Article Title: Igor Cornelsen: Getting Reliable Investment Advisory Service

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Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investment professional. He has a good understanding of investment banking and other financial services fields and is committed to providing top-notch service to clients.

Igor Cornelsen worked in investment banking for many years and he has a proven track record. His clients come from many different industries and are pleased with the quality of service hr provided to them.

Investment bankers are experts in raising capital for companies and rendering advisory services on merger and acquisition activities. Igor Cornelsen helped companies and entrepreneurs obtain capital to grow their business. He also has great expertise in negotiation on behalf of clients and acted as an intermediary between companies and funding providers.

In his own investment firm, Igor Cornelsen renders money management investment advisory to a wide variety of clients, including individuals, institutions, and organizations. He has the right resources to ensure that his clients obtain a great outcome.

A large number of people do not know how to go about choosing a financial planner or investment advisory firm. When it comes to financial issues, it is extremely important to choose a professional or firm that has an established history of meeting the needs of clients.

A reputable investment or wealth building advisory firm or professional will ensure that you have the information or guidance you need to achieve the success you desire.

Igor Cornelsen helps clients tackle their specific investment or financial planning issues, such as understanding their options or getting ready to grow a portfolio of investments. He researches his clients’ situation and takes the time to determine the best approach to meet their needs.

Whether you want to invest for your children’s education or you want to plan for your retirement, Igor Cornelsen has the knowledge and experience to advise and guide you.

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U.S. Money Reserve and Nonstop Adjustments

The economy in the United States has been part of a growth mission for a lengthy stretch of time now. Authorities have many guesses about the whole thing, too.

They believe that a recession may actually be on the horizon. Their thoughts about this are actually more tangible than they have been in a while. People who don’t pay a lot of attention to economic matters may be shocked by all of their thoughts.

Recessions aren’t a joke. They generally take place as the consequence of labor shortages that exist. They generally take place once wages get higher and higher, too.

These factors encourage companies to stop recruiting professionals for employment. They trigger the Federal Reserve to take action by boosting interest rates. These things all make the economy move in a manner that’s a lot more sluggish than normal. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

A sluggish economy can lead to dwindling earnings for businesses of all kinds. People who work on Wall Street often start feeling the heat pretty rapidly. Financial institutions on Wall Street often notice the consequences swiftly.

They frequently make attempts to set forth regulations that may make recessions happen a lot later. They want to do anything they can to stop recessions from rearing their ugly heads and affecting the American public. Politicians don’t like the concept of recessions at all, either.

It’s never beneficial for politicians’ terms to line up with severe financial dilemmas. They feel stressed out any time they notice wages dwindling. They feel overwhelmed any time they observe employment dwindling as well, and understandably so. Government employees in many cases strive to stop recessions from emerging.

U.S. Reserve is a company that concentrates on all things that revolve around platinum, silver and even gold. It’s headquartered in Austin, Texas’ sunny capital city. It’s on hand to the public on a daily basis. It’s never not open. There are many things that make U.S. Money Reserve a powerhouse in its field.

People are big fans of the company’s customer satisfaction strategies, first and foremost. The professionals who work for U.S. Money Reserve give clients in-depth consultations, too. These consultations can in many cases be extremely eye-opening.

U.S. Reserve sets up comprehensive programs that can accommodate clients and all of their requirements and wishes. One specific program is called simply “Client-Connect Advantage.” People who want to take their precious metal acquisitions to a higher level frequently take the time to learn about this exhaustive program and all that it has to offer them.

People who want to be able to get glimpses at plentiful vault options often go for Client-Connect Advantage and its various perks. U.S. Money Reserve is an example of an American company that’s constantly evolving.

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Interview with Matthew Fleeger – president of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a businessman and the president of an oil and gas company called Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger attended and graduated from Southern Methodist University as he acquired a lot of knowledge in business. He would follow in his father’s footsteps as he also owned an oil and gas company. The businessman would bounce around as he worked for some businesses in executive roles but he settled to work for his family’s business in Gulf Coast Western. As an entrepreneur, he also founded his own business called MedSolutions that treats in the removal of medical waste. As the leader of the company, he led them to success through numerous positions but later sold the brand off for a high amount of $59 million. The article credits the individual as an inspiration to other upcoming businessmen and entrepreneurs. The interview with Ideamensch starts off with Fleeger stating that the idea for the business came from his father but he helped expand the company and gain more clients under his leadership. The businessman spends his days working at the office, dropping his kids off at school, and he reflects that it is his most favorite thing to do every single day. One of the things he finds most interesting today is the advancement in technology and specifically in how it can better the gas and oil industry. Matthew Fleeger lists his best strength in making task lists to focus and help to remember what he has to do. If he could travel back to his younger years, he would tell himself to find a nice balance between work and family. Something people believe to be unpopular that he has a belief in is that some people are naturally lazy, and that he likes to work off of visualization. Lastly, the interview ends with Matthew Fleeger recommending the book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by author Stephen Covey and that he grew his business off valuing the customers.


Interview with president of Gulf Coast Western University

The Gino Pozzo Family Football Legacy

Gino Pozzo is an enthusiastic football owner. He is responsible for Watford Football Club. He has a known reputation of taking unpopular football clubs which do not perform as well and leading them to the top. After marrying his wife and creating a family, it was time to move to London to be more involved in sports and his then club, Vicarage Road.

The family background of Pozzo clearly suggests how they were passionate about football. Gino’s father was an active participant in football activities. He had bought a club back in 1986 in Italy. The family made a living out of owning a football club. The Pozzo family also majored in the business of woodwork. Today they make electrical appliances. They sold their woodwork company to invest more in the football club. Gino Pozzo recreated the family’s legacy when he acquired a football club. It was game time again. He was combining his longtime interest with financial merging work.

They state that their purpose for venturing back into this business because they loved what they were doing. When they are on the field practicing and playing, they do not feel as if they are at work. However, they are committed to seeing the club push through. Gino Pozzo has grown to be one of the most straight forward club owners in Europe. His model for success has been recognized by other teams in the surrounding. He is very involved in the daily activities of the club. The fact that he owns the club does not excuse him from being personally concerned for the success of it.

He was ranked as number four among the top CEOs. He is always figuring ways to develop the football club. This he does by recruiting an efficient and competent management team to give training to the footballers. He has been able to move forward during many tournaments and seasons with one management team and coach. He is also renovating and improving the stadium to give it a modern and personal touch. Their loyal fan base is able to support their favorite football club in a serene environment.

Article Title: Businessman and Humanitarian Vijay Eswaran

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Vijay Eswaran is an author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur whose native home is the Asian country of Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Company. The group of companies is an international corporation. The corporation is a multilevel marketing company. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. It operates in more than 30 countries. The business of the QI Group is tourism, real estate, hospitality among other ventures

His love for entrepreneurship has been instrumental in the establishment of the Quest International University Perak in with the assistance of the local government. He uses this platform to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs. The institution is tasked with providing affordable, quality, and research-based education. The institution is growing rapidly with over 1600 students drawn from 31 countries in the world. It is one of the best sought out institutions in Malaysia.

The QI Group led by Vijay Eswaran is at the moment developing QI City. The development will be the new host for QI Group of Companies which will also include retail space, accommodation, campus, and a hospital.

Apart from being a businessman, Mr. Vijay is a philanthropist. He started the Vijayarantnam foundation and RHYTHM which have been at the forefront aiming at developing communities and assisting children with dire needs in the African, Asian, and Middle East part of the world. The foundation started Taarana, a school in Malaysia helping kids with learning problems and disabilities. A total of 10% of his company’s profits goes to charity. This acts of humanity earned him a place in the Forbes Asia’s Philanthropy Heroes. At the Chinese World Economic Forum, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his good deeds in the Asian Continent.

Vijay Eswaran is an author who has written six books. The most recent one is Two Minutes with the title From the Abyss a release of 2016. He holds a bachelors degree in Socio-economic from the London School of Economics. He also has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.

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Article Title: Ara Chackerian, Investor for HealthCare Devices

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Ara Chackerian is known as an investor in healthcare companies. Chackerian currently fulfills the role of manager. He fulfills this role for a company known as ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Holdings is an organization that invests funds in other healthcare companies. This particular organization invests funds and resources into companies that have recently began their efforts. The investments are given to the smaller companies when they are in need of adequate resources to jumpstart their business. When the company becomes more successful, this type of venture debt is paid back to the original investor or original investing company.

Ara Chackerian has been known as one of the co-founders for a company called TMS Health Solutions. TMS is an organization that focuses on selling and marketing medical devices to consumers and insurance companies. One of their most advertised devices is the magnetic stimulation for depression. The companies Ara Chackerian he has worked with during his career include Embion Links, PipelineRx and EMC Diagnostics Industry.

Ara Chackerian has fulfilled the role of board member. He has fulfilled this role for companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area. During a recent interview, Ara Chackerian was questioned regarding his motive for initiating his healthcare company. He stated the idea came from his business parter. At the time, Ara Chackerian and his business partner wanted to build and operate out-patient centers for radiology treatment.

Both individuals believed this decision would be profitable for the industry of healthcare and investments. Instead, the pair ended up entering the physiatrics industry in order to market a new device. Ara Chackerian and his business partner became involved in the field of healthcare investments for business. There are a number of industry executives that have ties to the medical industry in order to generate result and resources in finance.

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Heather Parry background information

Heather Parry became Live Nation’s president as from 2015. Unlike other people, she saw no need of announcing it. Two months after her new position, she started working with Colin Hanks who is the director and as the same time is an actor. This was not the first time she worked with him. They were together at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production for a period of ten years while working on a certain documentary called Eagles of Death Metal. This documentary got a nomination in two Critics’ Choice Award.

Heather Parry

After working for ten years in Happy Madison and twelve years in MTV, she has finally landed on where she wanted where she can make a good progress pertaining her interest in music and cinemas. So far, the outcomes have been admirable. Apart from Eagle documentary, she has worked on Five Foot Two on Netflix film, Lady Gaga Film, Gaga among others.

On an interview, Heather Parry confessed that working with Live nation is very interesting as she is surrounded with people who are hardworking and they offer much support to her. Amongst them are managers for Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. One of the projects that has interested her is can’t stop, won’t stop, Bad Boy Documentary.

On Gaga doc, Heather Parry claims that her manager however was saying they have to look for a good director. Thereafter, she made some efforts and looked for Chris Moukarbel to go to Gaga’s house with the camera. They started their shooting and after a year they had Gaga’s Documentary.

Heather Parry is looking forward to do some other stuffs with some of the rock stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. One of the exciting thing is that there are lots of artist that rises daily and she is passionate of nurturing them.

Subordinated Notes: Fixed to Floating

Considered risky by some, NexBank Capital, Inc., is taking its chances in the lending arena. Utilizing channels of institutions and investors of at least $1 million in liquid assets, NexBank Capital, Inc., has provided access to $54 million in subordinated notes. This type of note is considered dicey because if the borrower defaults on the note, NexBank Capital, Inc. would be among the last to be paid. The use of these fixed-to-floating notes since 2016, has produced $283 million of debt and equity. On September 19, 2017, NexBank Capital, Inc. concluded these notes were not to be issued anymore and therefore discontinued their availability.

According to BankNews, reaching maturation on September 30, 2027, therefore, these fixed-to-floating notes cannot be redeemed within a five year period without subject to penalty. The initial rate, fixed, is 6.375% and once the prescribed period has expired, the terms of the note transitions to a floating rate. The basis for the floating rate is the prevailing three-month LIBOR (London-Inter Bank Offered Rate) of 458.5 points. LIBOR is an averaged rate that banks use to lend monies. Although these notes are considered to be stable and of “investment grade”, they are absent of protection under security laws in the United States and therefore not available in the states.

Established in 1922, NexBank is listed at the 10th largest bank in Texas, fourth largest in Dallas offers banking services through Commercial, Mortgage, and Institutional avenues. NexBank has the capability to provide specialized services to consumers. NexBank prides itself in as a leader in the community by providing loans to Texan Veterans and making available funds to low to moderate income families. Not stopping with loans to their community members, NexBank has helped to support the need for literacy programs in the local school systems. Their continued support of learning has not gone unnoticed, they received the 2018 Financial Capability Innovation Award presented by EVERFI, Inc. To know more about Nexbank, visit


Matthew Fleeger, leveraging finance skills to manage an oil conglomerate

Matthew Fleeger is an oil mogul in the petroleum industry. Like most successful business people, he started small working for various organizations. He went to Southern Methodist University where he specialized in finance and marketing. Upon graduation, his father passed the family oil company to him. This opportunity gave him a chance to exercise his passion for business and explore other frontiers further.

About Matthew Fleeger’s life

Before taking over his father’s position, he had worked for various organizations where he acquired sufficient leadership skills. He rose above ranks in different organizations to the position of executive becoming one of the most sought after professionals.

His role at Gulf Coast Western opened him up to the prospects of starting his venture. In 1993, he left Gulf Coast Western and set up MedSolutions, a firm involved in the management, disposal, and treatment of medical waste products.

While serving as the chief executive officer of MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger governed the company with finesse making it successful. For more than a decade, he led the company’s operations up until he sold the business to Stericycle for $59 million.

Having sold his company, he went back to Gulf Coast Western and took up his position as president of the company. Since he took over, Matthew Fleeger has acquired other oil companies growing Gulf Coast Western’s client pool. Additionally, he has succeeded in expanding the company’s funding capabilities significantly.

Matthew Fleeger is amazed at the innovation has taken place in the United States oil industry. He has observed firsthand how these technologies have fostered the creation of opportunities in the oil industry. This professional has embraced his role in this line of work and often starts his day by setting up targets he wishes to achieve during the day.

Despite his busy schedules, he makes time for his family. For instance, Matthew Fleeger drives his children to school daily. According to entrepreneur, mornings are the ideal times to bond with his children. He also reads inspirational books from time to time. One of his favorites is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey.

Boraie Development the great real estate company

Every person desires to live in a nice place where there is comfort. This is one of the reasons why many people always look for the best architects, contractors and interior designers who are well experienced to design and build a great structure and make it comfortable for them. There are many companies that deal with real estate development and Boraie Development is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector. The company has built a great reputation for itself due to the great building structure the company has constructed. In addition to that, the exemplary team of employees who work at Boraie Development, work tirelessly to deliver the best services to clients and ensure customer satisfaction.

Many of the clients who have been to any of the hotels or apartments that the company has constructed have greatly appreciated the company’s work. It is because of this that the company has been made an esteemed real estate company. the well-qualified team of architects and contractors also do their best to give clients what they want. Boraie development has contracted many apartments and hotels in different parts of the world. Many celebrities and also influential people have gotten a chance to experience a night or two in one of the hotels that the company has constructed. The company incorporates the latest interior designs in every apartment and hotel.

An addition to that, they add a bit of luxury to give their clients the comfort they seek. All these work portrays their expertise in innovation. One of the projects that Boraie Development has been greatly credited for is the aspiring New Jersey residential units. The apartments were constructed with the lasted state of the art designs. In addition to that, the company also incorporated a large parking space for the resident. The building is strategically located and residents can enjoy many social amenities that are within the building.