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Recently,in ZDNet there was an article written about Robert Ivy. A man with an

innovative love of architecture. His foresight leads architects to look at cross-pollinating ideas of their architecture with software programmers .

He is the CEO and the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) This is a membership professional organization for architects .

He focuses his efforts on the designs of buildings and also the construction industries, but also , he wants the architects to think past their fields.

This company held a Meeting of all the Political, Business, and cultural Leaders from the Political, Business, and cultural Leaders from around the world.

The AIA stated, at that meeting that they would give a ten year commitment to developing solutions and programs that would benefit public health. They said that they would focus their attentions to ones that had sustainability and resiliency to natural disasters which would happen in urban areas. They developed grants that will benefit universities,and they have given their backing to a major international city.

The city to receive this honor backing still has not been chosen. Mr. Ivy believes that the designs of architecture can affect a community’s non-communicable disease rate, such as the amount of diabetes cases in a city. Or that buildings can be made to promote exercise by creating a building that people need to walk upstairs. Mr. Ivy believes that the architect must keep  health in mind when designing their buildings. The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization for architects. It is based in Washington D.C. It is an organization which offers education, government advocacy,public outreach while supporting the architecture profession and trying to improve its image. This group has a long history, being founded in 1857 in New York City. They adopted a constitution and bylaws. Today, over ninety thousand licensed Architects and professionals are members. They adhere to the code of ethics and professional conduct that assures clients, the public and colleagues about an architects highest standards in their practice. The AIA has a daily newsletter. In this letter there are many diverse ways to improve the architect business, there are books and also they urge you to join to help your business . You have the support of an organization behind your career. The topics which are in this newsletter help the architect increase their knowledge every day.. It also helps them to “ think outside the box.” Visit:


Academy Of Art University If Preparing Us For The Future Of Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Every year, fashion lovers, models, and aspiring designers all come together to share their love of fashion and learn about the latest trends. New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of fashion. On September 9th, 2017, The Academy of Art University held its 21st annual runway show in honor of fashion week. Ten recent graduates from the schools BFA and MFA programs each had the chance to place some of their best work in front of some of the worlds most successful designers.

Formerly Academy of Advertising Art, the Academy of Art University was founded by painter and magazine writer, Richard J. Stephens in 1929. In 1951, Stephens son took over, later passing the torch to his daughter, Elisa Stephens. Under her leadership, the school’s student body increased tremendously by 2012. Currently, there are more than 12,500 students enrolled at the university, who is one of the largest landowners in the San Fransisco area. The school offers more than twenty different degree programs at the associates, bachelors, and masters degree level.

Academy of Art University is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and also holds their very own automobile museum. Featuring some of the worlds most valuable vintage rides, the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has a collection valued at over $70 million. The museum serves as both a bridge to the past for automobile loves and a hands-on learning tool for students enrolled in the school’s industrial design program.

At the Academy of Art University, experienced artist act as mentors to help thriving artist reach their full potential. Whether you’re just starting out, or already on your way, they are completely committed to each students success. Their no barrier admissions policy makes it possible for anyone with a desire to succeed and willingness to learn a great candidate any one of their creative programs.

Micheal Lacey

Micheal Thoreau Lacey was born on September 26, 1959, much to the benefit of the mathematics community. Lacey is a man who has immersed himself in his passion for the better part of his life, and the byproduct of that passion has had some enormously positive effects on mathematics as a field.

Having a comprehensive understanding of nearly every aspect of math, Lacey is a professional through and through. This understanding has lent itself enormously to both research and higher education. Lacey has contributed to many groundbreaking research efforts while working as a well-loved professor for the Georgia Institue of Technology. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Lacey’s work has touched on dozens of aspects of mathematics as a field. Probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory are no stranger to Lacey’s brilliant mind. Similarly impressive, Lacey’s doctoral thesis was a detailed study of the probability of Banach spaces, an incredibly complex area by any standard.

Doctorate in had, Lacey applied himself to many more areas of study in the coming years. One of his more distinguished undertakings is his research into the Hilbert transform. Previously a subject of conjecture and widespread debate, Lacey’s research yielded groundbreaking findings.

The study was such a resounding success that Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for his efforts in 1996.

Lacey’s successes aren’t limited to research efforts, however. Education has also been a large part of Lacey’s professional career. Lacey’s place as a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology has lodged him in hearts of hundreds of students as a beloved educator and friend.

Even among his most well-loved contemporaries, the praise given by his alumni is absolutely astounding. This talent has been recognized by the mathematics community at a national level. In 2004 Lacey was awarded the honor being a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

This honor confirms what many already knew of the man: That he is among the most dedicate and passionate professionals working today. Even as time marches onward, Lacey refuses to slow down, as he adds feather after to feather to his already exceedingly large cap.

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The American Institute Of Architects Moves Into The 21st Century In A Bold Way

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 by 13 architects who met in the office of Richard Upjohn. The original goal of the Institute was to promote architecture and architects. By 1867 new chapters of the AIA were opened up in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, and the first Convention of the AIA occurred in New York in the same year. The historical Octagon House in Washington, DC was where the group moved its national headquarters in 1898, and Dr. William Thornton was the designer of the building. By 1911, the AIA released its original integrated set of standardized contract documents, which now cover a spread of topics.

The AIA holds itself to high ethical standards and its members are expected to pay attention to all state and federal trust laws as well as regulations. It has its own Bylaws, as well, that it expects its members to follow as well as procedures and other rules. The organizations Code of Ethics and has expressed that its members are committed to following high standards and professionalism. Members are expected to maintain and share their experience and understanding of architecture and to respect what has been accomplished before their time. It is also expected that members will contribute to the sustainability of the practice.

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA, and he is working his hardest to bring the organization into the public’s eye during the 21st century. He advocates for the AIA, reaches out to the public, and supports initiatives that educate the public and the members of the organization. He joined up with the AIA in 2011, and since then, he has helped to lift-up the relevancy of architecture as well as its value. By streamlining the governance of the AIA, Robert Ivy has helped it to make quicker and more informed decisions and to adapt modern technology into its infrastructure.

Previously, Robert Ivy worked with McGraw-Hill Construction as its Editorial Director and Vice President and served the Architectural Record magazine as its Editor-In-Chief. Through his guidance, Architectural Record was recognized and given a spread of awards including the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Robert Ivy, himself, was chosen to take on the title of Master Architect, which was given to only seven other people in 100 years. Today, he continues to guide the AIA into the future so that it can be as effective as possible in lifting up the profession of architecture.

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Robert Ivy leads the American Institute of Architects in Design Collaboration

While architects and urban planners have focused on pleasing design and innovation for many years, they now focus on improving the public health through design, as well. This slow-growing innovation has taken root throughout design, says Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects.

Design now focuses on elements that promote health, provide green space and feature green building materials. Robert Ivy also noted the developing commonality of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Designing for Health

The public health design trend has been learn as you go. From the spread of the bubonic plague centuries ago in Europe, we learned the importance of spacing buildings apart and regularly disposing of refuse by use of landfills, incineration or composting. From the early developments in New York City, we learned that lack of green space contributes to the development of substandard housing. The design and implementation of Central Park mitigated the housing issue and a once maligned area of the city now features some of its most sought after real estate. Designed to improve public health, it spawned other uses, including recreational and tourism. Architects have building design elements at their disposal, too, to provide a healthier environment. For instance, they can design with stairs to encourage exercise. They interweave access to clean water, fresh air and sunlight into design.

Collaborative Research

During September’s Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting, the AIA unveiled a ten-year plan focused on urban design that promotes:

  • the public health,
  • sustainability,
  • natural disaster resiliency.

As a part of the plan, the AIA will provide grant funding to universities; contribute to developing a community plan in a major international city; and create an architecture-related app via hackathon.

Construction Trends

Green building materials garner the main current focus of construction trends. Ivy say the mantra in building design has long been to promote “health, safety, and welfare.” The change in the last few years has been to morph welfare into well-being.

The use of green building materials enables architects and construction crews to move from buildings that maintain human health to those that improve human health. Green materials improve energy-efficiency, better block or remove allergens from the air and use sustainable materials.

Monitoring Impacts

Ivy points out that the field of architecture has long ignored impact monitoring, an area that other fields integrated early on. By monitoring productivity in buildings, one can determine which building designs best promote it. Owners can use renovation to rectify poor design and improve the well-being of those using the structure.

By collaborating from design to construction to building monitoring and maintenance, architects can improve the impact of their designs on the built environment and the human environment. The AIA’s Robert Ivy leads by example by instituting a decade long plan to foster change in the development environment.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon. She earned her degree is biology at the University of Texas. After doing so, she began working in New York at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. From here, her career began to take off. Walden worked in New York for eight years. She excelled in the field of cosmetic surgery. In this field, she performed a handful of procedures including face-lifts, eyelid lifts, nose jobs and breast augmentations. She has one quality about her that sets her apart from other competitors: she is a female. Being a woman in the field gives her a number of advantages to fuel her career. Due to the male dominance in the field, it is quite rare to find a woman cosmetic surgeon. Especially one that has the expertise that Walden does.

Most patients who get cosmetic surgery are female. Due to this, Walden can have a better idea of what her patients want, being a female herself. Female patients will also feel more comfortable around a female patient rather than a male. In 2011, Walden had twins. She wanted them to grow up close to family so she moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Upon doing so, she opened her own practice in Westlake Hills. One of her only worries in doing so was that she wouldn’t have the number of patients that she had in New York. However, she found that there was still a population of women in Austin that wanted cosmetic procedures. Walden enjoys making women feel better about themselves. She feels that her success is fueled by her love of giving women more confidence about their bodies. She has a lot of skills in the field, which have allowed her to become as successful as she has become.


The Philanthropy Of Tony Petrello

The best indication of a company that has community interests at heart is how they respond in the face of local disaster. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, this litmus test of philanthropy was brought to the doorstep of Nabors Industry LTD.

After Hurricane Harvey, Houston and the surrounding areas were in a state of emergency, devastated and in pieces. The employees of Nabors Industry were mobilized to assist in the relief effort. The company encouraged it’s workers to participate wherever they could, and even gave the employees paid time off in order to be available to help. Many of the Nabor Industry employees assisted efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Incentive for the employees to give money was made in the promise from Tony Petrello. He would match the monetary gifts, which amounted to over $173,000. Nabors Industry not only offered personnel to help in Houston, and monetary support, but also used their large company kitchen to prepare hot meals three times a day for those in need.

Tony Petrello is no stranger to hard work. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey, his father laboring in the working-class neighborhood. The neighborhood was not comprised of residents who just existed to go to work and raise their families. Tony Petrello grew up in an environment where working hard lead to success being the CEO of Nabors Industries, and helping others in the community was as important as any work or academic related success.

It is no wonder with Tony Petrello’s influences growing up that he would be fully involved in the relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey. Helping with the aftermath of the disaster is not the only philanthropic endeavor of Tony Petrello. He has another cause very close to his heart.

Petrello’s daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, and to that end he helps fund the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. After his daughter was diagnosed, Tony Petrello realized after searching for information regarding childhood neurological disorders that there was very little information available. Tony Petrello knew that lack of studies meant that there was a subsequent lack of options for treatment. To that end, Tony Petrello has donated to many organizations that research childhood neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Tony Petrello may be one of the best paid CEO’s in America, but his accomplishments go deeper. More importantly, he is a compassionate and generous man.

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