In Pursuit of Miracles – Amicus Therapeutics

It takes real dedication to chase miracles; to do what no other company has done – to cure those who have no cure. The people of Amicus Therapeutics chase miracles every day. They believe in each other and more importantly, they passionately believe in the fight. The fight to find treatment, even cures for rare and orphan diseases.


This just in; Amicus Therapeutics announced approval of their oral precision medicine for Fabry disease in Australia, which marks a significant step forward. The oral medicine “Galafold” is for long-term treatment of adults and adolescents (aged 16+ years) with a confirmed diagnosis of Fabry disease).


At the forefront, Amicus Therapeutics seeks to develop advanced therapies for the treatment of rare and orphan diseases. They have several late-stage product candidates, including one for treating individuals with Fabry disease.


Imagine, if you will, being rushed to the emergency room after experiencing severe difficulty breathing, fully expecting to return home after treatment. But instead, you’re admitted and told you may never be able to go home again. Finding out the doctors you put your trust in had misdiagnosed your condition for nearly a decade. Finding out you have Pompe disease, a severe and often fatal neuromuscular disorder, which has no treatment… no hope for a cure…


Pretty devastating.


John F. Crowley is the company Chairman and CEO (Facebook). When not one, but two of his children were diagnosed with Pompe disease, he fought to develop a cure for them. Pompe disease is a Lysosomal Storage Disorder (LSD) which results in an enzyme, GAA, disorder. John left his position at Bristol-Meyers Squibb and co-founded Novazyme Pharmaceuticals. At the time, Novazyme was researching a new experimental treatment for Pompe disease. John felt that using the Novazyme’s treatment had saved his children’s lives. Even Hollywood had taken notice of Crowley family ordeal, making a major movie, Extraordinary Measures, based on the family trials and tribulations.


Another rare genetic disorder that Amicus Therapeutics is pushing for a treatment is Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It shows up as a blistering or cratering of the skin and can blister or erode other internal organs, eventually causing death. The skin tears from the slightest trauma (Crunchbase). Managing pain and infection is the only current treatment – Amicus hopes to change that.


Amicus Therapeutics is hard at work making the world a better place one patient at a time. More at

Osteo Relief Institute: An Institute that Relieves your Joint Pains

Recap: Understanding and Managing Osteoarthritis

The world is awakening to a new reality where arthritis is becoming increasingly common. Most people are not aware that arthritis does not stand for a single disease but is used to refer to joint pains. With the rampant increase of arthritis, it is essential to understand it in order to manage it. Studies prove that Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. There are 100 types of arthritis, with over 50 million adults in the country suffering from at least one of these types. Some of the causes of Osteoarthritis include:

  • Injury to the joints.
  • Weight. Overweight people are at a higher risk of suffering from arthritis.
  • Genes.
  • Overuse of joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Preexisting conditions such as hemochromatosis may contribute to a higher chance of getting Osteoarthritis.


Arthritis can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle. Institutes that help in the treatment of Osteoarthritis have also been established. One of such institutes is the Osteo Relief Institute.


Osteo Relief Institute Overview

Although its headquarters are in San Diego, California, Osteo Relief Institute has offices in different regions such as New Jersey. Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore which was founded in 2011 focuses on patients who have knee issues. This institute has adopted the use of technology to treat severe cases of osteoarthritis.


The institute also takes pride in its group of committed doctors who work very closely with their patients (Knee Osteoarthritis Surgery). They use lubricating knee injections to relieve pain. The institute accepts insurance plans such as PPO and HMO. However, Medicare covers most of their treatments.


Closure of the Institute

Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore found itself at a loss when it had to close down. Due to an increase in the number of reported knee infections, the institute voluntarily stopped giving any injections on March 8th, 2017.

The institute has however resumed work under close inspection by the local inspectors. These inspectors seek to ensure that proper practices are followed for infection control. At the moment, Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore continues to treat its patients.


Eli Gershkovitch:How Craft Beer is changing the Beer Industry

Most of the domestic beer options in the past were only popular among all the adults who were drinking. This simple behavior led to the start of many beer emperors that were marketed in almost all the commercials in the United States and other parts of the world ( Although the popularity of the mass market beer seems to be just the norm of life, things are changing with time.

Millennials have been in the limelight in the recent times due to their quick behaviors to the economy of the world. However, experts say that these people are now triggering a new age for craft beer. Unlike the mass market domestic beer that was experienced in the past, craft beers are now famed to be the best alcoholic beverage for all young people in the world. Some of the giant corporate beer companies in the world such as Budweiser and Miller Brewing Company are starting to lose the market (LinkedIn). On the other hand, some microbreweries in the society are now emerging and enjoying better and greater sales.


The Canadian market has not been left behind in this new change. The industry experts in the country, however, say that they have not understood the change that has brought the high demand for the craft beer. Some say that it might be the changes in the cosmopolitan culture that have swiped the globe. Many people in the world now have a better understanding, and they appreciate diverse flavors. It is shocking to determine how the mass market beer companies are deteriorating while craft wineries and breweries are on the rise. Experts such as Eli Gershkovitch says that by 2020, over twenty percent of the sales in the industry will be from craft beer.


Eli Gershkovitch is one of the authoritative figures in the wine and beer making industry. At the moment, Eli works as the chief executive director of a company known as Steamworks. The businessman has achieved so much in his career due to hard work and commitment to the business world. Eli has earned the respect of many people in the society because of the great persona and attitude he used to make ends meet.

Performance Credibility in Using the Edisoft Software

The most common key performance indicator in the transportation sector was always focused on time performance. For instance, ocean and air were measured by their on-time arrival while motor carriers were recognized for the services they offered and rail carriers depended on their scheduled departure times. These were unlike the current day key performance indicators (KPIs) that are beyond financial, physical and regulatory factors. At the moment, however, the best KPIs are focused on the metrics involved with the functions as well as the trading partners instead of the operations of a certain carrier (

Edisoft offers software solutions that control the performance of supply chain for the manufacturers as well as the distributors with the use of high-tech ERP Integrated EDI as well as ERP Integrated Warehouse Automation and also the Shipping Automation Solutions.

The software solutions offered by Edisoft are supple, accessible, linked and fully configurable to ensure noticeable advancement in ERP Order Integration and automation, compliance, productivity of the staff as well as Data for business intelligence and reports meant for the manufacturing and distribution putting them on a more competitive level that is advantageous when it comes to their Omni-Channel Business Model such as B2B and B2C Order Fulfilment as well as the 3PL Distribution.

Merchant Quikpak, Merchant Xchange, Edisoft Merchant as well as other software connectors are part of Edisoft’s Software Solutions that are concerned with Bin Tracking to Shipping. The Edisoft offices in Canada, as well as the USA, serve both the clients and the partners from all over the world.

Edisoft ensures it delivers enhanced and mechanical Vendor compliance and also Carrier management in an easy, flawless, incorporated system due to its ability to leverage the data available to it. This international software has its headquarters in Toronto. It was founded in the year 1995 as a private company with its specialty in E-Commerce, ERP Compatibility, supply chain management platform, order management, shipping, order fulfillment, cloud, ERP compatibility, WMS, TMS as well as EDI Compliance.

The company is of a moderate size of employees ranging between 11 and 50 workers and has the ability to carry out the functions it does. It is reliable and recommendable to various carrier services around the globe to improve their services.

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How Glen Wakeman is working on guiding emerging entrepreneurs

As a business radical, Glen Wakeman has mentored on entrepreneurship and began his own business as well. He started a software company, LaunchPad Holdings LLC, in 2015. When it comes to his company, Glen has his hands on sales, finances, research, and performance. LaunchPad Holdings software was built to enable the young in business formation have an easy platform to organize their ideas in simple milestones. His curiosity to try out new innovative ideas has led to his success. Glen Wakeman had also started Nova Four earlier which was a business that provided advice and financial assistance for emerging businesses.


He studied at the University of Scranton where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and went ahead and later at the University of Chicago, he pursued his MBA. Prior to starting his own company, he worked for Doral Financial Corp. and GE Capital ( He played a part in these companies by helping in their business development. He has held positions such as CEO, President and also a part of the Board of Directors for different companies.


He is a renowned trainer who uses 5 steps that are result oriented. He focuses on business execution, calculation, and management of risks in business, hiring, governance, and leadership. He has shared his skills through writing blogs that enable others to learn about the economy, global affairs and markets that are emerging. Glen Wakeman has built a name for himself in several industries for his methods of implementation of strategies. He spends his time educating people on financing options available to them for their kind of businesses. He is very passionate about business and focusses on the innovation, running, and growth to change markets globally.


Glen Wakeman has operated in 30 different areas, across 6 countries in his career. This has exposed him to various market conditions and business scenarios that have grown his skillset and knowledge in business grew enormously. Glen has had a hand in improving the businesses with over 17 thousand employees and handling and improving the turnaround of 15 billion dollars’ worth of assets. He has guided start-ups and been a part of Mergers and Acquisitions. He has experience for over two decades in management.

George Soros Explains How The Chance For An Open Society Was Missed

In 1947, George Soros arrived at the London School of Economics and set about building a career as a financial expert he was also learning much about the philosophical idea of the open society. As George Soros worked his way through school as a kitchen porter and waiter he was learning about the open society at the hands of his mentor and philosophy teacher, the Austrian philosopher Karl Popper; both Popper and Soros faced the threat of Nazi Germany in their home nations and shared a view that a totalitarian regime could not provide a democratic and free society.

George Soros would go on to become one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers and financial experts with a personal fortune rated at over $25 billion, much of which Soros has used to fund the work of his own Open Society Foundations which has been at the heart of much of the charitable work completed across the planet. The open society allows the free exchange of knowledge and information, along with the free movement of people across borders to create more diverse and understanding communities. In an article written by George Soros for The Atlantic, the Hungarian born financial expert explained his charitable network spent much of the 1970s and 80s fighting to bring down the Communist regime in power across Eastern Europe.

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Soros found his work shift towards the construction of the open society, which he felt could be constructed in the wake of the end of Communism as a divisive dogma across many nations.After spending the ‘Cold War’ years fighting the totalitarian regime of Communism, George Soros believed the best chance in history was available for democratic governments to develop an open society in the image of that recommended by Karl Popper; Soros now believes this opportunity was missed as many Western powers began to look inward as they felt the issue of Communism had been defeated in the early 1990s.

Instead of building a better future for all, George Soros believes the majority of communities in the former Eastern Bloc have been damaged by a speedy shift towards a capitalist society based on those seen in North America and Western Europe. Soros believes the capitalist threat is as real as the so-called ‘red-threat’ of the 1950s and 60s because there is no ideological option challenging capitalism for dominance in the 21st-century. The work of Karl Popper explained any political ideology seen as dominant and unchallenged was already failing which is why the work of Soros and his Open Society Foundations has now focused on fighting social justice failings across the U.S., Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Role of Larkin & Lacey in Fight for Immigrants’ Rights

Various groups in the United States claim to fight for the fundamental civil rights. These groups may be different but share a common cause; upholding the human dignity. These groups include:

The Advocates for Human Rights.

These are advocates of human rights in the globe. Mike and Jim are responsible for change locally, in the content and the entire world. The advocates for human rights consists of volunteers who dedicate their lives to implement the universal fundamental rights standards agreed in the world. The Advocates’ group has dedicated the last thirty-three years to fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged, children, women and immigrants.

The ACLU Immigrant’s Rights Project.

The project has the mandate to uphold and protect the civil and human rights of many immigrants. To achieve these objectives, ACLU conducts seminars, litigations, advocacy, and outreaches. The activities of the organization are well coordinated to achieve specific set targets. The ACLU project is responsible for the various court cases lodged in both the superior and inferior courts of the United States. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

The project has its core function being the realization of fundamental civil and human rights for the many immigrants. The intent of the firm is justice for all regardless of the race, color or background. The organization has challenged various laws that have been seen as attempting to deny immigrants the basic human rights. Such include the right to a fair and expeditious judicial process.

Larkin & Lacey Fronterera Fund

The Phoenix New Times owners, Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey have decided to fund various organizations that fight for fundamental human rights in Arizona. They are to get their source of cash from a legal proceeding against the sheriff. The two reporters will place the total unliquidated damages awarded by the court towards fighting for the immigrants’ rights. The total sum of the pay by the sheriff will be $3.75 million.

Lacey and Larkin had been taken into custody by a local sheriff. The officer had accused them of writing a story about him. The two were appalled by this decision and decided to sue the county in a court of law. The court allowed their arguments and granted the two a total of $3.75 million as unliquidated damages.

Coalition for the Humane Immigration Rights.

The coalition for the human immigration rights is among the leading civil rights groups in California. The group represents a vision and a dream towards the achievement of free speech, movement and human participation in a democratic process and environment. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The group’s policy is to develop an all-inclusive society regardless of an individual social, political or color standing. The firm believes in the need to change how people perceive certain situations. The coalitions believe that you cannot achieve change with the same mentality and thought processes.

The coalition gained momentum in 1986 after the enactment of the now infamous immigration control act. The law required all employees to be documented. It was then a crime to recruit and or hire any undocumented worker. The intent is to discriminate against the immigrants.


George Soros’ Democratic Endorsement and the Advent of Open Society Foundation

George Soros is considered to be one of the most influential figures as far as left-wing politics is concerned. He is known to have invested to the tune of millions of dollars in endorsement and support to leftist politicians. In the 2016 campaigns, he dished out around $25 million to Hillary Clinton and several other Democrats. He is also the boss of Open Society Foundations that has been committed to pushing for democracy around the world.The billionaire had taken a sabbatical on political giving after his efforts to see George Bush is not re-elected failed. He, however, re-emerged to support Democratic politics as its major fund contributor. Sources said that this time, he was more committed probably due to his fear of Trump who is his GOP rival. His faith in Clinton also contributed to this greatly. This appeared to be a good sign for Clinton given Soros was seen as a catalyst to other donors.

With a vested interest in immigration matters, George Soros put in $5 million to a PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win – according to Politico. This organization sought to mobilize Hispanic voters of the low propensity in important swing states. Soros also put in a similar amount into the Voting Rights Trust. This group was working towards preventing voting restricting conservation efforts. The billionaire also donated to several other democracy advocacy groups across the country during this period.In a 1997 article, Soros speaks about how he came up with Open Society Foundation. In 1979, he formed the Open Society Fund. His persecution under communist and Nazi regime in the past was the motivator behind this. He defined the foundation’s goals as opening closed societies and making them more viable and enhancing critical thinking. The first operations were in South Africa, though it proved to be a challenging initiative.

George Soros shifted his attention to Europe where the operations proved to be successful. In Czechoslovakia, he supported a movement called Charter 77 and Solidarity in Poland later on. He then set up separate foundations in Hungary, the Soviet Union, China, and Poland. Since then, Soros has established a web of foundations across numerous countries except for China where it was shut down. The foundation played a key role in the waning of the Communist regime in his home country, Hungary.The foundation’s mission has since changed since communism collapsed. This collapsed laid a groundwork for an open society of universal nature. However, the Western democracies failed to take advantage of this. This prompted Soros to rethink his belief in the concept of open society. He deduced that this concept was bound to face a lot of difficulties but added that we should always strive towards it.

Goettl has acquired Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California

Heating and air conditioning giant Goettl has acquired another family owned business in Southern California. In the original article on BizJournals, Walton’s Heating and Air owner Todd Longbrake said the family business was stagnant and did all he could for it. Goettl approached Walton’s about two years ago but could not make a sale due to Todd’s reluctance. He changed his mind when he hear the positive reviews about Goettl and Kenneth Goodrick, the Chief Executive Officer. Longbrake will become field supervision and sales manager of the new branch of Goettl. Sales have gone up and the business has grown a lot since Goettl took over.

There was some kinks to work out like marketing complications and issues with Walton’s before they announced the switch over. Kenneth Goodrich gave his seal of approval to Todd Longbrake as a new member of the team and said he was an instant success and leader. Goodrich could also see the value in Walton’s and thought they has a similar values and family background. He knew it had potential so he decided to pursue the company.

According to PR News Wire, Goettl continues to expand as a company and has over 306 employees. With this new acquisition, 200 more jobs will become available. Goodrich wants to make Goettl a nationwide company. They are looking to expanding in Northern California, then Texas. Visit Azcentral to know more.

When a company sticks around for 80 years, you know they’re good. With a long track record of happy customers since 1939, Goettl is winning over the hearts of people all over the Southwestern part of the United States. They have lots of experience working in the harsher desert-like climate of that region. At one time in their history of a business they had over 100 patents on the market.

The heating and air conditioning experts at Goettl put their customers first with services ranging from HVAC repair to plumbing, they’ve got your covered. Adam and Ted, grandsons of the original owners run the family business, along with their philanthropist Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Goodrich. He even started his own foundation called the J Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Institute

Endowment Fund. They give scholarships to students and veterans who want to take HVAC classes. They also provide underprivileged schools with heating and air conditioning units who were vandalized or stolen from. He is even the president of the outhern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association. Ken is also a multi-state member of the PHCC.

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Madison Street Capital Brings Professionalism and Integrity to Middle Market Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital, a leading investment management and advisory firm, is known for bringing professionalism and integrity to the middle market investment banking. It also showcases experience and expertise to deal with very complex transactions including mergers, acquisitions, capitalization, designing exit strategies, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, and more. The executives of the company bring strong market knowledge and analytical skills to each of its transactions to make it highly customized to the needs of the customers.

Madison Street Capital completes high-value financial reporting, business valuation, asset management, and price management along with wealth preservation and tax planning. Many mid-market companies have utilized the expert services of Madison Street to ensure efficient distribution of their management decisions and strategies.

Recently, the company served as the exclusive financial advisor to the leading software analytics firm, DCG Software Value, for its merger with the business consulting firm, the Spitfire Group. DCG Software is a leading industry player in software estimation services, value management, and project support ( The merger is expected to improve the industrial prospects and potential opportunities for both the firms significantly.

It should be noted that the Spitfire Group focuses on cutting-edge technology to address project management challenges of various businesses, custom development projects, and technology architecture. After the merger, both the firms had high praises on the service offered by Madison Street Capital, and the top management of both the companies acknowledged and thanked for the analysis and insights of Madison that helped the deal to be highly successful. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital also played a significant role in arranging the minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation, a reputed enterprise security services firm. ARES is known as leading provider of security software solutions for government bodies and businesses. Its client base spans from nuclear to transportation sectors. The President of ARES, Ben Eazzetta appreciated the Madison Street Capital team for their expert intervention in valuation analysis, due diligence, capital raising, and finding ideal finance partner.

Madison Street Capital was founded in the year 2005 in Chicago, and it provides its high-value services across various industries around the globe. Currently, it has offices in Ghana, Oregon, and India, apart from the headquarters in Chicago. The success in the investment management and advisory services helped the firm to earn multiple honors in the ceremony of annual M&A Advisor Awards. The company is known for providing many industry analysis and insights including outlook of hedge fund M&A and more.

The firm has deep integration with community support services and spends significantly on philanthropic activities. It collaborated with United Way, a leading non-profit group with presence across the world, to set up Midwest and South Disaster Fund to assist the communities in the New Orleans Area. The fund is utilized to provide emergency assistance, food, shelter and other long-term supporting services such as financial stability and education to the devastated people.