Wessex Institute of Technology Location & History

WIT, or the Wessex Institute of Technology is an organization that is run by a dedicated staff and a professional team in the Scientific community. Located in the New Forest National Park in England, this Institute exchanges information between academic and professional uses within their industry.

Wessex Institute of Technology press has a reputation that goes way back, making their achievements recognized all over the world. Based on a history of solid achievements and high-quality research that is being used by the industry makes WIT stand out above the rest in its field. Its success is not only measured by the amount of researchers in the academy but from the positions many of the past researchers have held and still hold.

Past researchers have and hold positions of Full Professors at Universities like Nottingham, Brunel and Imperial College, some of the best in the UK.


Shea Butter Makes Your Skin Healthier


Shea butter is truly a phenomenal natural substance with substantial benefits that improve skin, and many consumers that use shea butter tout over the results that they experience through its use.


Shea butter is actually derived from the western Africa Shea Nut Tree and has been used for centuries in Africa and other countries to protect and moisturize skin. The nuts are dried and ground to a powder and are transformed through boiling. The result is a fatty substance that rises to the top and solidifies to create the fabulous butter.


The butter is not only used as a base for effortless massage therapy, but it is also included in cosmetic ingredients such as soaps, hair and scalp conditioners, topical anti-inflammatory creams, lotions, bath products, and lip balms as well as preparations for skin diseases, nasal decongestants and arthritic conditions.


Its benefits are well known in that shea butter helps the skin retain natural oils that contribute to the production of collagen and other essential skin components. It soothes, moisturizes and repairs skin tissue, and it alleviates areas of crepey skin, stretch marks, scars, bruising and burns. Shea butter is effective as well with the stimulation of hair growth and hair relaxation.


There are a number of shea butter products in the marketplace today and one company, EuGenia Shea, launched in the spring of 2015 by former Wall Street analyst Naa-Sakle Akuete has shown that shea butter in its purest form can provide all women the utmost in pampering through the use of Eugenia Shea products.


Akuete’s Ghana based EuGenia Shea business was launched through her mother along with the devotion and work of all-women cooperatives. They not only harvest the shea nuts but they train and work in the production process in an ongoing basis with the turnout of numerous brand offerings, which include fragrance gift tins such as grapefruit, lavender and other scents as well as pregnancy, dermatological and everyday type products for the skin. Customers can even subscribe to their shea butter, to replenish EuGenia Shea collections as often as they like.


Shea butter is a truly remarkable cosmeceutical, and its natural consistency offers users innumerable advantages over other chemically laden skin preparations, which are simply unable to replicate the benefits of pure shea butter.


Lawyers in Brazil: Getting Powerful Legal Representation

Are you in need of legal representation? Do you want to find a lawyer to handle a legal case for you in Brazil?

If you area facing a legal matter, the first step should be to talk to a lawyer. You need a lawyer who is well versed in the type of issue you are facing.

To find a lawyer, start by researching online to find out which ones are providing satisfactory service to clients. You can check an online lawyer directory of lawyers.

You may also want to get recommendations from relatives, friends or others who have had dealing with a lawyer. You may also consult professionals who you trust, including your accountant or doctor.

But no matter where you look, keep in mind that although there are several ways to find a lawyer for your case, you’ll need to do some research to find a good lawyer. There are several resources that provide information about lawyers and their background information.

Once you have gathered some information and a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, it’s time to check out their background information and also consult with them before making a decision.

With a competent lawyer on your side, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your case is in trusted hands.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil. He specializes in business and corporate law litigation and has represented clients from all waks of life. When a case cannot be resolved out of court, Ricardo Tosto is a powerful and pragmatic advocate. Mr Ricardo Tosto has extensive experience complex legal issues and representing even high profile clients in commercial litigation, and other cases in state and federal courts.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has practiced for many years and is well respected in the legal community and he prides himself on being a trusted legal advisor to his clients. He has the unique ability to determine his clients’ objectives and develop a dispute resolution strategy to obtain a favorable outcome for them.

Kabbalah Centre Deals with Ancient and Mysterious Beliefs

If there is one thing that is almost as old as humanity itself. It is religion. There have always been religious beliefs that often centered around different aspects of humanity. Among the common issues that were addressed with religions were questions of life and death. Over the ages, there have been plenty of religions that sprung up. They each have some common themes. While many people believe that there is one correct religion, there are some that believe that each religion is only a small part of the key to universal understanding. This is where the Kabbalah Centre comes in.
One thing that the Kabbalah Centre does is present students with ways of finding the truth without the requirement of knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish texts before understanding the teachings. Among the sources of information that it uses is the Bible. The Kabbalah Centre believes that the Bible is a code of life or an unseen mystery that certain gurus will unravel and reveal. As a matter of fact, there have been books on the Bible that have teachings from Kabbalistic sources. This is to help people understand the purpose of the Bible and the messages that come from it.

Another interesting concept that the Kabbalah Centre presents is the idea that the five senses grant people access to only 1% of reality. The rest of the reality is something that is beyond the five senses. However, the rest of the reality is what causes the mere 1% of the reality that is processed by the five senses. Another thing that is taught by Kabbalah is that everyone has direct access to the spiritual realm which is blocked by Klippot which restricts the spiritual energies from making an entrance to the physical body. However, if one practices Jewish law, meditation, and Kabbalah teachings, then he will unlock the experience for himself.

Accounting And Project Management Professional, Kevin Seawright Has a New Idea

Kevin Seawright is a finance/Accounting professional, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He works in Newark but has worked in other different institutions in different positions through his career achieving numerous accomplishments. He is known to initiate effective business strategies that align with technology to achieve economic goals. Before moving to Newark, Kevin Seawright served in Washington DC and Baltimore in different sectors including Real Estate, Education, and the local government.

Kevin Seawright’s achievements include bringing together Human Capital and enabling efficient recruitment services, change in management, and improving negotiations. These accomplishments have enabled the company’s performance in service delivery. In his tenure as the Fiscal Managing officer at Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, he developed an effective system that helped the agency to save over $100000. He later went on to serve as the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority at Baltimore City, before later serving as a Finance Director at Homeless services Division, which was in the department of Recreation and Parks.

Kevin’s hard work and passion towards his city Baltimore started to show when he was appointed Deputy Chief Operating Officer, where he held the position for six years. Seawright first got an insight on Real estate industry when he got the position at Tito Contractors as a strategic partner director. He now focuses all his expertise and experience on developing his city.

Newark Department of Economic & Housing coordinates with The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation to oversee and maintain sustained growth and economic development in the community. The two institutions also work to bring together resources that will produce ample environment for start-ups and small businesses, in order to create job opportunities, and hence raise the standards of living.

Through his team building skills, Kevin Seawright has been able to attain long-term organizational success in all the positions he has undertaken. His unique systematic approach comprising of evaluation and training of the team of board members has earned him a good reputation. He has been an icon to upcoming entrepreneurs as well as those who aspire to take over business leadership roles in society.

Michael Zomber–It is Anyone’s Guess what the Famed Author and Producer will Involve Himself with Next

Shogun Iemitsu was the topic of discussion on the iUniverse Podcast by its author Michael Zomber. The show was broadcast on June 12th. The author discusses what inspired him to write the book. He readily admitted to a passion for the culture of Japan. He also enjoys discovering facts with regard to the country’s history. The podcast is well worth it, especially for individuals interested in hearing a side to the famed author, that is tied to the culture which inspires him.

Zomber is fascinated by antiquated arms. During the show, he shares this passion on a global basis. The author has been making it a point to collect antique arms and armor for basically 40 years. He enjoys this aspect of his life and wishes to share the passion of collecting, in this regard, with an audience, once again, on an international basis. It is truthful to observe, he has a acquired a great deal of knowledge about the subject, and he wishes to make as much of the retained knowledge accessible to the world at large.  However, the preceding revealed, the author makes it a point, as well, to tell his listening audience that guns are not the only passion which he involves himself.

So what is it that motivates Zomber in addition to weaponry such as guns?

The author enjoys the concept of the Samurai Sword. The subject, of the Samurai Sword, has basically motivated the author to share information, with the world at large, by way of writing stories and screenplays. His storytelling and plays have held the attention of theater-goers as well as book lovers, the world over. Within the historical novels of the author, light has been shed on the reason why such weapons of antiquity are special. The novels, naturally, will have a great deal of influence for readers within the future as well as history buffs. It is correct to state that Zomber’s expertise has made him well known on a global basis. He is well-regarded, around the world, as an expert in the field of history. His documentary about Bushido, Soul of the Samurai is what put the author on the map, as a world-renowned historian.

Zomber and his wife own their own film production company. Renascent Films LLC is the name of the Zombers’ film company. The author and producer, due to the nature of the matter of his subjects, thought it important, as well, to become part of charitable organizations committed to peace.

Michael Zomber and his family reside in the Philadelphia area, and fit well, with many of the experts of antiquity that reside and work in the metropolitan area.

The author has made it a point to become an expert with regard to the culture of the Samurai. The saying that is applicable is: “There is a way and then there is a warrior way.” The warrior way is known as Bushido. The warrior way is about how a person conducts him or herself throughout life. The way in which a person conducts him or herself is considered that person’s lifeblood.

The warrior way, as it pertains to Michael Zomber, is about how he applies the principle to many different areas within his life. Such areas include his interest in his avocations and his work in general–the two areas, many times, becoming one and the same; or conjoining.

So what does the famed producer and writer do on a regular day?

On any number of days, Zomber can be found, working as a film producer, on one of his independent films. He may be in the process of writing, yet, another book. Zomber has authored five books including Shogun Iemitsu, Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me, Park Avenue, and A Son of Kentucky. The famed author and producer may be on the set of the History Channel. At the latter venue, he serves as expert and historian for shows such as Tales of the Gun.

Regardless of role, Zomber provides his work with an intellect that is strong and a passion that is comparative to Bushido. The author has made a life studying morality, discipline and honor. He conducts the preceding studies in order to keep himself centered and in harmony with the world around him.

Persons wishing to summarize what it is exactly Zomber is best known and does with his time would be right in stating storytelling. The preceding is not far-fetched, since the famed author has acquired an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Literature from UCLA. When Zomber is playing his role as author, his telling a tale is quite apparent. The storytelling tends to spill over in his role as a filmmaker too. The filmmaking is something that Zomber and his spouse, Andrea, oversee, through their own independent production film company, again, known as Renascent Films. The main purposes of the film house include production and distribution of films of an independent nature.

The author’s partnership with the History Channel is a perfected intertwining of his avocation and his creative work. During a period of forty years, as indicated in the above text, the author has been adding to his broad collection of armory and guns. He shares his stories about his passion for guns, on shows such as Tales of the Gun. The show is created by way of Zomber’s acquired knowledge and appreciation of the craftsmanship as well as the culture tied to the weaponry.

The philanthropy area that the author embraces is motivational. The Zombers, Andrea and Michael, are very obvious and vocal supporters of various charitable organizations, on an international level as well as a local level. The charitable organizations which the Zombers participate assist in improving the lives of other people. Such achievements are made by the de-escalation of conflicts and war; and in the provision of increased access to resources which provide much in the way of healthier lives and positive educational outcomes.

Zomber has made it a point to explain that his philanthropic efforts are based on values such as peace, compassionate behaviors and charity. They are also advocates of resolving issues in a precise and peaceful manner. The beliefs of the Zombers have been passed on to a new generation of Zombers, meaning their children, Christopher, and Gabriella.

The author/producer, it is right to say, possesses a great deal of passion for the work he performs. The author, it has been stated, has a deep understanding and sharp intellectual capacity. Zomber’s expertise is wide in scope, which makes the author sought after in way of guest appearances on television shows and radio shows, wherein various topics of interest are discussed.

It is only one’s guess what the famed author will be involving himself with next. The preceding statement is made due to the various projects and passions which the author remains active.

Additional Notes about Michael Zomber:

As stated above, the famed author and producer, Michael Zomber, has been in the practice of collecting armory and arms of antiquity for a forty year period. In summary, he has made it a point to share his expertise with the nation as a guest history buff on the History Channel’s: Tales of the Gun Series. The series includes: Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Million Dollar Guns.

As indicated, Zomber is also a global expert on the Samurai Sword of Japan.

His writing credits include more than a dozen screenplays and a good number of novels pertinent to history. Some of his works include: Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. All of Michael Zomber’s books are currently in circulation. The producer’s, critically-acclaimed documentary film: Soul of the Samurai was a production, created in partnership with the author’s wife Andrea, and produced at the couple’s film company, known as Renascent Films LLC.

Makari Skin Whitening Cream Works For Everyone

Makari skin whitening cream is something that people can use to make sure that their skin will look good even there are parts of it that they do not like. People who had red or brown patches on their skin that they hate can use Makari, but they have to remember that they have chosen to use it every day because of how effective it is.

A lot of people are using skin whitening creams because they need something that will help them feel better about their skin, and they will start using Makari without realizing a few other things they need to do. Sunscreen will help people make sure they are not harming their skin while they are trying to fix it. They also need to be sure that they have used the cream every day. That means that someone who wants to have better skin should use sunscreen and Makari every day.

The consistent use of Makari is something that will change lives, but skipping days or not using it correctly makes it too hard for people to get results. Their skin will only change when they are using the cream the right way every day. Makari can lighten any region of the skin, and it can do it with just one application per day.

There are many people who will be very thankful for Makari skin cream because it can help them avoid the embarrassing parts of their skin they do not like. There is no reason for people to hate their skin, and they can get Makari when they need it.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is Doing Things The Right Way

In regards to Goettl Air Conditioning, they have earned their positive reviews on Angieslist.com. These are people that have worked directly with them and have seen, first-hand, what they can expect when they interact with them. Ken Goodrich is in charge of the company and he likes to make sure his employees are respectful of other people and their homes. When they enter them, they should trust their customers like family and go out of their way for them. They should also be fair with their prices and give it to them straight and not leave them in the dark. If they said it was going to cost this amount of money, it should cost this amount of money.

There is such a thing known as your word. Without our word, quite frankly, we are nothing. We have to stand behind our word, stick to it, and follow through with it. The minute we deviate from our word or lose that, it is next to impossible to gain that back. Goettl Air Conditioning knows this as does Ken Goodrich. In addition to all of the great work his company is doing, he also goes out of his way to help people and give back.

They can handle any job that is thrown at them from installation, repairs, thermostats, you name it. They have been trained and they are the best individuals for the job. They are only a phone call away and they can take all of someone’s worries away when it comes to their air and issues they are having with it.

Makari Skin Care Is A Leader In The Industry

Makari Skin Care are leaders in skin whitening cream. Here is more information about the company and how they are leaders in the industry, as well as information about their products.

About Makari Skin Care

The company is a multicultural skin care brand. They offer various skin care products, cosmetics, hair care products and more. The company has been in business for over 8 years, and they sell their products to people across the globe. The company’s products are manufactured in Switzerland. Makari Skin Care is known for their quality products and they are known for helping their customers get radiant skin.


As previously mentioned, Makari Skin Care are known for their various lines of skin care products, especially their skin bleaching products. Some of the top bleaching products they carry include toning milk, whitening milk and beauty milk premium. All three of those products are designed to lighten a person’s skin.

Hair treatment oil, shampoos and hair growth products are also sold by the company.

Makari sells many types of skin care and beauty products. They can be purchased online, directly from the company’s website. The products can also be found in select stores and private locations.

To view all of Makari’s skincare products, follow this link:


Why Makari

Many people of color want to have lighter skin, and Makari’s products are designed to help them with that. This demographic needs unique products to help them, and Makari offers those products. The products they sell have undergone intense scrutiny, both scientifically and technically. In other words, their products are made with high quality ingredients.

If you’re interested in purchasing Makari’s products, then check out your local beauty retailer. You can also go to their website to purchase products.

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