The American Institute of Architects Is An Ethical Organization With Strong Leadership

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded by 13 architects in 1857 and now has more than 90,000 members. The headquarters of the institute is in Washington, DC, and there are 260 chapters that are located in all parts of the world. The AIA speaks for and represents architecture all over the world and promotes its value as well as the impact it has on society. With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion it seeks to strengthen its profession as well as the people who call themselves architects.

The CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA is Robert Ivy, and he works to promote the Institute by advocating its values, reaching out to the public, and promoting initiatives and the kind of education that will not only improve its members but what they have to offer to society, at large. Robert Ivy has been in a leading role since 2011, and he looks to switch-up the role that the organization has played since its founding. Instead of playing a passive role, Mr. Ivy hopes that the AIA will take a more active role by making the public aware of the true value of what architects have to offer in this day and age.

Robert Ivy has led a charmed career and has been recognized many times for his accomplishments and for what he brings to the table. The public awareness campaign that he has been responsible for has been recognized as award-winning, and his push to create an infrastructure that is technology-based and digital in nature has been recognized by many as a great move. Before he joined up with the AIA, he was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction as well as the Chief Editor for the Architectural Record magazine. During his time there, the Architectural Record received a spread of awards in the publishing industry.

The AIA has a code of ethics that states that its members should focus on practicing the highest standards of professionalism. Canon I of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct published by the AIA says that its members should always look to maintain and pass along what they know of their art. It also states that their members should always think about the impact to the environment and the social value of what they have to offer. The industry of architecture and all of those who belong to the AIA should be proud of the value and ethics they are contributing to the human race.

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Anthony Petrello, The Epitome of Dedication, Philanthropy, and Commitment

     Anthony Petrello is a well-known philanthropist. He has a daughter who has cerebral palsy as a result of being born prematurely. He found that Texas Children’s Hospital has a great team of doctors that is on hand to treat his daughter at any time of the day. His daughter serves as an inspiration to others. She makes people feel as if every day is a gift. She inspires kindness and compassion in others. Anthony Petrello donated millions of dollars to the research institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. He hopes that others will also donate money to help out children with conditions that prevent them from developing properly. Hopefully, they will be a new vision for treatment of children who have developmental conditions.

Anthony Petrello also donated money to Yale University in the memory of Serge Lang. Serge Lang was a professor that taught mathematics at Yale University when Anthony Petrello attended. He became close friends with Serge Lang. At his memorial service, Anthony promised to donate at least $150,000 in Lang’s memory. He will also donate another $150,000 to match other donations that people make.

Anthony and his wife take great pride in their daughter. They are proud of her achievements, even though they are small achievements compared to what other children can do. Anthony believes that his daughter has a great purpose in life. She inspired him to donate money for brain research that will help improve the lives of other children.

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. It is the largest drilling contractor in the world. Anthony always strives to do the best and make everything the biggest. He donates a lot of money to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Donations also flow in from various philanthropist all over the country. They treat millions of patients every year and perform hundreds of thousands of surgeries.

Anthony Petrello has always worked hard to get things done. He and his wife make sure that they put into action what they have in mind. When they plan something, they make it happen. However, when their daughter was born with a developmental condition, it was a source of frustration. This was because there was a lack of research to help out such children. Anthony decided to turn this into an opportunity to fund research to help more children.

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Close to Three Decades After it was Founded by Roberto Santiago:, The Manaira Shopping Mall is Still the Most Popular Shopping Complex in Joao Pessoa

Making it in the business world is all about establishing a competitive advantage over the other players. One of the surest ways to do so is to be the first to market with the product. This is a concept Roberto Santiago understood quite well when he decided to open up the Manaira shopping mall in 1989. The fact that it was the first shopping complex of its type in Joao Pessoa, Brazil gave it an advantage that has yet to be surpassed till this day. In fact, nearly three decades after being opened, the mall is today considered the heart and soul of the small city.

The one thing you immediately notice while looking at the Manaira shopping mall is its majestic size. The mall has a leasable floor area of close to 100,000 square meters and is thus able to fit dozens of stores. The mall’s parking area is also quite huge as it can fit well over 3000 cars. A testament to its huge size, an estimated 1.6 million people walk through its doors every year.

To complement these shopping stores, the Manaira shopping mall also has numerous entertainment option. It features a bowling alley that is quite popular with adults and a gaming area reserved for children. It also has a number of cinema halls, some of which offer 3-D viewing.

Roberto Santiago has an undeniable love for his home city of Joao Pessoa. In addition to the Manaira shopping mall, he in 2013 opened up another mall in the city, the Mangaberia shopping mall. These two malls not only do the city a great service by bringing people together but they also significantly support the local economy. Some investors have seen Santiago’s success and have decided to rush to the city, and real estate prices are already going up in the areas adjacent to the two malls.

Away from his entrepreneurial exploits, Roberto Santiago likes to relax by engaging in sporting activities. He is particularly a big fan of motorsport and has tried his hand at rally driving and karting on a number of occasions.


The American Institute of Architects: Battening the Architecture Profession

     The AIA, American Institute of Architects, is a professional institution that houses architects distributed all over the United States. The establishment bossed by Robert Ivy, who is the company CEO, has her headquarters based in Washington D.C. This year, the facility marked a hundred and sixty years into the architectural market since she was started in 1857.

History takes us back to the year, 1857 when an ambitious group of architects came up with the decision to come up with a foundation that helped create architects that were perfect in matters scientific. They also felt the need to turn their career into one that had a higher standing in society.

Today the AIA boasts of 90,000 plus members. The NGO also has, in its long list of achievements, a magazine by the name The ARCHITECTS. The magazine offers a publication on matters to do with architecture. The magazine through its Annual Design Review conducts an annual ‘barometer’ focusing on the architectural business.

The facility started with the aim of revamping the architectural profession. The company, therefore, dedicates herself to this purpose. AIA Invests so much into educating those interested in pursuing the career, advocating the occupation to the government, redeveloping the community and engaging in extensive PR in a bid to improve the public’s perception of the profession. In conjunction with the design and construction industries, the establishment also tries to help synchronize the building sector.

The institution has also, in a bid to support and boost the career, established an honoring and awards program that seeks to honor those who have made tremendous contributions towards architecture. The awards include the AIA Gold Medal, the Architecture Firm Award and the AIA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.

The company also honors firms that have debuted new architectural projects all over the world. The honors include: Institute Honor Awards for Architecture, Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture and the Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Designs.

Members of the establishment are also offered career advancement opportunities, the resources to advance their profession and a myriad of things that benefit them personally. The group’s leadership, with Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas V. Vonier as president, have been astounding in the management of the activities of the institution.

The duo ensures that the needs company’s clients are well addressed. The two also make sure that their members, while in the line of duty, behave accordingly, as per the code of ethics.

The Successful Path of Dr. Mark McKenna Career

Dr. Mark McKenna is a famous medical doctor who is approved of practicing medicine in the United States in different states as Georgia and Florida. Due to the passion that has for medicine is what motivated him to pursue medicine as a career hence he became prosperous in whatever he did in the medical industry. Furthermore, he also is part of the charity services that happen in the society which includes offering free medication to individuals who are not able to afford. Tulane University Medical School is where he got his degree in medicine. He was able to learn from his father due them working together on various projects when he completed his undergraduate studies. Moreover, they both founded McKenna Venture Investment which is a top project that specializes in real estate developments. Due to the expertise that he has, he was able to start Universal Mortgage Lensing and Uptown Title, Inc and they are now well developed. Most of the people who were unemployed were able to get jobs due to him starting different companies. Also, the solution that he provided was able to help real estate and the financial services sector. To know more about him click here.

Mckenna’s properties in the city of New Orleans was destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina although that did not push him backward hence he was motivated to become successful. He was also able to develop the city because he was in charge of the rebuilding the city through building affordable houses hence the affected people were supported in getting houses for cheap prices.

Dr.Mc Kenna is a caring man with two daughters Milana and Pomeranian and married to Gianine McKenna. He now serves as the Entrepreneurs Organization. His hard work enabled him to accomplish his objective in life and help other people in achieving theirs too.