotes: “Design has played an integral role in public health throughout the course of the history of the U.S., dating back to the draining of swamps in Washington, D.C., to the Olmsted design of Central Park in New York.” Although young architects are driving the trend in public health, it is not new and will continue to play an integral role in the industry.

Mr. Ivy likens architecture as a mantra. According to his insight, public health is being recast into new terms, where well-being is a more powerful word to use than the term welfare. He quotes: “Well-being” involves the larger sense of human potential. It has to do with not only physical but also psychic and even spiritual states. All those things are interlinked and matter in terms of your well-being, health, and potential.” This mantra provides a new way for design professionals to look at improving individual health rather than just maintaining it.

Moving forward the AIA is committed to engaging with architects, designers, and engineers in contemporary ways. Combining the technology community with Hackathons fits right in the competitive mode many architects have. Collaborating with other professions in all disciplines including financing and construction, will certainly allow architects to make an impact worldwide.

Bruno J fagali


Bruno started his law career in 2006 after receiving an admission to the University of Catholic which is based in San Paulo. The Brazilian student proved to be passionate about is course and soon after graduating we went back to the same campus to major in administrative law. In 2012 Bruno Fagali became a student at the National University in San Paulo where he did his masters.


The prolific lawyer began his career few months after graduation when he started he got employed as an assistant to attorneys that are famous and respected for their work. Some of these law firms include; Marques, Manesco, Azevedo and Perez among others. Being involved in these different firms has greatly contributed to the wide knowledge in law that he possess. He has gradually added his areas of specialization from just administrative law to compliance, state law and administrative law. Fagali believes that law keeps changing due in accordance to the modern world. As a result, he keeps reading and writing journals on law, he also keenly follows on new trends in the constitution and political amendments. Moreover the successful defender keeps updating his education by attending part time studies. The lawyer believes that all his clients should receive the best services without having to bribe. Integrity has been the main factor which has led him up the ladders of success.

Fagali Advocacy

After a continuous success in the law career, Fagali believed that he is supposed to offer to the society. During his practice as an employee, he felt that he did not reach out well and thus decided to start o law firm. The Fagali enterprises started as a one layer firm, however, due to his determination, the firm has grown becoming one of the best advocacy firm in Brazil. The firm under the successful lawyer’s management has made important contracts with famous companies. The law firm works of these companies as a legal adviser. The main aim of the firm is to combine all the techniques and knowledge that the employees possess and use it to deliver up to the clients expectations. The advocacy employees who have specialized in different faculties in law. Some of these faculties include; Election law Anti- Corruption law, Parliamentary law, Public law, Compliance and Advertising law among others.

Apart from being a founder, he also works at Nova/SB where he serves as a senior integrity officer. Moreover Bruno Fagali runs a blog which he writes on weekly bases. On the blog the investor writes completely about law, upcoming trends in law and effects of political amendments in Brazil.


Jose Hawilla Tips for Business Owners

Starting a company is harder than many people realize. Many people have interest in starting a company for multiple reasons. A successful business allows a person to increase their income over time. A successful company also provides an opportunity to impact other people positively.


The economy is thriving in Brazil. With more disposable income than ever, many people who live in Brazil want to invest in new business ideas. Banks are willing to lend money to people who need financing for their business plans. Jose Hawilla is a successful business owner who enjoys helping other people with their business ideas. Now is a great time to ask Hawilla various questions about starting a company.



The Success Journey


When Jose Hawilla was young, he started working at a company in a typical job. Although he was making money, he did not enjoy the work he was doing. He felt like he was spending all of his time making other people wealthy. He decided to start working on a business idea in his spare time. Although it was hard to manage his schedule, he eventually developed a successful company. He decided to leave his regular job to focus on the business.


Since that time, Jose Hawilla has started multiple companies in numerous industries. Although he has made various mistakes, he still wants to teach other people about starting a company.







Developing a thorough plan is essential to avoid major mistakes with a new company. Some people wrongly assume that starting a company is easy. Without a plan, the odds of a significant issue increase dramatically. Check out estadao for more.



Jose Hawilla tells people to expect a significant setback when starting a company. With his first company, he made a critical mistake that led to the company going out of business. Instead of dwelling on his mistakes, he uses them as a learning lesson.



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Fortress Investment Group & Peter Briger

Peter Briger’s Career History & Background

In business and investing, the one thing that is for certain is the fact that it is one of the most challenging and demanding fields to work in. As a professional in this industry, it requires lots of time, money, and sacrifice to just stay afloat in this business. When we take this into consideration as well as many another factors, it is easy to understand why there isn’t a lot of successful businessmen that come from this area of expertise. While there definitely are a fair share of successful individuals in it, especially on a global scale, perhaps nobody in this area has had as big of an impression to the industry as has Peter Briger.

As a financial professional in this industry, Peter Briger has accomplished so much in his career in a relatively short time period. In fact, his career resume and accolades can rarely be compared to other professionals in the same field. As great as that is, it is more impressive to know that Peter Briger has had this type of impact for more than two decades in the industry. This is one of the many reasons he is very respected in the industry. Having said that, there are obviously many ways he has achieved the level of prominence he has today. SO, to clearly understand how he has accomplished so much as a financial professional, here is more on the career of Peter Briger and his current role.

More on Peter Briger & His Role Fortress Investment Group

Worth repeating, Peter Briger has shown to be a true professional by diversifying the ways he achieves success. This just goes to show how effective he has become as a professional and, also shows why he is highly-regarded for what he does in his field. That being said, most of his recognition has come from his efforts at the company Fortress Investment Group. This company, which is one of the best investment and management firms in the whole nation, has greatly benefited from Peter Briger and his contributions to the company. In many ways, Peter Briger has to lead to most of the company’s overall success. Certainly, since his arrival, he has been credited for most of the company’s growth and profit. Considering how great he is as a professional, it really is no surprise to hear how beneficial he has been to the company. Peter Briger will surely continue to succeed in whatever he does, as he has always proven to do.