The Role of Mike Heiligenstein Play in CTRMA

Mike Heilligenstein’s has spent most of his time in the public sector, according to Biz Journals, this was the primary reason to operate as a director of this transport authority. Mike’s experience in the industry dates back from 2003 to date.

Before that, he served as a Round Rock City Council member at the city council for 8years. Before that, he operated as a county commissioner of Williamson County where worked for an approximate of 15 years.


Mike’s knowledge and experience have led him to be the appropriate leader in the mobility industry. In the two counties, Williamson and Travis counties the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority is the most concerned with matters dealing with traffic issues. The Transport Authority was launched way back in 2003. That was the years the counties Williamson and Travis decided enough is enough and come up with a solution.




A board of seven members governs the Central Texas Regional Transport Authority. The Governor then appoints the chairman. Chairman leads the body.

The two counties that are Williamson and Travis appoints the other seven members. The Travis County brings three new members while the other four Williamson appoints them. Currently, the board has only one woman of the African-American descent and nine male members.




The firm, CTRMA has two ways of raising capital. First one, their largest percentage of their income is derived from their private sector. They trade their investment bonds in the stock market. For them to repay this money, they use income ploughed back.


The other ways they use to raise funds is through the public sector. The government contributes significantly like the Department of Transportation generates a better share of the company up to this end.




Many of the people have common knowledge that CTRMA is a firm that builds toll roads. Okay, this is very true, but again they do more than that. The Transport Authority has a response operator known as HERO (Hero Emergency Response Operator). The response operator aids in getting the traffic to get flowing.


Well CTRMA has come up with another way to deal with traffic issues in Texas through apps CARMA and Metropia. CARMA it aids in connecting road users with other road users so as to alleviate traffic. Metropia is an app that helps the road users to make road trips during the off-peak times.


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Being A Success With EOS Lip Balm

Back in the day, Chapstick lip balm was king of the industry. Chapstick was a brand that everyone loved, mainly because that was one of the only lip balm on the market. In many cases, Chapstick was a very standard lip balm. It included standard packaging and the flavors that were included were standard as well. Over the years, many people wanted more variety with their lip balm. In recent years, the new standard in lip balm emerged. There is a new and exciting lip balm company on the scene that is taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. This lip balm brand is beloved my young women everywhere, mainly because it is a fund an exciting lip balm that also has a great variety. This lip balm is called EOS. EOS, also called Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm company that started a few years ago. The lip balm that EOS makes is extremely popular amongst the millennial crowd. Young women everywhere love EOS lip balm because of the packaging. The packaging of Evolution of Smooth lip balm consists of pastel balls that are stylish. This lip balm can be comfortably held in the hand and can be placed in a bag or purse.

The business model of Evolution of Smooth is spectacular. EOS has become the second largest lip balm company in the United States. EOS lip balm is second to Burt’s Bees. EOS has been in every fashion magazine and beauty advertisement. Celebrities have been seen carrying and using EOS lip balm. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera have been photographed on Facebook holding Evolution of Smooth lip balm. To date, EOS had made over $250 million in revenue.

EOS strives to be unique and get away from the pack. They are constantly growing and they want to be the lip balm company on top. People love this lip balm company because they are unique. Their ability to be a trendsetter makes them a successful company.

Top Three Romance Anime Choices


Romance anime is a movie or series that is about love. It typically covers the emotional process of meeting, falling in love or maintaining a love interest. It can often even be comedy anime in nature, but always involves a struggle to maintain the attention of the love interest. Here are three of the best rated choices today.




This show is dramatic and filled with characters that have all the traditional romance anime expectations. In this case, Takasu looks like someone that nobody would trust. Aisaka, the main character gets caught up in a three way struggle for love. It’s fun and can be found in both Japanese and English.


Lovely Complex


This harem anime does not look like most anime movies. It has Caucasian main characters, but is very much a Japanese production. Set in a high school setting, it is comedic in nature and offers all the drama that romance enthusiasts crave. The student counsellor is the setting for the story to unfold into a typical fun romp of teenage angst. The combination of the mixture of sarcasm and romance rolled into one great story.


Kaichou Wa MaidSama


This romance anime movie is a lovely mixture of just enough drama to make it intriguing. The rest of the story is pure romance. Setting its main characters in a dance of comedy and intricacies around the personalities of the two. Side characters enhance this and create a memorable romance anime that is voted in the top ten by fans of the genre.

Jeremy Goldstein, A Community Leader Helping Others

Should you need a great lawyer, look nowhere else other than This website is dedicated to finding a vetted attorney that can help. The website is designed to find you an attorney based on your case information. Should you wish to have a consultation a charge of $35 is charged, except in certain cases. There’s also information available if budget constraints are an issue or you need free legal service. All attorneys are approved by the New York Bar Association. Among the great attorneys, you have at your disposal is Jeremey L. Goldstein.


Goldstein has all the makings of a great corporate attorney. He’s worked with many major corporations on issues such as corporate governance, policy and executive wages. He’s recently started Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC to focus on these issues as a boutique firm. He was previously a partner at another prominent firm specializing in corporate law. He’s also been involved in some of the biggest corporate transactions in recent history. Goldstein also has contributed to workshops and conferences dealing with corporate legal matters.


Goldstein also has a great educational background adding to his skill set. He graduated cum laude from Cornell University with a major in art history. He also received an M.S. degree from the University of Chicago. Finally, he went to New York University to obtain his law degree. He’s graduated with distinction in each level of academia. Jeremy Goldstein also makes time to help his fellow community members. He has been on the board of directors at Fountain House and has been a part of this organization for nearly 10 years. He’s also helped the Make a Wish foundation in recent years. Being a socially responsible community leader, his efforts have helped many to fulfill their needs. His new firm is certainly one to consider should you be needing a great corporate law attorney.


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Going No-Poo For One Week With WEN By Chaz

After reading about the no-poo trend sweeping across almost every beauty blog and newsfeed for what seemed like an eternity I finally decided to give the no-poo life a try for myself. If you haven’t heard of it before, the no-poo craze refers to people choosing to throw out their old shampoos in favor of shampoo free conditioning cleansers.

Though it may seem a bit odd to completely forgo on shampooing every time you shower the science and stories back up the new beauty regimen. Unknown to many people, shampoos often contain harmful sulfates that strip hair of moisture and essential oils while removing dirt. By removing essential oils needed for a healthy scalp and hair, shampoos contribute to a wide variety of problems that can easily be avoided.

Going No-poo with WEN by Chaz
Different from regular shampoos, the cleansing conditioners used by all those who have realized the benefits of a shampoo free life help put back moisture into your hair while gently cleansing.

So once I decided to go no-poo for a week I needed to decide which cleansing conditioner would be the right one for me. This part was much easier than actually deciding to ditch my shampoo as I have read one name consistently next to every description of healthy hair post a shampoo free life, WEN by Chaz. The cleansing conditioner created by celebrated star stylist, Chaz Dean, has almost become synonymous with the no-poo movement so it seemed appropriate to try a week with shampoo using the best available cleansing conditioner on the market.

One Week with WEN by Chaz and Beyond
After one week of using WEN by Chaz, I can’t remember why I ever used shampoo in the first place. If you would like to try out WEN by Chaz for yourself, visit their web store on

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