The Ever-Soaring Career of Richard A. Smith

Mr. Richard A. Smith is the current CEO and President of Securus Technologies, a position he holds since June 23, 2008. Securus Technologies is based in Texas and specializes in providing technologies used to protect society. It offers services to police departments and correctional facilities across the US and Canada. The company introduced biometric technology for prison management, a move that was perceived to be a wise move because law enforcement and security agencies have increased their interest in biometric technology. Presently, the company offers civil and criminal justice technology aimed at solving and preventing crimes. Richard has been vital in the expansion of Securus Technologies with his leadership skills, rich experience and focus on business excellence.



Before joining Technologies, Mr. Smith worked at Echelon Telecom Inc. from 1998 to 2007, where he served in several positions. He started as Chief Operating Officer from March 1999 to July 2003 then moved to President from April 2000 to August 2003 and finally to Chief Executive Officer from August 2003 to August 2007.While there, Smith grew the revenue tremendously from approximately $30 million to about $350 million. In the summer of 2005, he successfully led Eschelon to an IPO. Prior to joining Echelon Telecom Inc., he also worked in other technology firms such Frontier Corp., now Global Crossing, Frontier Information Technologies, and Midwest Telephone Operations. Richard holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School, a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Brockport and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Board Memberships

Rick Smith is currently a Board member at Integra Telecom Co Ltd. He has been the Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc. since January 2009 and has been the Director since June 2008. He was also a Director at Eschelon Telecom Inc. since July 2000.

Mr. Richard A. Smith is undoubtedly a brilliant leader and manager. He has been instrumental in moving Securus Technologies to be a world leader in the providing technology solutions to the correctional facilities institutions. Through his innovation initiatives, prisoners now use Securus technology services to contact their family and friends. Richard is focused on achieving the company’s goals, and his hard work has clearly borne fruits.


The Different Types Of Media Lori Senecal Uses For Her Success

In order for people to succeed as businessmen and women, it is important for them to gain as much exposure as possible. According to Campaign Live, it does not matter whether one is introverted and extroverted. One has to learn how to reach out and be visible to the public so that she will gain customers. The internet has made it a lot easier and more cost effective for people to be able to market their companies. Among the media that Lori can and does use are social media accounts, blogs, videos, and plenty of other media for marketing. For people to succeed, one has to be on every media so that she will be able reach someone everywhere. Also, it is important to use repeated exposure so that one will trust that the entity is there to stay for a while.

One form of media that Lori uses for exposure are different social media accounts such as About.Me, Facebook and Twitter. One of the reasons that this is so effective is that Lori is able to reach out to people who are in related niches. This helps her gain followers that will keep up with what she is doing. However, the best thing to do is to keep engaged with people.

One of the most important things to do which Lori Senecal has managed is to learn how each social media platform works and the purpose behind each platform. This is very important because each social media platform is vastly different from one another. Therefore, it takes a lot of time in order to get used to each of the platforms. This is important for people to manage that so that they can effectively market themselves in the World Wide Web.

Lori Senecal herself has found her element. While she may not want to be considered as being in her comfort zone, she has found something that suits her well. One thing that she has learned is that discomfort helps her grow as a person and move forward with more goals. She is also able to inspire and encourage others to not feel limited in what they can do.


End Citizens United and #weobject March Onward

In a world full of hashtags and political tweets, End Citizens United is picking up momentum. The grassroots organization is attempting to fight legislation passed by the Supreme Court to allow “dark money” into politics. The group has also been represented under “The People’s Defense,” which is a hub of groups objecting to Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch. The group posts on twitter under the group #weobject as well as #darkmoney.


The specific legislation that ECU is objecting to is Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission of 2010. According to ECU, the case established that “corporations are people” and that this allowed unaccountable donations to leak into elections. Their assertion is that billionaires are now buying elections with excessive funding, giving them more exposure than their counterparts. The game plan to counteract is as follows:



  • Electing pro-reform candidates
  • Raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority
  • Using grassroots membership to demonstrate political power on the issue of money in politics


Another measure ECU is taking to encourage transparency in politics is by making its financial contributions publicly available through FEC filings. The website also makes press releases, news and even social media available for viewing. The group self-identifies with the Democratic party and other “leftist” organizations. Attempting to “restore the power to every day Americans,” the group views its activists as its best force.


ECU is headed by a board of directors from varying backgrounds, however, the commonality they all share is some level of political experience. The staff is led by Tiffany Muller, who serves as the President and Executive Director. She is experienced in politics and has accomplishments such as doubling LGBT representation in Congress and helping to elect the first LGBT (identifying) Senator.


ECU offers information on their website explaining how people can get involved in the movement. Being a grassroots organization, they rely on the support of donors to accomplish their goals. They also conduct polls and keep email lists to keep their supporters engaged. ECU is making great strides and continues to be a strong newcomer in the activism arena.



Stop Dry Cracked Lips With The Benefits Of Evolution Of Smooth

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Experience the benefits of many delectable flavors that provide aromatherapy for your lips and your senses. Many high end professionals like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are using popular EOS lip balm brands like Evolution of Smooth. Surprisingly, all natural EOS lip balm products are popping up everywhere. Nourish your lips with Evolution of Smooth for one of a kind maximum coverage. EOS lip balm products are available on eBay and Amazon online.

CTRMA And Their Rail Or Bus Lines

Someone who is using the rail or bus lines in Texas today is likely familiar with Mike Heiligenstein, and he is holding summits around the state to take the opinion of the state’s population.

Everyone who lives in the state needs a finer way to travel, and the CTRMA is an important part of that. Someone who wishes to travel more easily in the state must have a look at what Mike Heiligenstein has planned, and they will learn that the CTRMA is making strides to improve their services.

#1: Rail Across Central Texas

Central Texas is quite large, and someone who is looking for a way to come across it quickly will be out of luck under the current format. There are bus lines that Mike knows are in service, but he recognizes there is more that must be done. His work includes public forums on the style of rail or other bus lines that must be included. Rail would be much like the northeast, and it would help quite a bit.

#2: The Bus Lines

There must be more bus lines running, and they must go to more locations around the state. The simplest form of travel is a bus that runs often, and anyone who wishes to use the bus may attend forums where they may ask Mike to open more routes for their area.

#3: Cheaper Travel

According to Biz Journals, travel in the state must become as cheap as possible, and Mike Heiligenstein  believes there are many ways to reduce costs on the lines that cannot be reduced in the present day.

He wishes to partner with company that will build rail lines or start bus routes that will move quickly, cost less and send Texans where they need to go. The state itself is opening up to a great many people, and it will be a lovely place to go when someone knows they will find it easy to get around.

Mike Heiligenstein and his staff at CTRMA are looking for a number of ways to ensure they may reach out to the public about new rail and bus lines.

He is at many new meetings that will allow the public to make their voice heard, and he wishes to show the public he is listening to what they are saying. The public opinion will help sway the vote, and it will ensure the central Texas transportation sector is growing.

Jeremy Goldstein – Highly Respected Attorney Specializing In Administrative Law And Mergers And Acquisitions

Finding the right lawyer for your case is a daunting task, and it can take up a lot of your time and effort if you are not looking at the right place. Moreover, if you end up finding a lawyer who is not ideal for your case, it would put you in bigger trouble than when you started. The attorney you hire needs to be experienced and expert in handling cases such as the one you have in hand.



The New York State Bar Association understands the plight of the people in this regards, and it is why they started the new lawyer referral service through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. It is a part of the New York State Bar Association and has a database of the attorneys who are the member of the bar council. The clients can simply visit their online portal, fill up a simple form and they would be matched with the lawyer who is an expert in the cases such as theirs. Clients can rest assured that the attorneys they would be matched up with have a good legal standing and a verified track record.



Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most respected and successful attorneys in the state of New York and has been practicing law for over two decades. Jeremy Goldstein is considered an authority in the field of administrative law, civil law, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate law. He did his graduation from the Cornell University and went on to pursue legal studies from the famous University of Chicago.



After completing his studies, Jeremy Goldstein joined as an associate at Shearman and Sterling LLP, where after working for a year he joined as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. Jeremy Goldstein currently serves as the partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, a law firm that he founded.


A Good Morning with Kim Dao

Popular Australian Youtuber residing in Japan, Kim Dao, presents her morning routine for the cold winter season. Admittedly, she is not a morning person as she has to set plenty of alarms before getting up. Upon doing so, she gravitates first toward her smartphone to play games and check in on her social media for around half an hour. After getting out of bed, she proceeds to prepare her breakfast which includes a simple oatmeal with honey and sweet coffee. This is followed up with brushing her teeth and tending to her face with a notably cute Pokemon themed face wash.


Kim Dao’s makeup routine begins with several products from Etude House. These range from facial toner to lotion to face blur. Next she applies a HERA UV Mist Cushion Cover and a concealer by SAEM. Some face powder is dabbed on from Skinfood. She addresses her eyebrows using Kate Designing Eyebrow. Then another Etude House product in the form of an eyelid primer is used on her eyelids. Kim Dao proceeds to shade her eyes using the Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. Immediately followed by an eyeliner by Flow Fushi. Eyelashes aren’t ignored through the use of curlers from TWEEZERMAN. Finally, some mascara from Etude House, a lip and cheek cream palette, a bronzer and highlighter by Too Cool for School Art Class, and lip gloss.


Kim Dao finishes up by getting dressed and preparing her bag.


Watch Kim Dao’s Morning Routine in JAPAN | Winter Morning Routine